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Full Moon: Quil's Story

Chapter Three

Our school is so small that we have a tiny building then trailers out in the back. Prek to sixth grade all have their own teacher. Meanwhile the 7th through 12th graders all have to share teachers. So, usually the teacher will rotate between trailers. The English teacher is responsible for teaching 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, and 12th grade English. The same goes for the Math, Science, Social Studies teacher, etc.

Jacob, Embry, and I cut through the main building to get to the 10th grade trailer.

As we’re walking back outside towards the trailer, we see three guys with their arms crossed sitting waiting for us.

“Shit,” I whisper to myself as I recognize that it’s the same guys that I wanted to avoid when we were out in the front of the school.

“Ateara!” One of them yells at me.

He’s a year older than us. He also happens to be Michelle’s cousin. His name is Paul Lahote.

“Here we go,” Embry says under his breath as the three guys close the space that separates us from them.

Jacob is the one that steps forward as Paul does. I watch as my cousin, who is just about his height, glares back at him.

I’m thankful because honestly I’m sweating bullets right now.

“What do you want, Paul?” Jacob asks.

Paul turns his glare back at me. He looks like he’s ready to hit me.

“I want to kick his ass, Black. Now get out of the way before I beat yours, too,” He snaps at Jacob.

Oh shit.

He’s serious, too. I know because he lunges for me. But before he can hit me both Jacob and Embry step in the way to shove him back.

Which just enrages Paul further.

What did I deserve to get such good friends?

Paul’s friends in particular, however don’t seem as willing to fight as he is. They sort of seem to be letting him do all of it for himself as they just stand guard.

“Get out of my way, Black!” Paul shouts as he shakes out of their grasp. Both Jacob and Embry have a good hold of his fists which seem to be trying their best to connect with my face.

“You, too you Makah piece of trash!” He quips at Embry.

But my friends don’t back down.

By now the rest of the group who’d been out front has made their way to the back and are circling around the fight.

However, that also means that the other trailers students that are inside can hear what is going on.

Which is the saving grace, because that means the teachers inside also can hear.

A few of them step out of their trailers and rush over to break up the fight.

“Paul Lahote!” Mrs. Aiken is a fourth grade teacher who knows all of us because she’s been here forever.

Which means that she automatically knows which one of us is the trouble maker.

“Come with me!” She tells him and then says to the rest of us who have gathered,”Everyone else get to your trailers!”

Paul gives me another glare.

“Watch your back Ateara!” He threatens as he’s being led away.

I can see his cousin, Michelle, smiling as she hears it. She looks at me and smirks.

As the crowd disperses I look at my own cousin and my best friend.

I know as scared as I am to see Paul off school grounds, as long as I have them I’ll be ok.

But that still doesn’t mean I won’t be running straight home today.
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1/3/2019 Thanks Hina and TheDevilsHalo! You guys inspired me when I was thinking of what the heck should happen next in this story!