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Full Moon: Quil's Story

Chapter Five

After school Embry and I walk together to go see our moms. Jacob doesn’t come with us because he has to head home to check on his dad.

We make plans, however, to meet him later.

“Come by the shed,” He says,”I’m still working on the Rabbit”

My cousin is some sort of mechanic or something. I don’t know. He has an unusual talent for taking parts and putting them together.

I guess he got good because he’s practically an only child since his two older sisters are out of the house.

If me and Embry are not around to bother him, he usually has a lot of time left to himself.

His dad, my Uncle Billy, is in a wheelchair because of a car accident.

Which means that he can’t drive the truck and the rabbit that they keep in the shed.

So, he let’s Jacob fiddle with the engines.

Another reason why Jake spends so much time in the shed...


My mom and I talked about it.

But I’d never tell Jake.

We think it’s because he wants to make sure the rabbit gets fixed.

It’s sort of sentimental to him.

It was the car his mom was in the night of the accident that took her away.

I miss my aunt even though I can’t really remember that much about her.

However, my dad and her were cousins (although I call her my aunt) and grew up together. She and my mom were also really close.

So, Mom always talks about her and keeps her memory alive.

Jake and I never talk about his mom.

Just like we never talk about my dad.

My dad also passed away.

Embry doesn’t talk about his dad, either.

He doesn’t know if he’s alive or dead or who he is really, because his mom didn’t have a good relationship with him.

I think it’s cool that all three of us, however, only have one parent.

It sort of bonds us together even more in a way.
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1/5/2019 BOY is the Quileute blood lines/family tree confusing AF! I think Quil might even be related to Bella because his grandmother is a Swan according to the Twilight Wiki page which I’m using as a guideline. Not to mention Embry might actually be his brother, because no one knows who Embry’s father is. Lord. Family reunions must be off the chain. XD