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March 2012
Haley didn’t know what to do. He promised that this wouldn’t happen again – that he wouldn’t do this again. Swore up and down while he cried that he had never meant to hurt her, and then he does it again. It had taken her months to get over it the last time. And even then, she felt pathetic for giving him another chance. A chance that, obviously, might have just been the worst mistake of her life.

A sudden pounding on her apartment door snapped her out of her self-pity, and she started shoving her clothes in her bags more frantically. She had to get out of her, had to get as far away from him as she could.

“Haley!” His voice begged through the dark mahogany, tearing into her heart. “Please, open the door. I need to explain.”

She scoffed and angrily wiped the tears from her face. Explain. He thought he could explain what prompted him to stick his dick in someone else right after he told her he loved her. She didn’t give him a response, she couldn’t. She didn’t want to see his face – some sorry expression that didn’t mean shit to her. You don’t do this to someone you love – especially not twice.

The pounding continued, this time longer and louder. “Please, please, please don’t do this. I love you, Hal! I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Haley zipped up her last bag and looked around the small bedroom she called home. She was going to tell him at dinner tonight, before he dropped the bomb of his repeated infidelity, that she had been offered a job in Dallas, Texas – a job that wasn’t necessarily what she wanted, especially if he asked her to stay, but now it gave her a place to go now that her life in Boston was over. She had let it slip out afterwards, her decision immediately made after her world came crumbing down. She couldn’t stay there, not with memories of the two of them tainting the city she once loved. Even now, she couldn’t stop seeing them in her bed, waking up to his sleepy smile, or him cooking her breakfast naked in her kitchen. He left a mark on her life, a mark she will never be able to shake.

*Takes place during the 2016-2017 season