Give Your Heart a Break

Chapter Three: Important Discussions

“Don’t let my father get into your head,” Rafaella said, she was surprised when Valeria had called her so soon after the move and she was glad that her brother’s girlfriend had when she heard what was bothering her.

Valeria was good for her brother and Rafaella knew that Neymar needed someone to ground him; their father was a yes man and would do anything to please him because of it.

The last thing that Neymar needed was a swollen head because people were telling him what they thought that he wanted to hear; he needed someone to keep him grounded and focused.

“And don’t worry about my brother, he’ll understand about you wanting to remain in Barcelona for a little longer,” Rafaella continued knowing that Valeria was still listening, it would be stupid of her brother if he hadn’t considered the fact that Valeria loved her job.

It was rather sudden especially since he hadn’t even told her that he wanted to leave Barca to expect her to just up and leave in a matter of days.

“I know. I just worry that your father might have something up his sleeve,” Valeria said feeling rather silly, she was sure that anyone else would have laughed at her for saying it but Rafaella had become a good friend to her since she had started dating Neymar.

She didn’t trust Neymar’s father for a moment not to spin things against her when she returned to Barcelona; she didn’t want to worry about her relationship all the time when she did return home.

“Ney would never forgive him if he did,” Rafaella insisted, she was sure of that and had even warned her brother that he would be a complete fool to let Valeria slip through his fingers.

The teacher was amazing and Rafaella doubted that he would find anyone better; she was exactly what he needed.

Valeria smiled at that, she wasn’t so sure on that and she hoped that Rafaella was right especially with the sudden presence of Bruna; she couldn’t help but fell unprepared for Neymar’s ex-girlfriend hanging around.

“Listen I have to go… but promise me that you’ll talk to Neymar soon, don’t leave it too long,” Bruna said apologetically, she understands that Valeria doesn’t want to rock the boat when Neymar is happy.

However, it would only make things worse eventually and Neymar would only be upset that she felt the need to panda to him because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

“I promise,” Valeria replied leaning back on the hotel couch, there’s still no news of a proper place for Neymar to live yet but she doubts that the hotel stay will last much longer.

She vaguely recalled that Neymar had mentioned something about a five-storey house that his father had suggested; it was a little extreme in her mind, but she was sure that Neymar would make it work.

Looking around the hotel suite, Valeria couldn’t imagine how much it was costing to stay here a night; it was a fancy hotel and she doubted that the club would wanting Neymar staying here for long.

Neymar had headed out to training that morning, he wanted things to be perfect for his first match for the club; he was expected to play against Guingamp at the weekend.

This meant that Valeria had been left alone at the hotel, the only plus side of this was that Neymar’s father wasn’t around; she didn’t know where he had skulked off too, but she didn’t care as long as he left alone.

Shaking her head, Valeria knew that Rafaella was right and that she had to talk to Neymar soon about returning to Barcelona; she needed to do it before something came along and made it even harder for her to talk to him about it.


Dropping his bag down on the floor, Neymar smiled pleased with how things had gone while he was at training; it was still a little odd being at a new club, but he didn’t regret the fact that he had made the move.

It certainly helped that he had friends that already played for PSG that were more than willing to help him get settled in; it was making the entire move a lot easier.

“How was training?” Valeria asked looking up from where she was curled up on the couch where she was starting on some lesson plans for when she returned to work.

Setting down her work, Valeria wasn’t sure how to start the conversation with him about her returning to Barcelona; she didn’t wish to fight with him and she hoped that Rafaella was right.

“It was good,” Neymar replied plopping down on the couch next to her, he peeked towards the paper that she had been writing on and raised an eyebrow at her.

He could see that she was nervous, and he guessed that now would be a good time for them to talk; he didn’t want them to have any misunderstandings.

“You know that you can tell me anything,” Neymar said reassuringly, he wanted nothing more than for things to stay good between them and he hoped that she felt comfortable enough to tell him anything.

Valeria nodded her head, she peeked down at her feet as she tried to think about how she would tell him; she felt nervous and she hoped that she wouldn’t ruin things.

“I’m not ready to move here,” Valeria admitted, she felt nervous and she was glad that they were talking about this but the last thing that she wanted was to fight with him.

Not bringing herself to look at Neymar, Valeria found herself starting to ramble about how sorry she was that she didn’t wish to move to Paris just yet.

Maybe in a year when things had truly settled down would she feel ready but now wasn’t the right time for her; she stared down at her feet before Neymar scooted closer and took her hand.

“Ria it’s okay, I get it,” Neymar reassured her, he understood that he had dropped this on her and he didn’t blame her for wanting to stay in Barcelona a little longer; he had only hoped that she would consider moving with him.

They would work this out and he was just glad that she was here with him now, he didn’t think that he would have been able to do this without her.

Valeria looked at him surprised, she hadn’t expected him to be so okay with this and she felt rather silly that she had worried so much about telling him.

“I know how much you like teaching, I would never expect you to just give it up,” Neymar insisted, things might not have been simple especially when they would be living so far apart and would barely see each other.

It wouldn’t be easy, and Neymar was dreading spending so much time away from Valeria; he had grown so used to her being around.

“I just worry…” Valeria started not sure how to bring up that she didn’t trust his father for a moment; she knew that the moment that she was back in Barcelona that Neymar Sr would be plotting against her.

Neymar was wonderful, and Valeria knew how lucky she was to have him by her side; she couldn’t help but worry that someone would catch his attention.

“Hey. We’ll make this work… you can fly out on weekends and I’ll come back to Barcelona when I can,” Neymar said squeezing her hand, he knew that she was worried, and he wanted to let her know that this would work for them.

He had seen how unsettled she had been when Bruna was around, and he honestly hadn’t expected to see her again; however, it didn’t change anything and Neymar wasn’t going to let anything come between them.
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So Neymar and Valeria have talked and things have been smoothed out... what will happen next?

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