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Full Moon: Quil's Story

Chapter 7

We walk the way back towards Jacob’s place. When we get to the dirt that leads to his shed, we already see the door open.

“Jake!” I call as Embry and I head inside.

I see him sitting on a stool with the hood of the rabbit popped up and his tool kit sitting on the tool bench by his side.

I whistle once I see the engine.

Embry looks over at it with me.

“She’s coming along,” I say.

Jake grins.

“Yeah she is,” He says.

Then he sighs.

“I just need that master cylinder”

Embry shakes his head.

“That costs way too much,” He says as he sits down in the open front seat of the rabbit.

“I know,” Jake huffs.

“What happened to the money your dad got for selling the truck?” I say.

I keep forgetting, until I walk inside of the shed and no longer see Uncle Billy’s rusted red truck that Jake worked so hard on the past two summers, that it is no longer here.

I think Uncle Billy sold it to one of his friends or something.

It’s weird to not see it around anymore. Especially since Jacob and I used to sit in the truck bed sometimes after school when we wanted to just hang out in the shed.

“I spent the half he gave me on the other parts to fix the lights and break,” Jacob says as he pulls the rubber band from his hair and shakes it out,”I’ll probably have to do some extreme chores around the house. But even then he’ll only give me like twenty bucks”

I chuckle.

“Don’t worry,” I tell him,”Something will come along”

He shakes his head.

“I hope so”
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1/7/2019 I don’t know how I feel about this...but here it is. I was thinking this would foreshadow/be a nod to when Bella comes along and helps Jacob get the money he needs to finish the 1986 Volkswagen Rabbit because she comes to him to fix the motorcycles later on...but then I couldn’t remember if she actually paid Jake to fix the motorcycles or if she just paid for the parts and he did it for free. I think it was the latter. But oh well. This foreshadows either way, because Jake does end up fixing the Volkswagen after he ends up meeting Bella and hanging out with her. Thanks for reading!