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Skirts vs. Jeans

Chapter Two

Me and Mike walked into the classroom. He led me to the table at the very back with three people already at the table.

"Dude, you invited a tranny over at our table?" One of them asked.

I sat down in a chair and looked over at the person who said that. He also seemed Hispanic, they all did. They all wore the same type of clothes. This person had spikey brown hair with a streak of blonde hair. "Name." I started bluntly.

"Jaime." The person, Jaime, said. He scanned me and my body, trying to analyse the type of person I am.

"Well, Jay-me." I started. His eyes widened, so did the other boys and Mikes. "I am no tranny. But I am someone who can sure kick your tiny little Mexican ass." I snapped.

"Damn. You got burned good.." Mike whispered.

Jaime stared at me in shock, his face red with embarrassment. "I–.." he started, trailing off.

I smirked in triumph. "That's what I thought." I took my leather jacket off, folding it over my chair and placing my bag down next to me. "Oh and, I'm genderfluid. I go from male to female."

Jaime nodded, still staying quiet. Mike laughed. "Okay, you're really cool. These are the other guys. My brother Vic and our other friend Tony."

I looked over at the other two. One had one side of his hair shaved, a piercing under his eye like a teardrop, glasses, and a lot more tattoos then Mike. The other guy had flowing brown hair, lip piercing and nose piercing.

"Hi." I smiled politely. "I'm Kellin."

"Hey." Tony smiled. Vic glanced at me, shrugged, then looked away.

"Someone doesn't like new people.." I mumbled.

"It's not that I don't like new people. I just don't like people putting my friend down and making themselves seem King in my group." Vic snapped at me.

"Aw, is little Jay-me your boyfriend?" I cooed, which seemed to make his anger rise. "And by the way, it's queen today. But, whatever. I'll sit somewhere else." I smirked and got up. I grabbed my bag and jacket, moving away from them and to a table in front of them, sitting on my own

"Oh wow.." I heard Mike whisper from behind me. I just smirked to myself. The teacher walked in, smiling at everyone.

"Good morning class." Then we went on to the lesson, learning English stuff. The class ended soon enough and the teacher asked for me to stay behind.

"Hi, Mr Quinn." I rolled my eyes at that. "I'm Mr Vanity. We are currently doing a book study." He got a book out from his drawer, handing it to me. "Read up to chapter ten. You may go now."

I nodded and smiled. "Alright, thank you. Bye." Then I was off, going to my next class, maths. And of course, getting lost. I eventually found my class.

"New kid." The teacher said when I walked in. "You're late."

"I'm new, I got lost." I shrugged, the teacher seemed to agree with that.

"I'm Mr Charnas. Please take a seat.. Mr Quinn." Mr Charnas spoke. I nodded and walked through the isles, finding a seat to the side at the back.

"Faggot.." I heard someone whisper. I just rolled my eyes and went on with classes. I sat through the next few classes, soon enough lunch came.

I walked into the cafeteria. Yet again I was alone. I have made zero friends. I saw Mike's group. I could sit with them, but two of them don't like me. I shrugged and went to get some food. But of course the new kid gets tripped. I caught myself, stood up, and continued on my way.

"Kellin!" I heard my name. Spinning around, I saw it was Mike calling my name, for he was also waving his arms around like an idiot. I rolled my eyes at him but made my way over to him. He and Vic were on one side of the table while Tony and Jaime were on the other side. I sat in between Mike and Vic.

I was about to say hello to them all when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I frowned and pulled my phone out, seeing a text from my mum.

Birth giver; your father told me you wore a skirt to school. You're a slut and I'm throwing all those ridiculous girl clothes out.

I frowned more, silently cursing my mum. I turned my phone off, placing it on the table. "Hey." I said with a smile. "By the way, sorry Jaime." I said to the boy, pronouncing his name correctly this time.

"It's fine." He mumbled with a shrug. My phone vibrated again and I sighed, looking at it.

Birth giver; don't ignore your mother. You whore.

I grabbed my phone and quickly typed out a response.

Me; you throw out my clothes and I will just use your credit card to buy myself new clothes.

Birth giver; you will do no such thing.

Me; I'll get dad to buy me clothes then.

Apparently my mum gave up texting me and called me instead. I groaned but answered it. "What?" I snapped.

"You will not manipulate your father. You will grow out of this faze and realise you can only be a boy, and yet alone like other boys."

"What you should do is learn to be a loving, accepting, mother, and realise that this is the person I am."

"I will kick you out."

"And leave me on the streets? Get abused? Raped?" I questioned in anger. It went silent on the other end of the line. I saw the guys giving me weird looks.

"You are a son of a bitch."

"Technically I'm a son/daughter of a bitch, because you sure as hell are a bitch." I snapped then hung up.

"Everything okay there?" Tony asked.

I put on a fake smile and nodded. "Of course." I gave a small laugh. I stood up and excused myself to the bathroom. I waited in there for the rest of lunch before going to my last period.
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