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Full Moon: Quil's Story

Chapter Six

When we get to the shop I see my mom working the checkout counter with some customers.

It’s a family of four. I can tell they are tourists by the way they stare and point at me and Embry.

We both look particularly Native. Or rather we kind of match the description shown on TV. We’re both kind of darker complected and have black hair.

My dad had blue eyes though. My mom always shows me his pictures. I get my coloring from my mom and my dad’s father (who I also share a name with).

While my dad took after my grandma.

My grandma died before I was ever even thought into existence. But I’ve always been told that when she and my grandad got together it caused quite a scandal.

Mainly because she wasn’t Native.

Grandpa Quil doesn’t really talk about her. She died when my dad was a baby. I think he’s still messed up over it.

I have seen a picture of her before though. Back when she and my grandad got together in the 50’s or something.

They looked happy despite going against what their cultures wanted.

I wave at my mom and she raises a finger in the air to tell me she’ll be with me in a minute.

“I’m going to go say hi to my mom,” Embry says and I nod my head as I watch him walk to the back of the souvenir shop to go find her.

She’s probably setting up a display or something.

This is hiking season.

Once the customer’s are done buying their gifts, they continue to give quick looks at me as they leave.

I walk up to the checkout line and hop on the counter as my mom finishes closing the register.

“Don’t do that,” She says without even looking up from counting the change.

“I’m not doing anything,” I say as I swing my legs back and forth.

She looks up at me and shakes her head.

“How was school?” She asks as she swats at me and shoos me down.

I laugh as I dodge her and land back on the floor.

“It was good,” I lie.

I won’t tell her that I almost got jumped. My mother would make sure to find Paul Lahote and take care of him herself if she knew what happened today.

“What was good about it?” She pesters.

Man I hate when she does that. One word answers just don’t work with her.

“Um, well Jacob’s almost done with the rabbit,” I say quickly,”So, that’s what was good. I got learn the status of the car”

Mom gives me a look but she smiles.

“Next time I want to hear how you’re doing in class, Quil,” She emphasizes.

I laugh.

“I have to head to school myself,” She says as she signs a piece of paper,”Your Grandad will be at the house when you go back. I’ll be home before dinner”

I know the drill. My mom is working towards getting her CNA license so that she can start working as a nurse instead of at the shop. She takes classes at Peninsula College when she can.

“Ok,” I say.

She reaches over the counter and gives me a kiss on the forehead.

“I’ll see you at home, ok?” She says.

I look over and see Embry is waiting for me at the door. I get super embarrassed because he probably just saw my mom just treat me like a four year old.

“Ok,” I tell my mom hurriedly,”I’m heading to Jake’s. I’ll see you later”

“Love you,” Mom calls as I rush away from her.

“Quil Ateara!” She snaps again when I don’t say anything.

Embry watches me.

Man, I’m embarrassed as heck.

I turn around and look at my mom.

“Love you, too Mom,” I mutter then try to ignore Embry smiling at me as I push past him out the door.
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