Give Your Heart a Break

Chapter Ten: Doctor’s Appointment

Neymar couldn’t help but bounce his knee as he sat next to Valeria in the waiting room, he had insisted on being here when she went to see the specialist; he didn’t want to be in Paris while she was here alone.

There was no way that he would have been able to focus on training if he had stayed in Paris; he was relieved that Unai Emery had been so understanding about him wanting to be here for Valeria.

At first her doctor had thought that she had a kidney infection when they had first seen her and had sent her to a Urologist; who had thought that the problem might have been kidney stones until they had ordered an Ultrasound scan.

The results had come back the day that Neymar had surprised Valeria and they had referred her to a Gynaecologist; the fact that they had done so had freaked Valeria out and she was nervous to find out what they had found.

Leaning back in the chair, Neymar glanced nervously around the waiting room and he hated that they were still waiting.

Their appointment was meant to be twenty minutes ago and they were still waiting, he knew that things were busy but it didn’t help his nerves since he had no idea what to expect.

He slowly reached out and took Valeria’s hand, he couldn’t imagine what she was going through right now; he was sort of relieved that the school had allowed her to take some time off.

It had been a week since he had surprised her and found out what had been going on; Neymar hadn’t been able to wrap his head around this and he feared just what they had found.

Of course, the word Cancer had sprung to his mind when she had told him that they had found something but he prayed that wasn’t the road that they were going down.

Neither had said much since taking a seat and Neymar’s stomach twisted wishing that there was something that he could say to comfort her.

“Valeria Coloma Rodriguez,” called a nurse making the couple jump slightly, they hadn’t expected to be called and quickly got to their feet before they made their way over to the nurse who quickly directed them to where the doctor was waiting.

Stepping into the room, Valeria shuffled over to the chair and took a seat as Neymar shut the door behind him before sitting down next to her.

“Good afternoon Miss Coloma… sorry for the delay,” the Gynaecologist greeted with a smile, she looked over the file that she had been studying before completely turning to face the couple.

She paused slightly at the sight of Neymar not expecting to see the footballer in her office; she quickly composed herself before focusing back on her patient.

“Your Urologist sent us your results from the Ultrasound scan and we have looked them over,” the Gynaecologist explained softly, she was sure that this was all confusing to Valeria and she didn’t blame her.

This was probably the last thing that she had expected since according to her chart her doctor had originally thought that she had a kidney infection or kidney stones.

“It appears that there is a lump attached to one of your ovaries,” Gynaecologist continued gently, she knew that couldn’t be easy for anyone to hear but there were options that they could take and it didn’t necessarily mean that it was cancerous.

Valeria was silent at the news, her hands shaking a little as she tried to take in what she had heard; she couldn’t believe that this was happening to her.

Neymar took her hand, they would get through this and he would do whatever it took to look after her; he knew that they weren’t just going to let this ruin their lives.

“We want to run a couple of tests today just so we know what we are dealing with,” the Gynaecologist said after allowing them a moment to digest the news that she had given; she offered them a smile as she slowly started to explain what would happen next.

They had to be complete sure what they were dealing with before they started to plan how to deal with it and what treatment Valeria would need.

Listening to the tests that would be needed, Neymar nodded his head and he glanced at Valeria knowing that she was strong enough to fight whatever it was.

They would deal with this together and Neymar was sure that they would be alright; they had even talked about Valeria coming to stay with him in Paris for a break while she was off work.

The school had encouraged her to take all the time that she needed to get better and Neymar wanted to take advantage of that while he had the chance.

“Now I would like to start with the blood test if that is alright then I’d like to have do a scan,” the Gynaecologist said moving to get what she needed, she was sure that the sooner that they had answers for Valeria the better.

There was a lot to process and Valeria was sure to want to know exactly what was going on with her; she couldn’t imagine anyone at such a young age expecting this sort of issue and this was an unusual case in someone of Valeria’s age.

It didn’t take long for the Gynaecologist to take some blood and have it sent off for testing before they started on the scan; they should have the test results back in a few days.

Neymar took Valeria’s hand, it sort of reminded him of when Carolina had been pregnant with Davi; however, this wasn’t a happy time like that had been.

The Gynaecologist pursed her lips as she stared at the screen and looked at what was there; she nodded her head as she eyed the mass that lay attached to Valeria’s left ovary.

Nodding her head, she moved the probe gently as she made sure that she had a good look at the mass; she was silent as she worked so that she was sure of what she was seeing.

Once she was done, she removed the probe from Valeria’s vagina and set it aside to be cleaned before making some notes in Valeria’s file; she would know more when the test results came back.

“Is everything okay?” Neymar asked nervously, he didn’t know what to expect and the silence was killing him; he just wanted to know what was going on and what the doctor thought was happening.

He wanted some sort of answer before they left the office, he didn’t want to have to wait a couple of days before they had the answers about what was going on.

“Everything looks as expected,” the Gynaecologist encouraged but not saying too much, she didn’t want to give them any false hope when they didn’t have all the answers right now.

It wouldn’t be long before the results were back and they had a better idea just what was happening; she would call them when the results came back.

Valeria was silent as she took in what the doctor was saying, she had no idea what to ask or anything in this situation; her stomach was twisting at the thought about what was happening.

“We’ll know more when we get the test results back but right now, I can say that it doesn’t look like it is cancerous but it’s best to be sure,” the Gynaecologist explained, she didn’t want to give them false hope until they were completely sure but she didn’t believe that Valeria had cancer.

Neymar nodded his head at that, he felt a little better at that and he was sure that they would deal with whatever the mass was.

He looked at Valeria and offered her a smile, they would have answers soon and he was sure that getting away for a couple of days would do her a world of good instead of having to sit around and just waiting for the results.
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So Valeria has been to have some tests done... what will happen next?

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