The Futen League


“Bye! Have a safe journey!” Nurse Charlene calls as Annie and I wave back at her at the end of the road leading to the bridge that will take us into Hallbrook City.

“Thanks for everything, Nurse Charlene!” Annie cries as she cups her hands over her mouth so that she can be heard.

Peck sits perched dutifully on her shoulder.

We turn on our heels and begin making our way towards our destination.

“I can’t believe we’re almost at Hallbrook City,” I say in awe.

Annie laughs.

“I can! I’ve been dreaming about this since I was a kid!” She says,”I always knew I’d be on my own Pokemon Journey some day”

I look at her in admiration. I really admire Annie’s confidence. She seems to be one of those rare people in the world who knows what they want out of life and goes out to take it without letting any obstacle stand in their way no matter what.

“I didn’t,” I say honestly as I look away in embarrassment,”I always thought I’d just be doing simple things, working at my aunt and uncle’s restaurant”

“Huh?” Annie asks me in bewilderment,”Really? You never wanted to go on your own Pokemon Journey?”

I shrug my shoulders.

“Sure, I thought about it from time to time. But that was always just in fantasies. I never actually made it my goal in life. But my aunt and uncle surprised me when they ended up giving me my Magikarp for my birthday. They said I should go on a Pokemon Journey, so I decided why not,” I admit.

Annie shakes her head furiously.

“That’s not the way to go about it,” She says,”For me I know I’m going to be a great Pokemon master. I nearly annoyed the heck of my mom and dad when I was little about the day I turned eighteen and old enough to start my Pokemon Journey. I can’t wait until my Totodile gets strong and then I can take on my older sister, Winnie, in a Pokemon battle!”

She clenches her fists and I imagine she’s thinking about the future Pokemon battle she’ll have with her sister.

I myself try to imagine going up against any of my older cousins who left years ago to start their Pokemon Journey. The thought alone makes me shiver as I imagine how tough they must be since I’ve last seen any of the three of them and their Pokemon.