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Full Moon: Quil's Story

Chapter Two

I walk to school. My house is so close. On the way my cousin, Jacob Black, meets me.

“Hey,” I say as I reach up and pat his head.

He’s half a foot taller than me.

I hate it.

“What’s up,” He says.

He looks half asleep.

Same as me.

“You do that project that we were supposed to do over the break?” I ask him as we continue to walk.

“No,” He says,”I know you didn’t either”

I laugh.

As we get closer to the school we see our friend, Embry Call, waiting outside with a few other students.

I pretend to sock him in the stomach as a way of a greeting.

He’s taller than me, too.

The only thing I have going for me is that I’m more muscular than them.

Also, my hair is cut short.

Jacob wears his hair long.

Embry kind of settles somewhere in between long hair and short hair.

A few people from our class call out to us.

We’ve hung out with most of them all break.

So, it’s not anything special to see them again.

The rez is so small.

Most of us are too poor to go anywhere over the Holidays.

The closest we get to a change of scenery is the Makah reservation then maybe the town of Forks if we’re lucky.

A trip to Seattle is considered fancy.

We usually spend winter break at First Beach.

Walking the shore, having bonfires, and freezing our asses off in the rain and snow just like most days in this cloudy state of Washington.

A girl I fooled around with, Michelle Begay, is standing with the group of people who called to us.

She and I had sort of a falling out with when she saw me flirting with her cousin over break.

When I look her way, she gives me the middle finger.

“Let’s not go over there,” I tell Jacob and Embry.

The group of our classmates are made up of three of Michelle’s family members. Two of which are a bit bulkier than me.

Jacob grins at me.

“What? You afraid of getting your ass kicked?” He teases me.

But he’s my family.

I know if anything went down he’d have my back.

“Hardly,” I say.

But I’m bluffing.

I might look tough and I do a lot of pushups.

But that’s only because I’m making up for the fact that I’m actually a really big softie.

I don’t think I could even kill a spider.

Jacob is a lot tougher than me.

I kind of lean on him a lot.

I look up to him even.

I’m not just saying that because I’m short, either.

We’ve been raised together since we were kids.

Ever since then we’ve been connected at the hip.

“Ok, we’ll go inside then,” Jacob says once he sees my expression.

He knows me.

He knows when I’m afraid.

We just wave at the group of kids and head into the Quileute Tribal School.

All three of us have been going here since we were kids.

Everyone does.

I’ve grown up with half the people on that make up the school.

But out of all of them only my second cousin and Embry are who I’d call my true friends.

Embry’s kind of quiet guy.

Shy, too.

His mom was originally from the Makah rez.

So, over break he spent some time with family down there.

A lot of times he doesn’t say much.

Which got him picked on by some of the other kids when we were growing up.

But ever since he’s started hanging out with Jacob and me more, that’s all stopped.

Like I said, the muscles I built are sort of like a wall.

No one usually wants to mess with me.

But when they see me, Jacob, and Embry together...

Then they definitely don’t want to mess with us.

We’re sort of like our own band of brothers.

Our own posse.

Our own pack of wolves.

Or something like that.
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This is what came out today! 1/2/2019