Sequel: A King and A Girl

A Hidden Kindness

(I can fight the fire) I can’t fight the fear

1225 words


Rabia and her family had sat down for breakfast in the breakfast nook when there was a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it,” Rabia said, after a moment of hesitation. Petra was still trying to get Lance and Chase’s breakfasts together so they could finish getting ready for school. She gave Rabia a grateful look as she settled the last plates on the table. Rabia pulled the front door open. “Hel- Oh. It’s you,” she said.

“Hello, Rabia. We were going to go over wedding plans today, remember?” Finn asked with a raised eyebrow. Rabia sighed in irritation.

“My brothers haven’t even left for school yet. We’re eating breakfast now. It’s not that important - it can wait.”

“Not that important?” Finn glared at her and Rabia took a step back. “Our marriage is very important, Rabia.” Rabia was saved from replying as Rob stepped up behind her.

“Oh yeah, sure, super important. You can wait inside,” Rob said. He returned the glare and pulled his sister behind him. “I’m sure Mom would love for you to join us.” It was clear how he felt about that. He led them back into the kitchen.

“Finn! What a lovely surprise,” Petra smiled. “Would you like to join us?” she asked, moving to set another place.

“Oh, no thank you, Mrs. Henderson. I’ve already had breakfast. I appreciate the offer, though,” he smiled at her charmingly. “I’m just here to collect Rabia. We have wedding plans to discuss, after all.”

“Of course, Finn,” Petra smiled. She finally settled down to eat her own breakfast as Lance and Chase were finishing theirs. Saul stood and urged the boys upstairs.

“I’ll get them dressed and bring them to school,” he said. “Rob, take care of the dishes, will you?” he added. Rob shoved his last bit of toast into his mouth and started clearing up plates. Petra made polite small talk with Finn while Rabia picked at her breakfast, trying to drag out the inevitable. Finally, Petra got irritated with her stalling and scooped up Rabia’s plate with her own.

“Go get dressed - you two still have a lot of work to do,” Petra said. Rabia grumbled to herself, but ran upstairs to get changed as Saul and her two little brothers headed out the door. She had already showered so it took her five minutes to change into her outfit, don the necklace with the blue stone, and meet Finn back in the foyer.

“Bye, I’ll be home later,” she said to Petra and Rob as Finn pulled her out the door. “Where are we going?” she asked after they were a decent distance away. “Can’t you just hire someone to plan this?” Finn scoffed.

“Please, I already have. We’re going to my house so I can keep an eye on you,” Finn rolled his eyes. “Someone has to.”

“Of course, Finn, you’re right,” Rabia smiled up at him and twined their fingers together. Finn looked smug.

“I’m glad to see the necklace works - it makes that spell kick in so much faster,” he said. “And it’s so much easier to get things done when you’re complacent.” Rabia looked at him in confusion. Finn just shook his head with a smile. “Never mind, dearest. Gideon wants to speak to you, anyway.” Rabia tensed and stopped walking. Finn tugged on her arm.

“Come on, Rabia. We don’t have all day!” he snapped and turned to glare at her.

“I… I don’t want to talk to Gideon,” she pulled her hand free and took a step back. “I don’t want to go with you to your house and talk to Gideon.” She shook her head, confused.

“Don’t be ridiculous. You’re coming with me. Now.” He gave her a level stare and offered his hand. She considered him for a moment, then took his hand meekly. “Good girl. Come along.” He led her to his house, despite her palpable fear. By the time they got there, she was paler, her hand was shaking in his, and her palms were sweaty. “Ew…” he wrinkled his nose and let go of her hand to push the door open. “You know where his room is,” Finn said. He waved her towards the stairs as he made his way to the library.

“But I-” the door slammed shut and she flinched as the sound echoed through the foyer. She eyed the stairs anxiously before starting up them. Her anxiety only grew as she walked down the long hallway to his door and by the time she reached it, her whole body was trembling. She took a couple deep breaths, then knocked.

“Enter.” Rabia reached for the doorknob but the door creaked open before she grabbed it. She took a breath and stepped inside. The suite was spacious, as all the rooms in Finn’s mansion were. The living room of Gideon’s suite was filled with various types of plants, instead of furniture. There were plants in pots on shelves along the walls, in large planters in the center of the room, and hanging from the ceiling. The room had essentially been turned into a makeshift atrium. “Ah, Rabia, I see the worm has finally fetched you.” Gideon appeared through the foliage and Rabia shrank back. “How do you like my garden?” he asked. He ignored her unease and set a hand on her back to steer her further into the room.

“I-It’s… nice,” Rabia stuttered to a halt once Gideon released her. “What did you need me for?” she asked as she eyed him warily. He turned to face her; His white cape swished around him as he turned.

“Give me your necklace,” he said and reached out a clawed hand. Rabia fumbled with the clasp and almost threw it at him in her haste. “Now, don’t move.” He circled her and muttered under his breath as a dark, glowing purple light encased her. Once the light dimmed, Rabia resembled Gideon’s visage with her deep blue eyes, her black hair, and her greyish-blue skin. “We can’t have you wandering around like this, can we?” Gideon grinned coldly and grasped the pendent in his hand. The gem glowed before he clasped it back around her neck. Rabia’s skin and hair returned to their original hues, though her eyes retained their sapphire color. “You will wear this necklace at all times. If anyone questions you, tell them you are wearing colored contacts. Do you understand.” It was clear this was not a question.

“Yes, Gideon,” Rabia said.

“Good girl,” Gideon patted her cheek. “Now, tend to these plants. I need to speak with your fiancé.” He stalked out of the room and Rabia got to work.



“Worm,” Gideon’s gravelly voice made Finn flinch.

“Yes?” he turned to face Gideon and offered him a glass of wine. Gideon waved it off.

“The spell is complete. There should be no more slip ups in Rabia’s behavior, regardless of how long she stays away. Make sure she always wears that necklace. When the spell is this strong it has some… obvious side effects,” Gideon snarled in annoyance.

“Side effects? Like what?” Finn demanded.

“Just do what I say,” Gideon’s voice was a low growl. “And there will be nothing to worry about.” He and Finn stared each other down until Finn looked away.

“Fine. Whatever,” Finn scowled.
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Rabia (main character/Ganondorf's bae), Petra (Rabia's step mother), Finn (Rabia's ex/Gideon's minion), Rob (Rabia's older brother), Saul (Rabia's father), Lance (Rabia's younger bother), Chase (Rabia's youngest brother), Gideon (demon)