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Skirts vs. Jeans

Chapter Eight

I woke up the next day feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. I woke up before my alarm, that's saying something. I pushed the covers off me, getting out of bed.

My alarm went off and I shut it up straight away. I went to my male closet. I pulled on a pair of boxers as well as navy blue skinny jeans, an Iron Maiden shirt and an Edward Scissorhands hoodie.

I went to the bathroom. I did the normal. Pee, brush my teeth, with extra mouthwash, brush my hair, spray deodorant. I walked out of my room and to my bag. I picked it up and my phone and earphones, walking out of my room.

"Oh my." I heard when I walked into the kitchen. "You've finally grown out of that stupid faze?" My mum questioned.

I looked up at the bitch with a stone cold glare set on my face. "No I haven't, mother."

"Then why are you wearing boy clothes?"

"Because I feel masculine today."

"You should feel masculine everyday. You are a boy, soon to be man. I would know, I've seen your penis when you were younger. It's certainly not a vagina."

"Oh my fucking–..." I let out a deep sigh. "Mother. I can do whatever the fuck I want."

"Um, no. I'm in charge of you. I am your mother. And don't talk to me that way."

I growled. "When you start acting like my fucking mother I might start acting like your child! But I am not just a fucking male!" I screamed and stormed out of the house.

I stormed down the street for a few blocks. Then I realised I had no idea where I was. I sighed and pulled out my phone, calling Vic.

"Hello my darling angel?" Vic's beautiful voice answered the phone. I smiled ever so slightly, already feeling a bit better.

"Hey, Viccy. Um.. I had a fight with the witch and I stormed out of the house.. I have no idea where I am." I admitted with a chuckle.

I heard Vic laugh lightly. "Poor Kells. I'll come get you. What street?"

"Cemetery Drive, I think. Huh, I ended up at the cemeteries."

"I'll be there in a bit, I gotta finish getting ready then wake Mikes up."

"Okay, bye."

"Bye bye!" He answered cheerily before hanging up.

I sat down on the curb and looked up at the slightly cloudy sky. It seems like it might rain today. Setting my mood perfectly. It's like I'm in some type of fan-fiction.

I saw Vic's car up ahead and I smiled. He pulled up in front of me and I jumped in. I threw my bag at my feet then leaned over and pecked his lips.

"Hello. You look very manly today." Vic commented as we started driving away from the cemeteries. "Oh and, are you okay?"

"Yeah. I woke up in a crappy mood this morning." I pouted.

"Aw, my poor baby." Vic chuckled. "Well we gotta go back and get Mike then head to school." I smiled and nodded. I dreaded going to school.

We got Mike then headed to school. "Okay, so. We have band practice this afternoon. You wanna come Kellin?"

"One. You have a band!? Two, fuck yeah." I turned around in my chair, grinning at the tall Mexican.

He grinned back at me. "Sweet, and yeah. Me on drums, Jaime on bass, Tony on guitar, Vic on vocals and guitar. We call ourselves Pierce The Veil."

"Ooh. Mexican. Nice." I giggled, making the other two laugh.

"Stop saying Mexican you twerp!" Vic laughed.

"Mexican! Mexican! Mexican!" I sung. We all laughed.

We eventually arrived at school and hoped out. Tony and Jaime were already at our lockers so we met them there. "So, since you guys have a band. I'm going to be your number one fangirl/boy. I'm going to make a fan page, write creepy fan fiction, and stalk you all."

"You have this all planned out." Vic commented, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

I hummed and nodded. "Mhm. I'm going to write some smut one shots about Tony and Mike. Let's call it... Perrents!"

"I didn't agree to this." Tony shook his head.

"Shh, turtle. Then I'm going to write a whole book of Jaime X reader." I giggled.

"Oh great." Jaime groaned.

"Then a shit ton of stuff about me and Vic!" I pressed a sloppy kiss to Vic's cheek. We all laughed and walked into music.

We were sitting in our seats when I saw Oli, Josh and Craig walk in. I gulped as I saw Oli smirk and wink at me. The guys didn't catch it. I inhailed deeply then exhailed. Calm down, Kellin. Don't have a panic attack.

I quickly reached into my bag, grabbing one of my pills and subtly slipping it into my mouth. Then I swallowed it down with a gulp of Monster, that was Mike's, that he was about to drink.

"Hey." He whined, dragging out the y. I just smiled innocently. "Vic! Your boyfriend stole my monster!" Mike complained more.

"And now Mr Iero will steal your monster." We heard from in front of us. We looked up, seeing Mr Iero smirking. He snatched the can off me and cleaned it then walked to the front, drinking it. Me and Mike both pouted.

Mr Iero chuckled, finishing off the drink and chucking it in the bin.

"I'm sure you could get a liquid from somewhere else, faggot." My head snapped, looking at where the voice came from. Josh.

"Mr Franceschi. Shut the hell up." Mr Iero snapped. "Now, today. We are going to start on your assessment. Get into groups of between two and six."

"Wanna join us Kell?" Vic asked me. I smiled and nodddd.

"I can sing- I'm pretty crap though."

"I'm sure you sound beautiful." He complimented, making me blush.

"Everyone in groups?" Mr Iero questioned. A chorus of 'yeahs' went around the classroom. "Great! Now, you are going to be performing two songs in your groups. A song you made up, and a cover. Get to discussing!"

"Let's do a Taylor Swift cover!" Vic grinned.

"Noo." I whined. "Let's do a Fall Out boy cover."

"Or, a Green Day cover?" Mike asked.

"Ooh yeah! Let's do that!"

The bell rang telling us to get out of our first lesson and go to the second lesson. We got up, packing up our stuff. Vic grabbing my land, linking our fingers together. "To art?" He questioned.

I giggled and nodded. "To art!" I grinned.
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