Status: This is a EXTREME work in progress.

Full Moon: Quil's Story

Chapter One

On the reservation there isn’t really much to do.

So, I usually end up listening to my music really loud or exercising.

Like this morning when I reach over to turn my sound system up in my room as I get out of bed. After that I just roll over and drop to the floor to start doing my daily pushups.


That’s my goal.

Today isn’t a chill day for me.


Actually it is the first day back to school since winter break.

I stayed in bed really late for the past 19 days that I had off. I usually didn’t wake up until noon.

So, this morning it was kind of a struggle to rise at 5:30 AM.

My mom had to break down the door and shake me really hard. Although, even then I still wouldn’t budge.

So, she did the ultimatum.

“Quil Ateara the Fifth!”

When she says my full name, I know I’ll be in trouble if I don’t listen to whatever she’s trying to tell me.

After I heard her yell that...well...

I made sure to get my ass up.
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1/1/2019 This is a extreme work in progress. I’m going to make mistakes, I’m sure. But the goal of this is to just write the story. Then I’ll worry about editing and continuity hopefully in a later rewrite. Thanks for reading!