Sequel: Queen of the Banished

A Hidden Kindness

(you've got the) Demon Eyes

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The next morning, Castle Town was in an uproar. The streets were packed even tighter than usual with people trying to glimpse the arrival of King Ganondorf. The crowds were only held back from the castle gates by the Castle Town guards, led by Link. Sheik and Kaikoura were inside the throne room with Princess Zelda, awaiting Ganondorf’s arrival. Finally, the King and his entourage arrived. They passed through the streets with their own guards, including Kamilah. The group dismounted at the gate. Half of the Gerudo Guards took position with the Hylian Soldiers at the gates; Ganondorf and Nabooru were led inside.

“Princess Zelda, it is wonderful to see you again,” Ganondorf said. He approached the throne and got down on one knee, bowing low. Nabooru followed suit.

“King Ganondorf,” Princess Zelda said with a polite nod. “What brings you back to my throne room? Your message said something about trade agreements, but there was a lot of haste for such a small matter.” Ganondorf straightened up and offered Nabooru a hand before turning to the Princess.

“I have some personal matters to attend to here as well,” Ganondorf said. Zelda eyed him suspiciously, but he didn’t elaborate.

“Well, let’s go to my study. It will be more comfortable to work out trade agreements in there,” she said. “Sheik, would you show them the way? I have to catch up with Link for a moment.” Sheik stepped out of the shadows and nodded, then led the Gerudo deeper into the castle. Zelda waved Link into the room.

“Princess,” Link bowed. “Is there anything you require?” Zelda glanced around, then moved closer to him to whisper in his ear.

“Do me a favor - keep Rabia occupied while he’s in town, okay?” she asked. Link paled.

“Me? She hates me,” he said back.

“She doesn’t hate you. She just likes messing with you. I’d ask Kaikoura but they’re fighting right now and I need Sheik here with me. Please?” She gave him puppy eyes.

“Alright, alright. I’ll leave Leon in charge. Be careful.” Link pressed a kiss to her cheek, then slipped out of the castle.


Link made his way through Castle Town quickly. He knew all the shortcuts to get wherever he wanted to go and made use of them to avoid the thick crowds that tended to fill the streets on the weekend. It was especially useful with the extra-large crowds today. Soon, he was out of the thick of things and made his way to Rabia’s house. It was still early so he hesitated before knocking on the door. After a moment, the door was pulled open.

“Oh, hello Link!” Rabia beamed at him and stepped aside. “Would you like to come in?” Link looked at her hesitantly. He wasn’t used to such a warm greeting from her so he cautiously entered the house. “We just finished breakfast, but I can grab you something if you’re hungry,” Rabia offered. She was still smiling. Link was unnerved.

“No thanks, I’ve already eaten.” It wasn’t a lie, but it was painful for him to turn down free food. Rabia shrugged, led him into the living room and settled onto the couch beside him.

“So, what brings you here?” she asked.

“Well, Zelda is busy today with Sheik, and Kaikoura had plans, so I thought maybe you’d want to hang out?” he asked.

“That sounds great! What’d you have in mind?” Rabia tilted her head. Link stared at her, wide-eyed. “...Link? Are you okay?” she waved a hand in front of his face. “Link?” He shook his head to snap out of it.

“Sorry, sorry, zoned out for a second. How about… ice skating…?” he asked.

“That sounds like fun! Are we going now?” Rabia asked him.

“Yeah, I’m ready when you are,” he nodded.

“Let me just grab my coat. We’re going to have to share a horse, though. I can’t really ride with the cast,” she said.

“No problem. I’ll get Duke ready and meet you outside,” Link said. Rabia nodded and headed upstairs. He stepped back out the front door and entered the stable. By the time Duke was saddled up and ready to go, Rabia had joined them. Link mounted the horse once Rabia was settled and they headed to the skating rink. Neither of them noticed the small group of women trailing them.


“Is that them?” Vésλeλu whispered and looked at Aveil. Aveil stood on her tiptoes to see over Kamilah’s head.

“Yeah, it’s definitely them,” she said. Rabia was easy to spot in Castle Town with her red hair and dark skin; Link was distinctive in his own way. Together they stood out even more. Kamilah hushed them.

“I want to get closer so we can hear what they’re saying,” she said lowly. “I’ll take point. Λume, Aveil, Vésλeλu, cover me.” Aveil rolled her eyes.

“It won’t be the end of the world if they see us, Kamilah,” she said. “We’re wearing these huge coats. If we cover our faces with our scarves they won’t recognize us at all.” Kamilah paused.

“You’re right.” She pulled her scarf up over her nose and tucked her recognizable red hair under her hat. She waited until the others followed suit, then led them into the rink. They settled at one of the nearby tables with some hot cocoa to watch. Link and Rabia were skating side-by-side, chatting amicably.

“See, that right there is weird,” Aveil said. “She’s hanging out with Link and being friendly.” She shook her head. Kamilah hushed her as Rabia and Link came back around. “But it’s not really weird enough to come to Hyrule in the dead of winter,” she said. “I like her necklace, though. Sapphires are my favorite. Do you think she’d let me borrow it?” Kamilah’s eyes narrowed and she leaned forward, watching them closely. “Though I don’t think sapphires normally glow, do they?”

“...Why are her eyes blue?” she asked. “Her eyes aren’t blue.”

“Huh. Weird.” Aveil tilted her head. “Maybe she just wanted contacts so they’d match her necklace! I mean that’s kind of extreme for outfit matching, but maybe that’s her thing.” Kamilah sighed and gave her a look, then stood.

“We have to get back, anyway,” she said. “Come on.”
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OCs: Kamilah (Gerudo guard, Rabia's mother), Leon (a Hylian guard), Rabia (main character, Ganondorf's bae), Duke (Rabia's horse), Vésλeλu (a Gerudo guard)