Salió el Sol

i am kissing the sun

“You think we’ll ever get away from our troubles?” You asked. My feet were cold because I was too stupid to wear normal shoes. You also smelled of s'mores and beer, your speech was kind of slurred too. We were sitting on sand, on some beach we couldn’t remember the official name to, and hoping the night would last longer.

“Yeah. Time heals all wounds and shit like that.” I shrugged.

“See…that’s so annoying, sometimes time doesn’t heal that shit.”

“Man, I don’t know. Hoping that someone can help you is also a bad idea. Because people aren’t perfect and some can fail you!” I rolled my eyes.

You kept looking out at the ocean. Never really looked over when I talked.

What were you thinking about?

It felt like we were millions of miles away, and not at some lame ass bonfire.

“You have a God you believe in, how’s that any different?”

You always looked for a chance to poke at my faith. It never bothered me, though.

“Shit happens. Reassuring that I will always have someone that won’t think less of me at the end of the day,” I replied.

You shifted and laid your head on my laps. You didn’t bitch when my cold hands touched your cheek. It was nice that you didn’t care when I did that. You were looking up, but I was looking out at the ocean.

“So time?” He murmured. My caresses had a habit of making you sleepy.

“Yes, time.”

I heard the waves colliding onto the beach, I also heard my friends laughing and trying to sing something.

“Why’d you stop?” You pulled my hand towards your cheek, I smiled.

“Sorry, was daydreaming.”

“It is nice out here.” You sighed. Your eyelids were drooping, and I shook my head. I had the same gentle smile on my face, though.

This was the kind of shit hopeless romantic people hoped would happen to them. But there I sat buzzed as fuck, tired as fuck, and trying to put you to sleep.

Someone else had your heart, thoughts, and your dreams. I was merely your diary, but that didn’t bother me. There was something comforting in having a friend I could regale my own troubles to.

You twitched and suddenly your eyes opened.

Tienes la mano pesada,” you mumbled embarrassed. I laughed.

“The sun’s gonna be rising soon,” I said as we started to stand up.

My legs had fallen asleep because of your stupid fat head.

“Wanna stick around for that?” You were surprised, I guess, because I could stay up so late.

Simón güey!”

“Ew, don’t ever say it like that.” you cringed.

“This bitch gon’ tell me I can’t speak my native lengua!” I sucked my teeth.

No con ese acento!” You laughed.

Oye, get that dick out ya mouth and speak clearly.” It was my turn to laugh as you frowned.

It was nice seeing you blithe. It was also hilarious seeing you try to walk when drunk – or close to it.

We walked closer to where the ocean and sand met. The waters were cold, and wasn’t helping my already cold feet. The sky was looking lighter.

“You ever watched the sunrise before?” You asked. You stepped closer to me because the wind was picking up. I felt bad for you because my curls would hit your face every now and then.

“Once, yeah. I was with my youth group, we pulled an all-nighter, shit was fun.”

I also remembered busting my ass in the middle of a fucking Walmart, but I wasn’t about to tell you that part.

“Was it pretty?”

“Felt like I was being told ’buenas días, mija’, like that’s lame, but it’s what it felt like.”

You rested your head on my shoulder.

“I ain’t no mija, though,” You mused.

I sucked my teeth and chuckled. We lapsed into a silence, and kept looking out. This was the shit people needed to do more often.

Eventually we started to see the sun’s rays showing through. Our friends had joined us, most of us were spread out.

“If this didn’t involve me losing sleep, I’d come out more often.” I smiled. We were facing each other, but looking out.

“You can just wake up early in the morning, y'know?”

Mira bicho, don’t be annoying.” I reached out and gently slapped your arm.

“Come closer, I’m cold as fuck.” you shivered.

“But you get so warm!” I whined slightly.

I did so anyway. You still smelled like beer and s'mores. The sun looked red, I had almost forgotten how it looked just as it came out. I started to feel warm because of you, and the sun. To me you were the sun; all golden skin and handsome features.

“This is nice.” It sounded like you were thinking out loud, and that’s why I didn’t answer you.

You suddenly rested your head on my shoulder and I rubbed your back. There was a distance that I wished we could un-distance. Your small gestures were more than that of a friendship. You left me with urges to kiss you till you were breathless, but as always I kept my distance.

I was looking out at the sea when you pulled your head away. You looked right at me and I turned to look back at you. Your expression was indescribable, but one thing’s for sure…your stupid russet colored eyes looked lighter in the sunlight.

“Salió el sol,” was all you said before you leaned in and kissed me. It was shocking, but it was something I had wanted for some time now.

I am kissing the sun.

My eyes were still closed when you pulled away, I slowly opened them to find you smiling gently.

“Uh…what?” I chuckled nervously.

“Well ya see when two people like each other–”

“I know that, menso! Pero por que take so long?”

You cringed when I stopped speaking Spanish half way through.

“That sounds so horrible!”

“So do you when you try to sing!” I sucked my teeth. You frowned and narrowed your eyes at me. I laughed.

“Not all of us are talented like you,” you grumbled.

“I’m kidding, come here.” I held my arms out, and for a moment you feigned walking away. You smiled as you finally came close again.

“But…you know sometimes things just work out,” he spoke against my neck. I shivered.

“Yeah, they do…no but really what took so long?”

“I wasn’t sure how to come about it, you know the ‘oh bruh do she feel the same’ type shit.”

“But she do.”

You chucked and kissed my neck.

“Let’s go. I am tired.” You said.

You didn’t move though, and neither did I.
♠ ♠ ♠
tienes la mano pesado - you have a heavy hand, in this context it means he was put to sleep by her touch.
Simón güey - a proclamation meaning yeah dude!
lengua - tongue in the context of her native language as a child.
No con ese acento - not with that accent.
Oye - Hey
buenas días, mija - good morning my daughter
Mira bicho - look kid
Salió el sol - the sun came out
Menso - dumbass; use it wisely!
Pero por que - but why, and then comes the engish part of the sentence. I cringed writing it like that, it was great y'all.

Old bones from long ago, I literally teared up as I found this in my email. It would mean the world if I got some words.