Sequel: Queen of the Banished

A Hidden Kindness

On the Verge (of a breakdown)

1464 words


Rabia woke up early Thursday morning to insistent knocking on her bedroom door.

“Rabia, are you alive in here?” Rob called through the door. “Come on, sis, you said you were coming with me today,” he said. “We have to leave in an hour!” Rabia sighed and rolled out of bed, then opened the bedroom door.

“What?” she asked, confused.

“I’m going out today and you said you wanted to come last night,” Rob answered. “Something about cake for your wedding? I need to get new drum sticks. I broke my last pair,” he said. “Remember?”

“Oh. Right. Yeah, I’ll be down in a minute. I’m just going to shower…” she closed the door behind Rob and started getting ready. She pulled on some shoes and went to leave, but spotted the newest letter to Ganondorf on the desk and paused. She folded the paper and knelt beside her bed to put it with the others.

“Rabia, are you ready?” Rob called through the door. Rabia swept the folded up letters into an inside pocket of her coat and zipped it up quickly as Rob opened the door.

“Yeah, I’m ready. I was just getting my coat,” she said. She glanced to the blue necklace on her vanity table and hesitated. “...Let’s go,” she said. She ignored the necklace and brushed past Rob out the door. Rob followed her and closed the bedroom door behind them.

“So I was thinking we could hit up the music store first, since it’s closer and I won’t be in there long,” Rob said. “And then we can go to the bakery and grab breakfast? Or just try different cakes for breakfast, I’m not picky.”

“Cake for breakfast?” Rabia asked incredulously.

“Why not?” Rob asked with a grin. “I won’t tell Mom if you won’t.”

“Sounds good to me,” Rabia laughed. The two of them walked together, chatting. The streets weren’t crowded yet since it was still early, so they made good time getting to the music store. Rob pushed open the door and walked straight up to the counter.

“Good morning, Malik,” Rob greeted the man behind the counter. “I need some drum sticks.”

“Didn’t you just buy some two weeks ago?” Malik asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah I… broke them all. The band is taking off so we’ve been playing a lot,” Rob shrugged.

“Alright, I’ll show you what I’ve got.” Malik rounded the counter and led Rob off to one side of the store. Rabia wandered around, glancing over rows of different guitars and shelves of sheet music until she spotted someone familiar through the window. Rabia quickly crossed street quickly to where Kamilah was setting up shop with a group of Gerudo women.

“Kamilah?” Rabia asked. “What are you doing in Castle Town?” Kamilah paused and turned to Rabia questioningly.

“What happened to you being too busy to talk to me?” she asked with a frown. Rabia blinked.


“Yesterday you were too busy to talk. You even pretended not to remember me,” Kamilah stated. It was clear she was rather offended.

“I saw you yesterday?” Rabia asked, confused. “I’m sorry… I don’t remember that…” she let out a frustrated huff. “My memory has been weird lately.”

“Yeah, I noticed,” Kamilah said with a raised eyebrow. “Are you okay? No one in the valley has heard from you in weeks and yesterday you were acting strange. Did something happen?”

“I’ve been grounded and got my phone taken away,” Rabia said, rolling her eyes. “I’m okay though,” she gave Kamilah an unconvincing smile. She glanced back towards the music shop. Rob had poked his head out and was looking for Rabia in the crowd. “Shit, I have to go…” she fumbled with her jacket for a minute and unceremoniously shoved the folded up letters into Kamilah’s hands. “Here, take these. They’re for Ganondorf. I’ll see you later,” she waved and hurried off before Kamilah could reply.

“Rabia, there you are!” Rob said as she rejoined him by the shop.
“Yeah, sorry. I saw something across the street and went to look,” she said with a smile. “Did you get your sticks?” Rob held up bag.

“Yep! This should last me awhile. I hope. Ready to go to the bakery?” he asked as he looped his arm in her uninjured one.

“Actually, unless you want to go anywhere else I think we should head back home. I’m getting cold and I’m not really in the mood to choose a wedding cake today,” she sighed. Rob shrugged.

“Sounds good to me. But you owe me breakfast.”

“Deal,” she answered. The two made their way back home through the thickening crowd. When they got home there was no sign of Petra, Saul, or their two little brothers. “Huh. Where’d they go?” Rabia wondered.

“Oh, Mom left a note on the counter,” Rob said. He picked it up. “I guess Dad has to go pretty far for his gig tonight. Lance and Chase have a birthday party to go to with Mom and won’t be home until after lunch.” Rabia opened the fridge and hummed.

“Well we have eggs and bacon. I could probably make some pancakes or something if you want to cook those,” she said to Rob.

“No way, sis. I’m making the mimosas,” he stated and opened one of the cupboards.

“Can mine be a screwdriver instead?” Rabia asked as she heated up a pan and started mixing up pancake batter.

“Were you raised by wolves?” Rob scoffed. “Mimosas are so much better! But… I guess I can make a screwdriver, just for you.”

“Great, thanks. Do you want chocolate chips or blueberries in your pancakes?” she asked.

“Um, chocolate chips obviously. Lots of them. Make them like, 50% chocolate,” Rob said.

“This is why you’re my favorite big brother,” Rabia stated as she poured in some extra chocolate chips.

“I’m your only older brother.”

“Well if you weren’t, you’d still be my favorite,” Rabia smiled. She spooned some pancake batter onto one of the pans and cracked some eggs into another. The two settled into an easy rhythm and soon breakfast was ready.

“Let’s break all the rules and eat in front of the TV,” Rob said. He scooped up his plate and glass, and Rabia followed suit. “Just don’t spill anything and Mom will never know.”

“Oh goddesses, that’s so much pressure, Rob,” Rabia said. Rob rolled his eyes and flipped on the TV. The two fell into a comfortable silence until they finished their breakfast.

“Oh hey! Since Lance and Chase aren’t home… how about a friendly game of Mario Kart?” Rob asked.

“Since when has Mario Kart ever been friendly?” Rabia asked. “I’m down if you get me another screwdriver.”

“I guess...” Rob sighed dramatically. He stood and ruffled Rabia’s hair, receiving a swat for his efforts, and scooped up their glasses. “Start it up, will you?” Rabia started up the game while Rob was refilling their drinks, and had already chosen her character (Yoshi) and her kart by the time he got back. Rob settled onto the couch beside her and grabbed his controller. He selected Baby Peach and started up the game.

“Oh, you did not just fucking blue shell me!” Rabia yelled. The two had started with one friendly game a couple hours ago, which had turned into a full on Mario Kart war.

“Oh I fucking did!” Rob cackled maniacally as baby Peach zoomed past Yoshi to the finish line.

“NOOOO!!” Rabia cried and fell to her knees dramatically.

“YESSS!!” Rob fist pumped as Baby Peach raced around the celebratory track in first place with Yoshi trailing behind in second. “SUCK ON THAT, I WON!”

“Robert! Did you just yell what I think you yelled?!” Petra’s voice floated in from the foyer, followed by Lance and Chase’s giggles.

“Uhh… no?” he called back. Petra walked in and gave him an unimpressed look.

“I should wash your mouth out with soap,” she scolded. “Boys, go outside to play,” she shooed Lance and Chase out into the backyard and turned to look at her eldest. “I thought you two were going out today,” she said. “You should, it’s beautiful out. And Rabia, should you really be playing that with a broken arm?”

“It’s snowy out, Mom,” Rabia wrinkled her nose. “And it doesn’t hurt right now, so…” she shrugged.

“Well, it’s nice to see you two spending some quality time together,” Petra said with a smile.

“What? No, nonono, we were having a very serious Mario Kart tournament - no sibling bonding whatsoever,” Rabia shook her head.

“Awww, come on baby sis, you love meeeee,” Rob pulled her into a tight hug and mashed her face against his chest to muffle her protests. Petra rolled her eyes and walked away.
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Rob (Rabia's big brother/drummer in a super cool rock band), Rabia (main character/Ganondorf's bae), Malik (music shop owner), Kamilah (Rabia's birth-mother/servant in the fortress/renowned warrior), Saul (Rabia's father), Petra (Rabia's step-mother), Lance (Rabia's little brother), Chase (Rabia's youngest brother)