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Full Moon: Quil's Story

Chapter Four

Embry and I got to know each other more because our mom’s both work at the same souvenir shop.

If it hadn’t been for that I don’t think we would have got as close as we did. Like I said, Embry is a quiet guy. He was an even quieter kid.

I remember when I used to walk with Jacob to see my mom at the shop, because it’s just outside of the exit to the rez, we’d always see Embry walking a little behind us.

That’s because he was going to go see his mom, too.

But he wouldn’t call out to us like most kids on the rez would if they see you’re going the same way.

He wouldn’t say,”Hey, wait up! Are you guys headed this way?” or anything like that.

He was a really shy guy.

Even when we’d all get to the shop at the same time, he’d just stare at the ground instead of look at us or say,”Hi”.

It was me who ended up being the one to talk to him.
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1/4/2019 Really short! I know hahaha lol This is all that came out today! Still chugging along, though in the 30k challenge though! I’ll make that 5k goal this month I set for myself! Little by little lol XD