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A War Worth Fighting


It had been two weeks since I was brought back to the ship, I am happy to announce that I have stayed out of trouble and returned to training with the class.

We also have a new student, the young girl who as it turns out just can't stay away from Ben. Her name is Mel and her mother got sick and passed away recently, the man who was bringing her to Ben’s mom happened to be her father. They knew she was force sensitive and had been trying to sneak her to Master Luke for protection.

I was currently sparring with Ben in a training room, Ben had ditched Mel in the dining hall this morning and was reluctant to exit the room.

“I think she just senses that you are so protective,” I said between breaths as Ben swung his fist in my face.

“I’m not protective,” He groaned pulling me over his knee and flipping me on my back.

“You protect me!” I groaned crossing my arms over my chest as his knee quickly came down.

“That is different,” he rolled his eyes and leaned over adding weight to his knee.

“Ben!” I tapped his leg twice to signal my surrender.

He winked as he stood up and stretched a bit, “That wasn’t bad.”

“Yeah for you!” I held my hand out for him.

“I went easy on you,” he stated, pulling me to my feet.

I rolled my eyes and pushed him gently before grabbing some water. “How am I supposed to beat you if you are so much stronger than I am?” I asked.

“Everyone has a weakness Chloe,” Master Luke said as he entered the room toting behind him Mel, who was looking quite upset.

“Master Luke,” Ben and I said, both bowing respectfully.

“See Mel, Ben is just fine.” Master Luke smiled down at Mel when she walked in to the room “He is perfectly safe in Chloe’s hands, right Chloe?”

“Yes Master,” I smirked looking over at Ben who was already annoyed. “Ben and I were just practicing.”

“Where you now?” Master Luke walked in and sat on the bench in the corner “Mind if I watch?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said without thinking and quickly clasped my hand over my mouth.

“Excuse me?” he laughed.

“What I meant, Master, was that I am embarrassed as Ben’s skills are far superior to my own.” I corrected proudly.

“I won't judge, I am simply a bored old man in search for entertainment.” He winked patting the seat next to him for Mel, who eagerly sat.

“Chloe,” Ben smiled as he stepped in front of me “it’s okay.” The back of Ben’s hand caressed mine slyly.

“Fine, but don’t go easy on me!” I smiled tossing my water container to the side.

“Good,” Ben said moving in to his fighting position “I won’t.”

I mimicked him and nodded signaling my readiness, Ben stepped forward and swung. I leaned back just in time to show my surprise, he always let me move first. I leaned forward and jabbed barley missing him. We both stared at each other for a moment before we both launched. There was a fit of kicks and pulls, pushes and block’s. the world was moving fast and for a second, I couldn’t feel my body it was moving on its own.

Ben flipped me over on the ground, but I rolled away and jumped back to my feet and was able to tackle him to the ground. We both rolled until I kicked him off and returned to my feet, I was ready to try something new.

I ran to him and kicked off his knee so that I could throw my leg over his shoulders and swung my body down his back, pulling his body down roughly on to the mat. His hands flew to my leg pulling me off of him.

I rolled back and stood up.

“That was new,” Ben rolled his shoulders.

“I have a thing or two I learned before you!” I smirked.

“Do you, now?” he smiled getting back in his fighting stance.

I shrugged playfully and went in for a hit, I could tell he was holding back since every time his hand made contact with my body it barely hurt.

“You are holding back again Ben,” I groaned as he turned me around and pulled me in to him using his arm to choke me.

“Just a little,” He whispered.

I elbowed him in and leaned forward, I was hoping he would let go but he didn’t so I pushed up as hard as I could. The next thing I knew Ben was on his back and I was on his chest.

“Well stop,” I groaned rolling off of him.

“You okay?” He asked sitting up.

“I will be,” I smiled up at him.

“Bravo!” Master Luke clapped, “Chole, you have improved vastly, I am very impressed!” he wicked at Mel who was staring unimpressed. “Ben, you are quite the teacher.”

“Thank you Master,” Ben bowed “Chloe is,” he paused as he turned to me “well she is full of potential.”

“Hey,” I lightly slapped Ben’s arm.

“I say it in the most loving way,” Ben replied amused.

“Yeah sure you do.” I rolled my eyes “I would have won if you weren’t pulling punches you know?”

“Hurting you goes against every instinct in my body, I’m sorry.” He said in all seriousness.

My heart melted as his words met it. “I know,” I smiled fondly.

“While amusing as the two of you are, Mel and I were going to grab lunch with Han and Chewy,” Master Luke walked over “Would you like to join us?”

“Thank you, Master Luke,” I turned to him “But Ben and I still have 30 minutes of training left.”

“She’s right,” Ben walked over placing his hand on the small of my back. “I was actually hoping to practice a new technique with Chloe.”

“Very well,” Master Luke looked right at me and leaned in “Go easy on him,” then he walked out the door.

Mel jumped to her feet and ran to Ben wrapping her little arms around his hips, due to her lack of height. Ben glared but patted her on the head “There you go,” he nodded.

I scoffed at him.

“By Ben, I’ll see you before bed time!” she yelled as she ran off.

I waited for the doors to close before turning to him “Before bed time?” I questioned.

“She won’t sleep until I listen to her silly fairy tale stories,” he explained “She will usually fall asleep while she tells me said stories.”

“So, you get a bedtime story now?” I laughed.

“Laugh it up Chloe,” he rolled his eyes “As I recall you have a demanding time sleeping without my help as well?”

“Maybe,” I ran my fingers up his arm playfully. “I just pretend so that you hold me close?”

“Is that so?” He pulled me in to him and wrapped his arms around me.

“Possibly,” my arms wrapped around him.

“You have been very brave, Chloe.” He whispered.

I nodded resting my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. “It’s easy knowing you are watching.”

“Come one lets finish,” he said pulling away and giving me his serious look once more.

“Bring it,” I taunted as I prepared for him to attack.