Give Your Heart a Break

Chapter Two: Signing for PSG

Tugging at the bottom of the jersey that she was wearing, Valeria tried to hide her discomfort at what was happening around her; she was happy enough trying to blend into the wall behind her.

Things had moved quickly since Neymar had told her about his transfer to PSG, he had been so excited about the move and Valeria felt guilty for not sharing in the feeling.

It surprised her that Neymar hadn’t noticed how she felt, she had never thought she was that good at acting but if the last few days were anything to go by then she deserved an Oscar or something.

Crossing her arms as she watched Neymar signed his new contract, Valeria was glad that she had decided to hide out near the back of the room so that he couldn’t see her.

There hadn’t been a moment for her to consider what she was going to do with him moving to Paris; it was clear that Neymar expected her to drop everything and come with him.

He kept talking about how great things were going to be for them in Paris and Valeria knew that she would have to talk to him soon before the school year started up.

There was still a few weeks and Valeria was going to have to talk to Neymar about what she was going to do; she wanted to return to work back in Barcelona which would mean that she would have to tell Neymar.

Her eyes swept the crowded boardroom where the signing was taking place, she felt so out of place and it didn’t help that Neymar’s father was ignoring her.

It had never really escaped her notice that the man didn’t like her, no matter what she seemed to do; he always seemed to prefer Neymar’s ex-girlfriend.

Bruna Marquezine was very beautiful and Valeria felt rather plain in comparison to the actress that Neymar had dated; she often wondered what he saw in her.

“I was wondering where you were,” Neymar announced snapping Valeria from her thoughts, a smile forced quickly to her face so not to upset him; today wasn’t the day for her to ruin things for him.

Valeria allowed Neymar to take her by the hand and lead her to the centre of the room where the Nasser Al-Khelaifi was waiting; he was thrilled that she had come with him.

Things had been a little rushed since he had told her that he was leaving Barcelona and Neymar had tried not to notice how off Valeria had been since he had told her about the transfer.

He hoped it was just the surprise of the situation and that she would warm to the idea quickly; he was hopeful that things would settle down now that he was here.

Things with Carolina might have been a little difficult especially since she had moved all the way to Barcelona so that he could spend more time with their son.

A move to Paris changed things slightly and Neymar hoped that he would be able to quickly sort things out so that he could still see his son on a regular basis.

Davi had changed everything for him and Neymar couldn’t believe that his son was turning six already; the years had flown by and he still remembered crying when he had been handed his son for the first time.

Wrapping his arm around Valeria, Neymar tugged her close as more pictures were snapped; he was excited about having his time to shine and he would win so much at PSG.

Everything was finally coming together and there was nothing that could bring him down right now; he was going to be the star here instead of hiding in someone else’s shadow.

Paris Saint-Germain was the place that he needed to be to make him stand out and he couldn’t bring himself to regret how things had ended at Barcelona.


Stepping out onto the balcony, Valeria sighed relieved to be away from the loud music that filled the room behind her; there was a party happening inside and she wished that she was able to celebrate.

Neymar was so happy right now and Valeria wished that she could be the same but there were so many questions that were left unanswered now that he had moved to Paris.

The cool night air made her shiver and Valeria was glad for a moment to herself, she would have to talk to Neymar soon about her decision to go back to Barcelona to teach.

Of course, the start of term was still a month away and she was more than happy to spend that time here with him in Paris; she was excited to explore the beautiful city that surrounded them.

The sound of the door behind her shutting made Valeria jump and she turned to find Neymar’s father standing behind her; she almost regretted coming out here at all now.

Neymar Sr moved to the edge of the balcony and stared out over the city; everything was running smoothly in his mind and there was only one problem he saw in his son’s life.

“Neymar is so happy to be here in Paris,” Neymar Sr mused, he didn’t turn to look at Valeria already knowing that she had tried to leave without speaking to him.

It was no secret that he disapproved of the teacher that his son was dating, she was rather a step down from the actresses, socialites, and models that he had dated in the past.

“He is,” Valeria agreed, she lingered not knowing why the man was speaking with her when he usually ignored her presence altogether.

It left her a little uneasy and Valeria had no intentions of putting herself in a situation that might lead to trouble; she took a step towards the doors preparing to head back inside before Neymar Sr spoke again.

“I would hate to see anyone ruin this for him,” he said smiling to himself, he had seen how reluctant Valeria had been about the entire move and he was pleased to see her feeling a little isolated.

It was bound to cause a wedge between her and Neymar eventually and when that happened Neymar Sr was convinced that he had lined up the perfect rebound for his son.

Valeria looked over at her shoulder at Neymar’s father, she didn’t know what he was getting at and she wasn’t going to let him get to her; she was going to make this work for them.

Stepping back into the room, Valeria peeked around trying to spot Neymar wondering where he might have gotten to; she couldn’t have been gone more than a couple of minutes.

It took her a few minutes to track down her boyfriend and when she did, Valeria felt a little sick at the sight that greeted her; she was almost glad that no one had noticed her yet.

There across the room stood Neymar hugged his ex-girlfriend and smiling, Valeria knew that it couldn’t be anything but innocent however that didn’t stop her stomach from dropping at the sight of Bruna.

She was sure that Neymar would have mentioned to her that his ex-girlfriend had been invited to the party that his father had insisted on throwing in celebration of him breaking the transfer record.

“Would you look at that Bruna is here. I was almost worried that she wasn’t going to make it,” Neymar Sr mused standing behind Valeria knowing that she could see what was happening.

If the teacher was smart, then she would risk leaving Paris now that Neymar’s ex-girlfriend was on the scene; Neymar Sr could only see it driving a further wedge between the couple.

Valeria didn’t reply, she took a deep breath before she walked across the room to Neymar; she was determined not to let his father get to her right now.
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So the move to Paris is the least of Valeria's worries... what will happen next?

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