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You Haunt Me

ii. September 23rd, 2010

Standing backstage, she watched her best friends perform their last concert of the tour: their hometown show. It had been months since she’d seen them all, and her excitement was overriding the anxiety she felt being in a room packed full of strangers. She was glad she was at least slightly removed from them all being at the back of the stage instead of standing in the crowd— she never was one that enjoyed that experience. Her best friend, Stella stood beside her, screaming the lyrics at the top of her lungs.
They finished off their last song, exiting the stage moments later. Her other best friend, John, threw his arm over her shoulders the second he came backstage.

“You are so sweaty,” she laughed, shrugging him off. “I missed you, though.”

She recalled the day they first met when she moved onto his street back when they were seven, and they’d been practically inseparable ever since. He was always there to stick up for her when she’d rather stay quiet. Likewise, she was there to listen to his grandiose dreams of being in a band which eventually became a reality for him.

“I missed you too, Rae,” he responded, wrapping his arms around her despite her protests earlier.

“Ahem,” she heard someone clear their throat behind her. “What about the rest of us?”

She laughed, turning her attention to the owner of the voice, Garrett. “I missed you all, okay?”

“It’s okay, we get it,” he sighed, his arm around Stella’s waist. They’d been together since the end of high school. “You just love John the most.”

She looked down, trying to stop the heat from rising in her cheeks. She wasn’t sure why, but every time something like this was brought up she couldn’t help but feel awkward.

“Hey, who wants to go get food?” Jared asked, changing the subject, which Rae was grateful for.
“Sounds good,” the others chimed in, and they all headed out.


“So like, when are you two gonna date?” Stella asked Rae once they had gotten home later that night.

“What?” Rae questioned her confusedly.

“Oh, don’t play like that,” Stella laughed. “You know what I mean. I saw how you and John were tonight.”

“We’re just friends, Stel,” Rae averted her gaze.

Stella shot her a look.

“Just friends,” Rae repeated herself. As much as she kept reiterating the point, she couldn’t help but feel she possibly wanted more.