Sequel: Queen of the Banished

A Hidden Kindness

Princess Zelda folded her hands in her lap and regarded the man before her. King Ganondorf bowed low and waited for her response. His lips curved into a small smile, though she couldn’t see it.
“You have come… to ask forgiveness?” Zelda finally asked.
  1. (a nice day to) Start Again
    King Ganondorf is back in Hyrule
  2. Nightmares (they won’t let me be)
    The group of friends are plagued by questionable dreams the night before Zelda's birthday. Ganondorf is still in Hyrule.
  3. Beautiful Dangerous
    A desert date. Ganondorf and Rabia are both underestimate each other.
  4. Once Sweet (but it turned sour)
    The Farore's Day celebration brings its own challenges, including one of Rabia's old flames.
  5. (feels like I’m) Clinging to a Cloud
    Rabia charms Ganondorf with her awkward flirting and they share a sweet moment together. Zelda tells Rabia her tragic backstory.
  6. Not Afraid (to fall)
    Rabia sneaks off for another desert date and meets Nabooru.
  7. You Found Me
    Rabia reveals how devious she can be to get what she wants. Link and Zelda finally go on a date.
  8. Demons (they follow me)
    An evil plot arises
  9. (live and learn and) Never Forget It
    Zelda and Link have their first public outing, and Kaikoura crashes a stressful family dinner
  10. Old Habits Reappear
    Rabia sees a bit of Ganondorf's dark side and her past with Finn is revealed
  11. (it's easy) Being With You
    Rabia enters Gerudo Valley - PLEASE see author's notes for language credits!!!
  12. Take me by the Hand (take me somewhere new)
    Rabia earns herself some respect and discovers an apt for a hidden talent. Gerudo language credited to and her website See end notes for translations. WARNINGS for domestic violence
  13. Like a River Flows
    Rabia and Ganondorf explore the desert, and Rabia gets to know some of the desert inhabitants. Also lots of flirting. See end notes for translations!
  14. Putcha Glasses Up
    Rabia learns something new about Ganondorf. TRIGGER WARNING for racist slurs! I replaced the slur with asterisks (***), but I wanted to make it very clear that there is potential for a trigger. I will note above and below the sections the slur is in
  15. 'Til the Morning Sun (you're mine)
    Hangovers, Harry Potter, and revelations Harry Potter belongs to the wonderful J.K. Rowling - all HP quotes were taken from Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone and are NOT MINE and if you haven't read it you really should like its 2018 guys
  16. (won't you) Stay with Me
    Confessions, and a new friend As always, the Gerudo language used here is courtesy of @gerudoshikyapril on Tumblr!
  17. You Had Me (I never had you)
    Rabia learns something about her past; as always, the Gerudo language used is courtesy of @Gerudoshikyapril on Tumblr!
  18. (so this is) The New Year
    Finn weasels his way into a celebration to ring in the New Year
  19. A Loaded Smile (an empty glass)
    Vaati gets pulled into an evil plot
  20. (but I'll take) The Truth
    A birthday party reveals some secrets, and some lies
  21. (outta my head) Without You
    Some bedtime stories are best left untold
  22. Ex's & Oh's (they haunt me)
    Another piece of Ganondorf's past is revealed
  23. You Keep Me (without chains)
    A friendly, and then a not-so-friendly, ambush
  24. (if you wanna get out alive) Run for Your Life
    Nayru's Blessing Day goes smoothly for some... but not all ALL GERUDO LANGUAGE BELONGS TO @gerudoshikyapril on Tumblr! See chapter notes for translations
  25. Bang Bang (I hit the ground)
    Trigger warnings for domestic violence in this chapter --- Rabia gets sucked back in
  26. I Can't Think Without You (Interrupting Me)
    Rabia's friends notice something is off about her, and she makes a horrifying announcement
  27. On the Verge (of a breakdown)
    A trip to Castle Town and some sibling bonding Warnings for an f-bomb or two if that bothers you
  28. (I can fight the fire) I can’t fight the fear
    A scary encounter with Gideon and Finn
  29. Life's Bittersweet (that's what they say)
    All Gerudo language used in this fic belongs to @gerudoshikyapril on Tumblr! Ganondorf gets Rabia's letters... and a call to action. It's a bit of a filler, but... a relevant filler. A... relefiller. Yikes.
  30. (you've got the) Demon Eyes
    Rabia's friends work to get to the bottom of this mystery. Five chapters left, and we're ALMOST at the climax. Are you on the edges of your seats?
  31. (this is a) Call to Arms
    Ganondorf pays the wind mage a visit
  32. (warm me up) Breathe Me
    Gideon finally reveals himself and the full extent of his meddling
  33. You Don't Own Me (don't try to change me)
    A trip to Finn's house
  34. I'll Bring Thunder (I'll Bring Rain)
    One more chapter to this story to go! Don't worry - Part Two will be here soon! Until then, I'll be posting a small 6(ish?) chapter intermission :)
  35. Take My Hand (take my whole life, too)
    A soft, sweet ending to Part 1 that I'm sure we all expected :) See author's notes at the end for information on Part 2!