Status: This is a EXTREME work in progress.

Full Moon: Quil's Story

Chapter Nine

Grandpa Quil and I head down to the beach after we get our worms hooked. It isn’t a far walk.

Despite being ancient, Grandpa is still in pretty good shape.

When we get to the water, we stand on some nearby rocks and throw the line in.

This is something we do almost everyday.

Just sit out here and fish together.

Sometimes we don’t say a word at all.

I just sit and watch as Grandpa stands there, holding his fishing pole.

His face always looks so stoic.

Sometimes I wonder what he’s thinking about as he stares at the waves.
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1/9/2019 I almost didn’t want to write anything for Full Moon today. But I forced myself to do it anyway. This is what came out lol. I’m almost at my goal for January. So, until I reach it, I won’t stop. Probably in February I’ll take my word count goal down a notch and put it at 3K. Especially since now I have school and a parttime job that I’ll be working at.

But I still love this story idea and I want to get the first draft version out. So, I’m going to try to stick with it.

Thanks for reading! <3