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Rogue One

I'm Not Your Story.

K04 heard the sound of the speeder behind him getting fainter and fainter, he damn well knew no one from the rebel alliance could keep up with him even people he trained and grew up with couldn't match his speed. He wasn't even brushing 120 m/h but he knew with the forest terrain the rebels wouldn't be able to maneuver around each tree and sharp turns like he could, K04 spent hours training across all terrains he wasn't about to let a few hundred trees or some rebel scum be the death of him.

''My speeder is at the old outpost. Keep it hidden.'' K04 said as he came up to the doors of the Research Station most commonly known as RS9, the two stormtroopers nodded at him and hurried in the direction of his speeder as he entered the base.

He wasn't familiar with Endor or the research lab, he just knew that a rebel camp was set up nearby and the lab needed him to keep them at bay, he didn't mind as it was a chance to go out and explore the wilderness of the forgotten moon and a chance to see how much the rebel alliance has changed over the years.

K04 wondered around the research lab aimlessly until he passed a small interrogation room with a few rebels inside, he stood by the one-way glass and pressed the button on the intercom to hear what was going on inside the room.

''---I heard they're here, someone saw them north-west of here.''
''I saw them too! They came past our camp as we surrendered.''
''Did you see the speeder though? Even the Scout troopers couldn't keep up with that.''
''I heard a story once---''

K04 turned off the intercom, he didn't mind hearing people talk about him but he certainly didn't want to hear stories because they aren't stories they're nightmares. They are the type of thing a mother would tell her kid to frighten them. Tales of a pilot who could spot enemy ships a mile away, they are of a pilot who could take you down before you even see him, tails of a racer who never seems to run out of fuel and race around all types of terrain, they're about a boy who leaves a trail of wreckage where ever he goes, he flies in the dead of night destroying cities and civilizations before sunrise. He's not some campfire story.

K04 had enough and trailed off to find a place to sleep, even though it was mid-day he wanted to rest so he go out later that night and explore, he wanted to see if the stars are just as bright from the ground as they are on a ship.
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