Give Your Heart a Break

Chapter Nine: Valeria’s Problem

The awkward silence that had settled over them didn’t seem to lift once they had sat down to eat, Neymar couldn’t help but wonder if he might have made a mistake about coming home to see her.

Things had never been this awkward between them before and Neymar wasn’t sure what to say; he felt so lost and he wasn’t sure how to fix them when nothing seemed right about this.

Valeria stared down at her plate, she moved the pasta around her plate not looking at Neymar; she hadn’t expected to see him so soon and she had hoped for some time to wrap her head around things.

“Val?” Neymar asked trying to catch her attention, he set down his cutlery as he looked at her; he knew they needed to talk and there was no time like the present.

No matter what came from their talk, Neymar hoped that they wouldn’t be stuck in this limbo anymore; they needed answers and sitting here in silence wasn’t helping them.

“I know I’ve been absent recently and my actions in Paris haven’t helped,” Neymar started wanting to clear the area, he hadn’t helped the situation and he wanted to know if she was still interested in him.

It had been the start of September when they’d last really talked and now it was October; he had never thought that they would end up like this.

Valeria looked at him, she couldn’t deny that she had seen what he had been doing while in Paris; it had upset her to see her partying every night with strange women.

“I just never thought things would work out like this,” Neymar admitted with a shake of his head, he hated that they had grown apart and he had never wanted anything like this to happen.

He glanced at Valeria knowing that he had truly messed things up, he hated that he couldn’t take back the last couple of months before he had moved to Paris.

“Ney…” Valeria whispered reaching for his hand, she was relieved when he gave it to her and she was glad that he was here; tears filled her eyes as she tried to work out just how to tell him.

Her hands shook a little as she looked at him, her heart pounding in her chest as she wondered how he would react to her news; she was scared and she couldn’t imagine just what would happen next.

Neymar stared at her, he had no idea why she was so upset and he wracked his brain for what he could have done to cause this; he knew that they still had a lot to work on between them.

“I had a doctor’s appointment the other day,” Valeria revealed softly, she stared down at the table and prepared herself to share what she knew so far.

Neymar swallowed not sure where she was taking this, he would support her and he knew that things weren’t going to go back to normal right away after the last month or so.

The thought of becoming a father for a second time thrilled him and he adored Davi, he had always dreamt of having a large family; it was something that he had thought about a lot before he had moved to Paris.

“Valeria… you know that I will support you no matter what,” Neymar reassured her, he squeezed her hand and offered her a smile; he was sure that they could make this work.

He was sure that they could somehow manage with her still being in Barcelona, he would never make her give up her life here.

Valeria stared at him realising where he thought this conversation was going, she wished that was the conversation that they were about to have; she would have preferred that to this.

“Ney. I am not pregnant,” Valeria informed him sadly, she felt nervous and she hoped that the doctor would have some answers soon about what was going on with her.

Neymar stared at her, his brow furrowed as he tried to work out why else she might have been to the doctor’s; she looked so nervous and he hoped that everything was alright.

Sitting in silence for a moment, Valeria sorted through her thoughts as she worked out how she wanted to tell him; she had hoped to have more answers than what she had right now before she said anything.

“I’ve been having pains in my lower stomach for the past month,” Valeria explained to him, she looked at him knowing that her news could be a number of things and she was frightened that they would find something more serious wrong with her.

The cramps that she had been having where a nightmare and she was sure that there was something big wrong with her; she was glad that she was telling him face to face.

Neymar stared at her, his stomach turning as he realised where she was going with this; his mind raced with possibilities and only one thing seemed to jump out at him.

His face paled as he stared at her, he had never thought that this was what she would have to tell him; he felt sick and he could only imagine what she had been through recently.

“The doctor is sending me to a specialist at the hospital… they think they found something during my scan,” Valeria informed him, things had moved rather quickly and she was thankful for that even if there was a bit of a wait before she could see the specialist.

Neymar nodded his head as he listened to her, he had no idea what to think and he hated that she hadn’t felt like she could tell him before because he was in Paris.

The two of them were silent while her words sunk in, neither sure what to say next but they both knew that they couldn’t continue on like they had been doing.

Getting to his feet, Neymar moved around the table as he thought about what he could do to help her; he wasn’t going to allow her suffer alone and he would do his best to support her better.

“Whatever you need Valeria, I am going to be here for you 100%,” Neymar told her, he wrapped his arms around her and held her close; he didn’t care what it took he was going to help her anyway that he could.

Of course, being in Paris wasn’t going to make this any easier but if he had to make trips like this during the week when he didn’t have matches then he would do whatever it took.

Tears started to fall as Valeria cried into Neymar’s shirt, she clutched onto him as she felt a weight lift from her shoulders and she hated that they had gotten to this point.

Neymar held her close, he closed his brown eyes and he hated that he had to go back to Paris early the next morning and he was sure that his coach wouldn’t be happy if he was late.

Resting his head on hers, Neymar couldn’t help but fear just what the doctors might find; he knew they wouldn’t be sending her to see a specialist if nothing was wrong.

He wanted nothing more than to be here for her next appointment, he would do anything in his power to make that happen and he would happily pay to make sure she had the best treatment.

“It’s going to be okay Val, I promise… whatever you need, I will be here every step of the way,” Neymar tried to promise even if he knew as well as she did that wasn’t something that he was able to complete promise her.

There were commitments that he had in Paris that couldn’t be ignored and Valeria was still living in Barcelona; she was just glad that work was being so understanding.

The two of them were silent, lost in their own thoughts while they had tried to work out what was going to happen now; they were just going to have to find a way to make this work better.

Neymar was going to be back in Paris soon and Valeria wasn’t sure that they would be able to handle another month as they had done in the past.
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So the couple have come together because Valeria is ill... what will happen next?

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