Silent Spirit

Born mute meant Natsumi couldn't speak, but that never stopped her from living, especially when there were people who needed her. Her twin brother, Yusuke wouldn't stand for her giving up before their lives begin.

Growing up with a loving, but drunk teen mother never made things easy for them, and neither did Yusuke's knack for getting into trouble. But at least. They had some sort of life. Things were decent, until that fateful day when she and Yusuke save a little boy from a car accident, one twin survives, the other must reclaim their right to be alive, but either way, both of the Urameshi siblings have to go through many trials and thus they start their adventures as spirit detectives.

Main plot of the anime belongs to the original creator of YYH, but otherwise, any minor plot changes that concern my OC belongs to me. No knowledge of Yu Yu Hakusho is needed to enjoy the story.
  1. Waking up to a Nightmare
    She wakes up to what appears to be a nightmare, and the world seems to fall apart as she starts questioning the why, how, and when.
  2. To Pluck a Beautiful Summer Vegetable
    Sometimes people mean well when they name their kids. Natsumi ponders this after having a talk with a friend.
  3. Rumors
    Natsumi learns of some ill-begotten rumors about her and Yusuke.