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Skirts vs. Jeans

Chapter Four

It had been a few weeks since I first came here to Michigan and it was alright so far. I have good friends, Vic, Mike, Tony and Jaime. Of course I have the people who attempt to bully me, Oliver, Josh and Craig. My mum has unfortunately started to yell at me more, and, hit me. But dad doesn't know, and it's okay. One little problem is that I have developed a little crush on Vic.

It was Saturday now, and I was laying on my bed staring at my ceiling. It was around ten in the morning and I was still too lazy to get up.

I heard the door bell ring but let dad or mum answer it. A bit later I heard a knock on the door.

"Kell, you awake?" I heard my dad ask.

"No.." I mumbled. I heard chuckling then the door opened. I saw my dad, Vic and the others. I squeaked loudly, pulling all my blankets over me. "I'm not dressed!"

"Wow, Kellin." I heard Vic mumble.

"Don't terrorise my child, I'll just be down stairs." I heard my dad say. I heard the door close then footsteps go down the hall.

I poked my head out from the blanket and looked at my friends. "Hi there."

"Are you really naked?" Mike asked. I nodded, my face going bright red.

"It got really hot last night.."

"It sounds like you were doing a little more than sleeping." Mike giggled at me. I grabbed a pillow, chucking it at him and hitting him right in the head. He pouted.

I sat up and wrapped my blankets around me. "Perverts.." I mumbled.

They were looking around my room. I had a bed in the middle, a closet on each side. I had a male side and a female side. So, it wasn't the usual sixteen year olds room.

"Um, may I please get dressed in peace?" I asked them. "It's kind of cold, and, I feel extremely exposed."

They rolled their eyes but I swear I saw Vic try to check me out. I got up, pulling the blankets tighter around me and waddled to the female wardrobe. "Guys, stop checking me out." I teased. I heard chuckles behind me.

I grabbed some underwear and a bra out from the wardrobe. I slipped the underwear on under the blanket with difficulty. I glanced over my shoulder and looked at the four, they were all sitting on my bed looking around. I rolled my eyes.

"Can you guys like, close your eyes or look the other way?" I asked.

"But we want a show." Mike whined. I glared at him playfully. He huffed and covered his eyes, facing the other way, the other three doing the same.

I dropped the blanket but tied it around my waist. I pulled the bra on. It was red, the same as the underwear. I glanced shyly behind me, the guys looking away. I dropped the blankets quickly. I grabbed grey, black and white patched stockings and pulled them on, then pulled on a black skirt that goes mid-thigh.

I heard a whistle and jumped around, seeing the guys staring at me. I felt self conscious but covered that up with false anger. "What the hell? You guys are pervs, stop checking a young teenage girl out."

"Damn. You got a good body girl." Vic whistled. I blushed and turned back around, but I heard a gasp.

I rolled my eyes and turned back around. "Wha–"

"What the hell happened?" Mike asked.

I raised my eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

He pointed to my side. I look down at my side and saw a large, black bruise. "Oh.." I mumbled. "I don't know." I shrugged. I turned back around and grabbed a shirt out of my wardrobe. It was a pink, singlet top Def Leopard shirt. I put it on.

I turned back around then walked over to them. There was no space for me so I went and sat on Vic's lap. "Oh come on." Vic whined.

I giggled. "So what are we doing today boys?" I questioned.

"Mall?" Jaime asked.

"Sounds like fun." Then we went out to Vic's and Tony's car and went to the mall.


We got to the mall and walked in. I have so far gotten three weird glances from people. Suck my unicorn dick, thank you very much. The first shop I saw was one that excited me.

"I'm going to Victoria's Secret, you guys are joining me. Do it or you'll get a skinny white sixteen year old genderfluid kick your Mexican asses." I giggled then skipped to the shop. I heard several groans from the boys behind me.

We went into the shop and immediately I was faced with a spawn of Satan. "You aren't a real female, you shouldn't be able to be in this shop."

I rolled my eyes and glanced at who was talking. She looked to be a teenager, the same age as me, she had a tag saying her name on it. "Well, Amber. Shouldn't you be nicer to your customers?"

"Those four I'm not talking to. I'm talking to a little tranny faggot." She snapped.

I rolled my eyes. "These four are the gayest things you'll ever meet, you can never get into their pants."

She scoffed. She leaned forward and whsipered harshly into my ear. "Stop, fag. Just go kill yourself already."

And that's where I snapped. I can handle people saying things to me, but suicide is a sensitive topic for me, really sensitive.

"Listen, sweetheart." I spoke in a snappy tone, my voice rising and catching they attention of others. "If I am a tranny, so what? I'm someone with a part that makes sperm and would rather a part that would receive sperm. Okay? I see no fucking problem in that. Second, faggot? Honey I ain't no pile of sticks, I'm a human fucking being with a fucking heart and feelings."

"Telling someone, let alone a customer, to kill themselves. Nice. You'd have someone's murder in your hands and guess what, you can still go to jail for that. I have witnesses and camera proof." I finished my rant. My face was flushed with anger and my hands balled tightly into fists.

I had definitely gotten the attention of others. I could see the manager walking over. I took a deep breath before finishing on my favourite sentence. "Grow out of your diapers and learn this is twenty seventeen. Not everyone is like you."

I sighed. I really needed to calm down. The manager walked up to us and had a questioning look on his face. "Is there something the problem?" He asked.

I nodded. "Your worker called me a tranny, faggot, and told me to kill myself."

The managers eyes widened then narrowed at the girl. He turned his attention back to me, his face softening. "I'm so sorry, ma'am. I will do something with her right away. Please look around, whatever you get is half off."

"Thank you." I said softly with a small smile. The manager nodded then took the girl to the back room and everyone else stopped staring.

"You good?" Vic asked me. I shrugged.

"Yeah, whatever." I said dismissively then went over to look at the lingerie in my size.

They go joking around, rather I was actually looking. I found one pair that looked really good, was in my size. I looked over it. "I'm going to go try this on." I said to the boys then walked into the changing rooms and went into a stall, closing the curtain.

I stripped out fo my clothes then out the lingerie on. It was red, with a bra and silky see through material flowing down to mid thigh with tight red panties. I checked myself out in the mirror. It accented my body well.

"Kellin?" I heard Mike. "You finished changing?" He asked.

"Why? You wanna see what I look like?" I teased.

"Yep." I heard him reply.

I rolled my eyes, mumbling a quiet 'pervs'. "Well you guys don't get to see, so, wait." I quickly changed back into my original clothes and walked out with the undergarments in hand. I pouted and went to put it back. "It fits so well, but is so expensive."

"I'll buy it for you." Vic said. I looked at him, smiling widely.

"Really? But it's so expensive." I said.

He smiled at me and took it off of me. He nodded. "Sure." He went to the counter and bought it.

"He likes you.." Tony spoke in my ear. I shook my head. "He does." He said in a sing song voice. I just ignored him.

Vic walked back, handing me the bag with the lingerie in it. I smiled politely at him. "Thank you." He smiled back at me.


For the rest of the day, we spent it at the mall shopping and eating. We were all in the two cars now, heading home. Vic and Mike are dropping me home. We pulled up to the house and Vic being the gentleman he is, got my bags for me.

We went up to the door and he handed me the bags. "Hey, Kellin." Vic spoke. I looked at him. "I was wondering.. Would you like to go on a date with me?" He asked shyly.

A slight smile slipped on to my lips, as well as a blush creeping up my neck. "O- okay.." I nodded.

"Tomorrow night?" He asked. I nodded. He gave me a hug and I hugged him back. He pulled away and kissed my cheek. "See you tomorrow night. I'll pick you up, six thirty."

Then he left, walking back to his car and driving off. I was left there, a blushing, flustered, excited mess.
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