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Full Moon: Quil's Story

Chapter Ten

Mom doesn’t even have to wake me up the next morning for school. When she knocks on my door, she already finds me on the floor doing my pushups with my music turned up.

“Good morning, my obedient son,” She practically sings to me as she comes in my room with the biggest smile on her face.

I just flash her a grin.

“Morning-,” I say in between breaths as I do my final set,”Mom”

She shakes her head at me and grabs my laundry basket.

“I’m off to work, but I’ll stop by the cleaners so you can have some fresh underwear,,” She says.

“Mom!” I groan as I finish my final pushup.

I still get embarrassed when she says stuff like that even though no one else is around but us.

“What?” She says,”I know you’ve been wearing the same dirty clothes all winter break. Don’t even try to deny it”

I can’t. She’s right.

“Did you take a shower last night?” She continues to pester.

“Yeah, I did, Mom!” I groan.

Even though she’s asking me all these questions, I can’t help but want her to stick around a bit more. In fact, I wish she didn’t even have to go to work today and that I didn’t have to go to school.

It’s because I love seeing my mom in the morning since I usually don’t get to see her much until dinner. But last night she got home pretty late because she stayed behind at her school to study for her exams.

She called Grandpa Quil and let him know.

So, Grandpa ended up frying the fish that he caught and even baked us some frybread. It was a very old school dinner. Which made me wish that Mom had made it home, but only because I love it when she cooks for me and Grandpa. We usually all have dinner together.

I guess that’s what I didn’t like the most.

She never stays late anywhere. Not even at work at the souvenir shop. She told her boss upfront that I come first and that she has to be home for me. So, that was the first night in my life that I can remember not having my mom cook for me.

But I try to tell myself not to be selfish. Mom’s nursing classes are about to be over and soon she’ll be right back at home waiting for me when it’s evening time with Grandpa Quil like she always is.

Everything will go back to normal once she takes this exam.

I stand up and go over to give her a hug.

She hugs me back.

Then looks down at me and rubs my head.

“My precious baby boy,” She says quietly to herself.

In that moment her eyes suddenly start to well up with tears.

I never see my mom cry. Even though when I was younger I used to hear her sometimes.

I know she’s thinking about my dad.

It makes me awkward as hell, so I pretend I don’t even notice that she’s welling up.

“Ok, Mom,” I say jokingly to break up the sadness in the air that somehow quickly entered,”I’ve got to get dressed”

She smiles at me and pats my head again.

“Yeah you do,” She says and I can see the sadness rolling off of her as she turns to leave.

Just as I’m closing my door I hear her yell:

“And put on some clean underwear Quil Ateara the Fifth!”


She’s fine.

That’s a relief. I thought she might end up pulling out the old photo album that she keeps in her room of Dad. There’s no way I would ever let my mom cry. I always want to keep her smiling.

Which at the end of the day, it’s easy to make Mom happy.

All I have to do is follow her rules.

I open one of my drawers and grab a pair of clean boxers.

“Ok! Mom! I’ve got clean underwear!”

I yell.

I know she hears me because I listen to the sound of her laughing outside of my door.


When Mom leaves for work I hesitate to walk to school.

I know that Jake will meet me halfway, but I also know that Paul Lahote could possibly make good on his word and hop out of the trees somewhere to beat me up before I can make it to my cousin.

My anxiety is high as I lock the door behind me and jump off the porch.

I look left and right.

Trying to decipher if I see any shadows watching me from the forest that surrounds the little blue shack that me and mom call home.

Paul Lahote knows where I live.

Everyone knows where everyone lives on the rez.

So, if he wanted to he could stalk my house and wait until I’m all alone to get revenge for me breaking the heart of his cousin Michelle.

The thought of getting beat up and my paranoia is what makes me sprint like a bat out of hell all the way to the halfway point where I meet Jacob.

It turns out my fears were unfounded, because no one jumps out of the woods at me.

Instead, Jacob just sees me running like hell towards him and looks at me confused.

“What were you doing?” He asks me in alarm as I break my pace once I reach him.

I have to catch my breath.

Sure, I do a lot of pushups but I’m no athlete.

“Is Paul Lahote chasing you?” Jacob asks as he looks from where I usually walk from to see if indeed there is a psycho angry stalker like Paul Lahote trailing behind me.

But of course there is no one chasing after me.

And I’m too yellow to admit that I was running because I was scared Paul Lahote might be waiting to chase after me.

So I just shake my head as I gasp for air.

“No, no,” I tell my cousin,”I just decided to get some exercise”

Jacob looks down at me with a shit eating grin on his face.

He knows when I’m bullshitting.

He throws his arm around me as we begin the rest of our usual walk to school.

“Don’t worry, cuz” He says,”I’ll protect you from the big, scary bully”

I shake off his arm.

Man, I hate it when he rubs stuff in.

“I don’t need you to protect me,” I say weakly.

He grins.

“Sure, sure,” He says with a shake of his head. Not buying it.

When we get up to the school, though I freeze a little.

My eyes are weary as I look for the group of kid that we saw yesterday. But I don’t see anybody in the spot where our classmates usually stand.

However, Embry is still out in the front waiting for us as usual. But when he walks up to us, his face is bewildered.

“Man, Jake. Quil.,” He says with a shake of his head,”Something’s going on”

“What happened?” I ask as Jake and I look at one another, trying to guess what it is that Embry is talking about.

Then he says it:

“Paul Lahote joined Sam Uley’s gang”

The first thing I think when I hear those words is...

Oh shit.

I really am scared for my life now.
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1/10/2019 I thought about this last night! So, I was so excited to write it out today! It’s so funny how when you’re writing soemthing you end up thinking about it and getting inspired for it at random points. While some days you feel like you’ve got nothing. I almost got out of bed and jotted what I was thinking down. But I was like,”No, I’ll just wait. Hopefully, I’ll remember it in the morning. But whatever comes out will come out”. Here it is. Thanks for reading!