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Skirts vs. Jeans

Chapter Three

It was the next day and I was currently in music class. I was sat at the side, Vic next to me then Mike, Tony and Jaime. I was looking out the widow while the other three chatted, waiting for the teacher.

Again today I was feeling feminine, but it was a cold day. I had on warm black tights, a dark purple skirt that went just over my knees, a plain black t-shirt, a large Pokemon sweater, and boots that go up to my knees.

I pulled the sweater sleeves over my hands, trying to make myself warm. "Yo, tranny." I heard from in front of me but I just ignored it. Don't respond to lies.

"Faggot." I still, did not respond.

"Freak!" Nope. No way my friend, no attention for you.

"Ugh, oh my god. New kid." The person groaned. I looked up, smiling sweetly.

"Yes?" I asked, my voice sweet as honey.

"My names Oliver, these are my friends Josh and Craig. Better want to watch out for us, faggot." He laughed, and his two friends laughed as well.

I rolled my eyes. "Hi, Oliver. Josh, Craig. My names Kellin, pleased to meet you." I smiled. They didn't seem to like that.

"We're going to make your life hell." Josh, I think, spat at me.

"Oh honey. My life is already hell, especially with you three here bothering me while I'm trying to be in peace." I spoke calmly.

The three stood there, dumbfounded. Before turning around and sitting in there seats. The teacher walked in not moments later. "Hello, losers." The teacher smirked.

He placed his bag down on his desk then glanced over the students. "Ah, I see we have fresh meat. Stand up and introduced yourself."

I stood up, flattening out my dress. "I'm Kellin Qui–"

"You're a faggot!" I heard Oliver shout from in front of me.

I rolled my eyes. "Only another faggot would call a faggot a faggot, especially a faggot who's trying to hide the fact they're a faggot. Oh and, I don't like this word we're using, let's just stick with homosexual, okay?"

Oliver grumbled and looked down at his desk, his face flaring red with embarrassment. Everyone else seemed to find it amusing.

"Anyway. I'm Kellin Quinn, I moved here from Las Vegas because my mum is a very qualified doctor and got told to come here. So boom, me and my dad got dragged along. I'm also genderfluid. Have a good day now." I finished introducing myself and sat down.

"Well aren't you interesting." The teacher said. "I'm Mr Iero." He smiled at me, I nodded at him. "And Oli, you had that coming for you." Everyone snickered at that.

We went on with class, writting down little notes. Soon enough, too soon, the bell rung signalling the next class. I packed my stuff up and walked out with the guys.

"I didn't like what you did in there." Oliver said, coming up to me and getting all in my face.

"I didn't like you using the word faggot, nor do I like the fact that you're breathing. But we have to deal with it, right?" I asked, smirking, then making my way to my next class. It was art with Vic.

"You've got quite a mouth on you." Vic pointed out as we were walking towards art class.

"You haven't seen my mouth at its best." I said suggestively.

"I feel like you're a virgin." Vic teased.

I scoffed. "Yeah right, maybe it's you who's the virgin?"

"Maybe, maybe not. How shall you ever find out?" He asked.

"I have my sources."

"Are you a wizard?"

"No. I'll just taunt Mike with Harry Potter stuff and get him to give me information." I shrugged like it was nothing.

"I feel like you've killed someone before."

"First you think I'm a virgin, then a killer. What next, a prostitue?"

"We'll never know."

I rolled my eyes at him. We walked into the classroom, taking a seat at the back. The teacher walked in seconds later. "Alright everyone, we're getting straight to work. I want you to draw something that comes from the heart."

Everyone did so. Grabbing the books and pencils out and starting to draw. It was ten minutes till the end of the lesson and the teacher was coming to check Everyones art work.

She got to me. "You must be the new student."

I nodded. "Kellin."

"Hi Kellin. I'm Mrs Joans." She smiled at me. "What an intriguing piece of art.." She said, looking at what a drew. "And Vic, what did you draw?"

"A car." He stated simply.

She sighed. "I don't know what's so good about cars or why most boys love them so much, but alright."

"May I borrow your book Kellin?" She asked, I just nodded. She picked it up and went out to the front, silencing the class. "While most of you drew inappropriate things, cars, dresses, etc. someone drew something very interesting."

She held up my book, showing it to the class. It was a large, vampire like, mouth. It has the tongue poking out of it with a scared looking boy in it. Dark clouds circled around the mouth. "It's very dark and depressing, but it holds so much meaning." Mrs Joans said.

She came back over to me, handing me back my book. "Alright everyone, pack up!" Everyone packed up then the bell rang and everyone ran to there next class.
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