Status: Ongoing

Skirts vs. Jeans

Kellin Quinn just moved into town because of his kinda (really) bitchy mum. On their first day of school, they run into someone. They make some friends, fall in love. Also Kellin is genderfluid. And bullys aren't really nice.

(I can summarise. Just read it.)
  1. Chapter One
    Typical Emo Clothes
  2. Chapter Two
    Tiny Little Mexican Ass
  3. Chapter Three
    I'm A Virgin Then A Killer. What Next, A Prostitute?
  4. Chapter Four
    Sixteen Year Old White Genderfluid Kick Your Mexican Ass'
  5. Chapter Five
    Don't Have Sex With My Child
  6. Chapter Six
    Thank You, Peasant
  7. Chapter Seven
    I Will Take Away Your Glittery Pillow
  8. Chapter Eight
    I'm Going To Be Your Number One Fangirl/Boy
  9. Chapter Nine
    Vixen One And Two Are Stealing From Good Guy Three
  10. Chapter Ten
    Be The Confused, Just Wanting To Settle Down, Joey
  11. Chapter Eleven
    Vic Germs
  12. Chapter Eleven
    Vic Germs
  13. Chapter Twelve
    I Am Judging Your Meat
  14. Chapter Thirteen
    But People
  15. Chapter Fourteen
    Her Stage Name Is Hobi Hobi
  16. Chapter Fifteen
    Too Much Vic Was Inhailed
  17. Chapter Sixteen
    With These Biceps
  18. Chapter Seventeen
    I'm Ordering Bacon
  19. Chapter Eighteen
    Don't Be Too Loud
  20. Chapter Nineteen
    Are You Guys Wearing Pants?
  21. Chapte Twenty
    Whoa There Tinker Bell
  22. Chapter Twenty One
    50% Of The Male Population Suck (some P.O.V changes)
  23. Chapter Twenty Two
    Am I Dreaming, Or Did I Just See You And Tony Running?
  24. Chapter Twenty Three
    We're Not Up To That Stage Yet
  25. Chapter Twenty Four
    From The Brown Roots Of Your Hair to The Dirt Under Your Toenails
  26. Chapter Twenty Five
    One Large Threesome Couple Group
  27. Chapter Twenty Six
    Just Because They Like Their Blood On The Dance Floor And Rawr XD's
  28. Chapter Twenty Seven
    Have A Nice Makeout Session?
  29. Chapter Twenty Eight
    Definitely Not The Thing You Were Pulling Earlier
  30. Chapter Twenty Nine
    I Could So Be Your Sugar Daddy
  31. Chapter Thirty
    I Don't Accept Your Apology
  32. Chapter Thirty One
    You're Not Supposed To Choke, You're Supposed To Swallow
  33. Chapter Thirty Two
    Don't Make Me Kick Your Emo Ass
  34. Chapter Thirty Three
    What A ***
  35. Chapter Thirty Four
    Picture Perfect Family
  36. Chapter Thirty Five
    Okay Don't Be Yourself
  37. Chapter Thirty Six
    Too Much It's Cliche
  38. Chapter Thirty Seven
    Get A Jaime And Name It Hedgehog