Give Your Heart a Break

Chapter Twelve: The Results Are In

Lounging back on the bed, Valeria sighed as she stared up at the ceiling of the bedroom and thought about the last couple of days; she was glad to be here instead of back in Barcelona just waiting for her results.

It would have been maddening and Valeria was just glad to be able to distract herself in a beautiful city; she had been sightseeing with Neymar whenever she got the chance.

Neymar had insisted on exploring the city with her whenever he wasn’t training or at a match; he wanted to spend as much time with her as possible while she was here.

They had tried to do as much as possible with the time that they’d had and Neymar was thrilled to show off the city that he now got to call home; he had even asked a couple of team-mates for suggestions on things that they could do.

They had been to the Eiffel tower and the Musée du Louvre, they enjoyed their little trips so far and they were already planning on a couple more; Valeria had found it easy to take her mind off what was happening.

The sound of her phone ringing snapped her out of her thoughts and Valeria rolled over to grab her phone; she paused when she saw the number that was on the screen.

“Hola,” Valeria said answering the call, she quickly sat up and prayed that everything was okay; it was her doctor and she knew this would be about her results.

A small part of her had considered that this could be much worse than she had been told, she feared just what they might find and she wished that Neymar was here right now.

He’d had a training session that morning and Valeria knew that he had been eager to be here with her when the call came so that he could support her in whatever they had to tell her.

Valeria listened carefully as her doctor carefully explained what they had found, her stomach twisting as they talked; she felt ill even as they reassured her that what she had was treatable.

“I have a cyst on my ovary,” Valeria repeated to be sure that she had heard them right, she wanted to be completely sure but she talked about this with anyone; she listened as her doctor explained to her what that meant.

A part of her was relieved that it wasn’t cancer related but the fact that there was a cyst on her ovary and it needed to be removed didn’t ease her mind at all.

Valeria nodded her head as her doctor started to explain what would happen next, the cyst would have to be removed and she would have to travel back to Barcelona so that could happen.

Once everything had been explained, the doctor told her that they’d let her know when her surgery was scheduled and they would go from there.

Hanging up the phone, Valeria started to google what she had and wrinkled her nose at some of the results that came up; she couldn’t believe that something like that was inside of her.

She quickly closed the tab and shook her head, she felt a little nauseous at the pictures that she had seen and she shook her head before climbing out of bed.

A glance at the clock told her that she had time to shower and get ready before Neymar would be home; they had plans to go to lunch and she was looking forward to them.

It was like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders and Valeria was just relieved that what she had could be fixed; she knew that it would be a while before she was fully recovered.

Valeria knew that she would have to call her mother with the news, she would be thrilled that they finally had answers and that she would be back to normal in no time.

They would deal with this one step at a time and she was sure that Neymar would be by her side.


“A dermoid cyst?” Neymar asked leaning back in his chair as he listened to the name of the thing that had been causing Valeria so much pain; he had seen her when she was curled up in agony and he couldn’t help her.

He couldn’t believe that something as simple as a cyst had been causing her so much pain; he was relieved that they could fix this and that she was going to be okay.

“Yes, on my ovary. Don’t google it,” Valeria warned him wanting to spare Neymar, she doubted that she would ever forget some of the images that she had seen but at least she had a better understanding about what it was now.

It was nice to have a name and an explanation for the pain that she was feeling, she couldn’t wait to have it removed and she hoped that the surgery would happen sooner rather than later.

Neymar furrowed his brow but nodded his head, he guessed that Valeria had seen something that she hadn’t liked when she had looked it up; the look on her face said enough and he was going to trust her.

“At least we now know what it is,” Neymar murmured relieved, he had been worried and he knew that Valeria had even if she had tried to distract herself while here with him.

They had done a couple of things since she had arrived and Neymar was just so happy to have her here; he was sure they would do more while she recovered from this.

Neymar looked down at his food, he was thankful that he had been able to come here with her; he liked being able to explore new places with Valeria at his side.

He had considered recently how lucky he was that she hadn’t just broken up with him after how stupid he had been when he had first arrived in Paris.

The weeks that they had been apart had been hard on them and Neymar knew that while they were together right now that wasn’t always going to be the case; he wanted to prove that he was worthy of her trust.

It hadn’t escaped his notice that several papers were questioning why Valeria was here in Paris with him; many guessing that her presence came because of his behaviour while she had been back in Barcelona.

“What are you thinking about?” Valeria asked spotting the look on his face, she offered him a smile as she set down her fork and she looked at him curious about what was going on in that head of his.

She felt relieved that they were out of the house, the place was much too big for just the two of them and she couldn’t imagine what it was like with just him there.

“Just how lucky I am,” Neymar replied with a shrug, they had been together for three years and Neymar couldn’t imagine what would have happened if this had been the end of them.

He had even mentioned to Dani that he was considering asking Valeria to marry him; it felt like a good time and he knew that they had been together long enough.

Dani had encouraged him, he had told Neymar that it was about time and he wouldn’t find better than Valeria; she had been with him through thick and thin.

Snorting at that, Valeria focused back on her own meal knowing that she would find out sooner or later; she doubted that it was anything to worry about.

“I heard back from the estate agent earlier, he has some promising places for us to look at,” Neymar said knowing that his current place wasn’t ideal for the two of them and he wanted somewhere that they would suit the two of them better.

His father had been far from pleased with the news but Neymar didn’t care, he didn’t want a party pad; he wanted somewhere that he could call home when he had Valeria and Davi with him.

He was already counting down the days until his son came to visit him and he had so much planned for when he came.
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So Valeria's results are in and Neymar is considering asking Valeria to marry him... what will happen next?

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