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Skirts vs. Jeans

Chapter Twenty Seven

Vic and I were making out in the back of his car. I've gotten a bit better with people touching me, so it's okay.

Vic's tongue was currently tangled with mine as he hovered over my body. He detached our lips and started kissing down my jaw and neck. He licked a stripe up my neck then continue to assault my lips.

There was a knock on the window and we looked up, seeing Mike scowling at us.

Vic chuckled, looking back down at me. "Nearly time for class." He gave me one more kiss before we climbed out of his car.

"Had a nice make out session?" Lexi asked with a smirk on her face.

I nodded, but I had a blush on my cheeks. "It was great." Lexi laughed and we walked into the school, going to our first class.

I have music with the guys so I said goodbye to Lexi who has a class with Axel. We walked to class, me and Vic holding hands.

We got to music and sat down at our usual table. I saw Oli, Josh and Craig walk in, but I choose to ignore them.

Mr Iero walked into class and greated everyone. He called out the roll then started telling us what we're doing today.

"So since you've all been working so hard on your assignment, I hope, I decided to give you all a break. We're doing theory, in sorts."

Everyone groaned but Mr Iero just laughed. "Get out your books, teenagers." Everyone got out their books and pencil cases, opening to a new page in their book.

"Now, write down Title." Mr Iero said. Writting down what he's telling us to do on the board. "Artist. Genre. Description."

Everyone wrote down those four words then looked back up to the teacher.

"We're going to be watching music videos. We write down the name of the song, the artist who composed it, the genre its in. Then give a description of what you think the song is about, and the music video."

"First song request?" He asked.

"Poison by Alice Cooper!" I shouted. Mr Iero looked over at me and grinned.

"Alright. Everyone write down Poison as the Title and Alice Cooper as the artist." He went on to YouTube, searching up the song.

We did that for the rest of the lesson. Listening to music and writting down our opinions of the song and video. Class finished and sir dismissed us.

Everyone packed up their stuff and rushed out of the classroom. Me and Vic walked to art together.


It was now lunch and I was going to the bathroom. As I walked out of the stall to wash my hands, I saw Oli leaning against the wall.

"Hey, cutie." He greated with a wink. "How were your holidays?"

I ignored him and went up to the sinks, washing my hands. I stared at the mirror, willing myself to not have a panic attack.

Then Oli came up behind me, holding my hips. My heart beat quickened in fear. "Don't ignore me babe."

"Let me go..." I whispered. I was terrified.

"How about.. No." He laughed. "I've missed your sweet body, and those luscious lips. Why don't you do a little something for me?"

"N-no..." I stuttered. I was shaking. I didn't want this. Please don't. Please leave me alone.

Oli just chuckled and leaned his head down. He started to kiss along my neck, working his way up. But then the door slammed open.

"L-leave Kellin alone, Y-you asshole!" I heard a familiar voice shout. Both me and Oli looked over, seeing Axel.

"What the hell?" Oli asked, letting go of my hips and stepping back. Axel walked into the bathroom more, the door closing behind him. "You're a tranny, you shouldn't be in here."

Axel frowned and I saw his hands tighten into fists by his sides. "Leave Kellin alone.. He doesn't deserve this." He said in a more confident voice.

"What? Would you rather I use you again?" Oli snorted.

Axel nodded and held his head up high. "Yes."

Oli just stared, wide eyed and taken aback. Axel bit his lip, seeming to contemplate something. He looked over at me with pleading eyes. "Kellin. It's okay to go now."

"But.. Axe-"

"Kellin. Go." He said sternly. I barely know this kid but I'm honestly scared of him more than Oli. I nodded and grabbed my bag, running out of the bathroom.

I walk to the cafeteria and to my usual table. I drop down on the seat, throwing my bag to the ground then throwing myself on Vic.

"Whoa..." Vic mumbled. He wrapped his arms around me, his hand rubbing up and down my arm. "What's the matter babe?"

"Oli.." I whimpered. I was tearing up and I really didn't want to cry. I took a deep breath and looked up.

"He.. He cornered me in the bathroom. H-he was kissing my n-neck... Then A-axel came in.. And... He spoke back to Oli... And-and... I think Axel is Oli's new toy."

My voice shook, breaking in several places. Silent tears were now falling down my face. Vic hugged me close, letting me hide my face in his chest.

I heard Lexi growl and slam her hands down on the table. We all jumped. "Damn stubborn asshole!"

"We'll go." Mike said, nodding at Jaime. Jaime nodded back and the two stood up, heading to the bathrooms.

I just clung on to Vic's shirt, crying quietly into his chest. I heard Lexi come around and rub my back.

"Hey. How about we all go home now, head to Vic's place. Eat some ice cream, have some alcohol, fuck around a bit.." Tony suggested.

"Would you like to do that Angel?" Vic asked me. I nodded. We all stood up and grabbed our bags, Tony and Vic grabbing Mike's and Jaime's bag.

We walked out of the cafeteria and to the parking lot, going towards Tony's and Vic's car. Vic texted Mike and we put everyone's bags in the cars.

Soon enough, Mike and Jaime walked towards us, Axelless. "They weren't there." Mike said. "Oliver or Axel."

"But uh... Kellin. When you were in the bathroom... Was there any blood in any of the sinks?" Jaime asked.

I shook my head, a worried look on my face. "No... Why?"

Jaime and Mike didn't say anything, just giving a small, sympathetic smile.

Lexi looked down at the ground. She was probably the saddest, as she knew Axel the longest.

"He'll be okay." Tony said. Tony, Mike, Lexi and Jaime got in Tony's car. While just Vic and I got in Vic's car.

We drove to the Fuentes house hold and went straight down to the basement. Well all tried calling him, texting him.

GlitterPrincess: Axel? I know I don't know you very well but I hope you're okay

TinkerBell: you stupid stubborn asshole! You better be okay or I'll kick your ass!

We hung around for a few hours. Vic and Mike bought ice cream, and we all ate that. At six was when we got a call.

It was Lexi's phone and she picked up automatically. "Axel!? Where are you!? Are you okay!?" She practically screamed into the phone, also putting it on speaker phone.

"I'm fine, Lex. Chill out." Axel chuckled. "Oli's going to leave Kellin alone now. All of you guys, actually."

"What did you do?" I asked, leaning close to the phone.

"I'm experienced with these type of people." Axel chuckled darkly. "I know the right thing to do and the right thing to say. Anyway, I gotta go. So, bye."

Then he hung up.
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