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Skirts vs. Jeans

Chapter One

Kellin's P.O.V

The sound of my annoying alarm going off is what woke me up Monday morning. I groaned and rolled over, turning it off. I sat up, rubbing my eyes with my fists. I got out of bed, pulling my sleeves down and going into the bathroom.

My house wasn't big and fancy, but it was nice. Two stories, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room, study, laundry, and a special games/music room for me.

I did my business. Going to the toilet, having a shower, brushing my teeth. Then walked back into my room. Today I felt, feminine. I pulled on a pair of black panties and a black bra. Then I pulled on thigh-high white socks, a black skirt that ends just above the knees, and a long sleeved Guns N Roses shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

I checked myself out in the mirror, nodding in satisfaction. I went back into the bathroom and started on my makeup. Pale foundation, with some eyeliner and mascara, some blush and nude lipstick. I did my hair, styling it perfectly.

I went back into my room and over to my bag. I made sure I had everything. Pens, pencils and such, check. Books, check. Reading book, check. Other stuff I probably don't actually need for school, check.

I grabbed my bag, shoes, and a jacket, and went downstairs. I put them all near the front door. I went into the kitchen, seeing my dad making pancakes. "Morning, dad." I spoke.

He turned his head, smiling at me, then going back to cooking the pancakes. "Morning, kiddo. Sleep well?" He asked.

I shrugged. "I slept as well as a teenager could with nerves running through their blood about going to a new school." I sat down on a stool at the breakfast bar. I started kicking my legs back and forth lightly. "All in all, I slept fine."

My dad rolled his eyes at me. "Girl today?" He asked. I hummed in response. My dad is a nice person. He works as a cartoon artist so he's always at home, it's nice. He's very accepting of me, which I'm happy about. All in all, I love my father very much.

My mother not so much. She works as a doctor, we hardly ever see her, and she does not accept me in the slightest. It's annoying.

"Excited for your first day of school?" My dad asked me, handing me a plate of two pancakes and a coffee. Ah, he knows me.

"Of course I'm not." I said, taking a sip of my coffee after. "New school means new people, new teachers, new bullies. New things means Kellin will freak out by being overwhelmed, Kellin doesn't want that." I pouted.

"First, stop talking in third person." My dad laughed. "Second, you'll be fine. If you feel like you're about to have a panic or anxiety attack, just take some of your meds. And call me if anything happens, okay?"

"Yes sir!" I saluted, making us both laugh. I ate quickly, finishing my food and drink off. I went upstairs again, grabbing my phone and earphones, then went back downstairs.

I slipped my earphones in my bag then put my phone in my jacket pocket. I put my jacket on. It was a hoodie on the inside, but a leather jacket on the outside. Warm, comfortable, stylish. I put on my combat boots that had skulls and flowers on them.

My dad grabbed his keys and wallet, I grabbed my bag, then we left the house and went out to his car. We got in, putting our seatbelts on then he started driving to school.

We arrived quicker then what I wished. I sighed dramatically, taking off my seatbelt and getting out of the car slowly. I grabbed my bag from the back, putting it on my shoulders. I stuck my head through the window, saying goodbye to my dad.

"Bye, Kellin. Be careful, don't get into fights, make friends and uh, I don't know. Try to have fun." He smiled at me. "Love you."

"Love you too, by dad." I smiled then walked away from the car, hearing him drive off seconds later. I sighed deeply and started walking into the school.

I got some looks, yes. I was the new kid, and the new kid was wearing girl clothes. But oh well. I went into the office and went to the front desk. "Um, hi." I said quietly to the lady behind the desk. "I'm new."

"Hi." She smiled at me. "I'm Amy, what's your name?"

"Kellin, Kellin Quinn." I said softly.

She nodded and typed something into her computer. Seconds later she handed me some papers. "Class list, locker number and code, and just some other papers for you and your parents to look at." She smiled at me once more.

I nodded. "Thank you." I smiled at her then went off, off to find my locker. I was looking at the lockers, not watching where I was going when someone bumped into me. We fell to the ground, the person above of me. "Ow.." I groaned softly. Of course I get run into on the first day.

"Whoa, sorry there kid." It was a male voice. The person got off me, giving me a hand and helping me up. I quickly gathered the papers I dropped in the fall.

I looked at the person, well, up, at the person. They were very tall, tattoos, a lip piercing, the typical emo clothes, tanned skin and dark hair. "I'm Mike." The stranger said. "You must be new."

I nodded. "I'm Kellin, and yes I'm new. Sorry I wasn't looking where I was going, I'm trying to find my locker." I apologised.

Mike smiled at me. "No worries Kellin. What number?"


"Let me show you the way." Mike said and led me to another row of lockers. "Your locker is next to mine and my friends." He smiled at me. We got to the lockers and I spotted mine, quickly using the code I was givin to unlock it. I put everything I don't need for today in there.

"So, what's your first class of the day?" Mike asked me.

I looked down at my timetable. "Um, English."

"Cool, I've got that. You can meet my friends." He grinned at me, I just nodded shyly. The bell rang and Mike led me to our first class of the day. To say I was slightly nervous was an understatement.
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