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A War Worth Fighting


After my shower I stepped out in a towel, Ben was sitting on the edge of the bed, next to him a stack of neatly folded clothes and some grey snow boots on the floor.

“Hey,” I smiled feeling refreshed and clean.

“Hey,” his eyes met mine and darted to the ground “Sorry, I brought you some warmer clothes and forgot about you needing to change.” His face flushed, and his fingers dug into his legs.

I gulped and made my way over to him; the cold metal floor stung my bare feet and the cool air circulating quietly through the vents felt harsh against my arms. Ben’s eyes traveled up my legs and passed the towel to meet my gaze.

“It’s okay,” I said thinking of what we had and where it could lead. Maybe we could get married and go on missions together.

“It’s not, I should be able to give you privacy.” He probably couldn’t understand my words if he read my mind. “I should allow you to keep your modesty at the very least.” His eyes squinted as if he was scolding himself in a mirror.

“Ben, I don’t even know if I have that,” I laughed securing the towel with one hand and wrapping my other hand behind his neck as I sat on his knee.

“You do, trust me.” He wrapped his hand around my side and helped me lift my legs over his other leg. My feet no longer froze against the harsh floors as I leaned in to him.

“You smell like jet fuel Ben,” I said inhaling deeply over the crook of his neck.

“This is the same suite I’ve worn since you passed out last week.” He ran his hand over my bare calf sending soothing warmth through his calloused palms.

“Seriously you haven’t once changed, wasn’t I unconscious for like a week?” I asked slightly amused at his blatant disregard for personal hygiene.

“Well I didn’t wear this the entirety of your medical stay, I occasionally changed and bathed.” He rolled his eyes sarcastically.

“Well, sounds like you could use a bath yourself mister.”

“Perhaps.” His face ducked around mine, catching my lips with his.

I leaned in to the kiss forgetting the towel and securing my fingers through his hair. The feeling of electric butterfly wings fluttered in my stomach and filled my spine making me shudder. His hand crawled up my leg leaving a trail of goosebumps behind. Once his fingers began to slip under the cotton towel it abruptly stopped.

“Ben,” I moaned pushing him back.

“Mm,” he mumbled falling back “Owe,” he cried out loudly as his head hit the wall.

“You okay?” I asked running my hand gently from his forehead to the back of his head.

“I don’t think so,” he pouted his lips cutely.

“Poor baby,” I cooed kissing his chin softly. “Doctor Chloe, orders bed rest in the warm arms of the most beautiful woman you know, hourly temperature checks by lip locking, and as many whispers of sweet nothings throughout the night, you know to ensure a concussion does not set in.”

“Is that so?” he asked in an almost whisper.

“Yep, Doctor Chloe is the best.” I inhaled deeply trying to imprint the mixture of jet fuel and Ben, in my mind.

“Well Lucky for me you just so happen to be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Did this doctor Cloe happen to say how long I will have to endure such treatments?” Ben looked over at the pillow and then back down to the towel wrapped around me.

“Mhm, all night,” I answered slowly unzipping his jumpsuit “well in to the morning.”

“Well then, we better get stated,” he pressed his lips to mine before moving his hand completely under the towel.

Suddenly he pulled away “Chloe your trembling,” he sat up by pushing himself up with a hand. “Put your clothes on,” he said as the change in mood forced me to involuntarily roll my eyes.

“Can’t I just get in to the bed like this and you can keep me warm with your body?” I tightened my hold on him.

“Tempting as that may be,” he reached for the clothing and placed it on my lap.

“Fine can you stay with me though?” I asked standing up and looking down at him.

“Look,” he sighed staring at me, “I’ll be back later, once the station quiets down, that way.”

“-That way no one knows we're in love,” I finished his sentence sadly.

“I just want to make sure one of us doesn’t get kicked out, relationships are distractions Chloe and Luke would. He would keep us apart,” Ben got up and raised his voice.

“What, no he wouldn’t. Master Luke would allow our love to grow and make us stronger,” I tried to explain pulling his hand to my cheek.

“Why do you trust him more over me?” He yelled pulling me behind him roughly so that I fell on the bed. “He is making you lie to me, I can feel it, something he told you that you are guarding so strongly from me.” He turned towards the door away from me.

“Ben keep it down!” I pleaded sitting up rubbing my wrist. “Ben Master Luke loves you, I love you, we all love you, why do you push everyone away!” I reached for the clothes and began pulling them on under the towel, he looked over and crossed his arms as he turned back around.

“If everyone loved me as much as you say they did then what are you all hiding?” He sighed and punched the metal wall leaving behind a bit of blood.

“Ben!” I jumped off the bed wincing at the cold floor once more. I pulled his hand to me and inspected it. There was a small part of skin that was darker and wrinkled up on his knuckle, blood slowly seeped out through the small wound. It was minor, but it did look like it hurt, I pressed the towel over it and held it in place.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” He tried pulling his hand away.

“Look if you want to act like a child then I will treat you like one Ben,” I scolded and tightened my grip on his hand. “Is that what you want? Hm?”

“Me acting like a child?” he rolled his eyes and pushed his hair back.

“Yes, and children do not decide what they should and shouldn’t know.”

“You know maybe you should treat me like a child, then I won’t be the one saving your skin all the time,” his voice was calm and even.

“Seriously?” I asked raising an eyebrow remembering the feeling of his tears on my cheek. “What was that thing you said when everyone thought I was in some comma?” I removed the towel and re-applied it when I noticed his hand was still bleeding.

“You were awake?” he asked using his other hand to caress my cheek.

“Well not the whole time,” I sighed “oh no I need to see Master Luke.”

“What no, why?” Ben grabbed my arm.

“Because I remember something important that I was supposed to tell him as soon as I woke up but he blindsided me with,” I inhaled deeply “Ben put pressure on this, its small and should stop bleeding in moments.” I placed his hand over the towel and went to put the boots on.

“Blindsided you with what?” he squinted his eyes as I knotted the laces.

“Can I tell you later? I really need him, it’s about my grandfather, Ben.” I jumped up and wrapped my arms around on of his before pulling him down and pressing my lips to his with a loud smacking sound. “I love you Ben, really so much.”

“I love you too Chloe but you’re being a bit crazy,” he stared intently in my eyes.

“I know you do, I’ll find you right after, and you have no say in that.” I kissed him on the cheek and ran.

Yep I ran off straight in to the metal door and bounced back in to Bens arms.

“Be careful!” he yelled, and he pulled me up and inspected my head.

“Owe Ben, don’t yell at me.” I rubbed my head.

“Sorry, I just worry that you will end up right back in that hospital bed,” his tone went from upset to soft and gentle in a millisecond. He pried my hands away from my head and pressed his lips to it. “There all better.”

“I love you,” I whispered.

“Yea I know,” he smirked and kissed me “but I love you more,” he whispered against my lips making my heart flutter.