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Full Moon: Quil's Story

Chapter Eleven

Most of the day in school is spent with everyone whispering about Paul Lahote and the fact that he was spotted hanging around with Sam Uley.

Even Michelle, who I was sure would be happy that her cousin is in a gang because it means he could probably now have me killed, was upset.

Sam Uley’s gang consists of Sam, Jared Cameron who was another one of the students that used to go here, and now Paul Lahote.

So, I guess it doesn’t seem like much of a “gang”. But if someone sees the way they look and the way Sam Uley and Jared Cameron walk around the rez...

They’d be scared of them too.

For one thing Sam and Jared always walk around like they own everything. Jared even stopped coming to school when he started hanging out with Sam.

Sam is some years older than all of us. But after his senior year he sort of dropped out and never came back.

Then when Jared Cameron started hanging around Sam...

Well, he stopped coming to school and sort of dropped out, too.

The crazy thing about all of this is the Tribal Council won’t do anything about it.

Even after the school went to them and explained what happened and that Sam and Jared both dropped out.

Usually things like this on the rez aren’t allowed to slide.

The Tribal Council will intervene.

But even my granddad won’t say anything bad about Sam Uley. Or the fact that he trails around the rez acting all big and tough.

Now that Paul is one of his “followers” makes me even more sick to my stomach.

Jacob hates Sam as much as I do.

Mainly because Sam is always looking at him as if he thinks Jake should be one of his followers, too.

“Are you sure?” Some of my classmates whisper during break time as we sit in our class trailer,”Are you sure he was with Sam?”

“Yep,” The eyewitness who’d seen Paul tagging along with Sam and Jared, reaffirms her story for the hundredth time today.

“He had his hair shaved like them and everything,” She explains once again.

I shake my head.

I’m sitting on the edge of Embry’s desk and Jacob is in the desk beside his.

“This is all bullshit, man,” Jacob mutters under his breath,”Since when are we allowed to drop out of school without the Elders losing their shit?”

I shake my head.

“I don’t know man,” I agree with him,”But even Grandpa Quil just shrugs me off when I mention Sam to him”

Jacob gives me a look.

“Yeah, my dad is the same way”

“We’ll probably have to walk you to and from your house now Quil,” Embry interjects lightly.

Jacob and him laugh at that.

”I’m not scared of Sam Uley and his posse,” I try to say in protest.

But I’m lying.

Secretly I’m glad I have one of my own to protect me.

Just in case.

3 on 3 isn’t bad odds.
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