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Make You Feel My Love

At the airport

Jade shifted in her bed, enjoying the warmth from her soft covers too much, meanwhile she drove her face further into her fluffy pillow.

“Okay, enough of this crap, Perez!” Gena announced, crossing her bedroom and parting the damask curtains, inviting the sunlight into the wide room.

A groan left Jade’s lips, meanwhile she closed the covers over her head, refusing to let the blonde interrupt this early morning.

“Babe, I’m not playing,” the woman said sternly, her hands on her hips. “They’re leaving for tour today. You have to say goodbye.” Gena stated.

“No, I don’t,” Jade said underneath her breath. “I can give them a call later.”

“Oh, please,” Gena all but rolled her eyes. “Sweet, Zack told me what happened between you and Brian.” she let out.

Jade peeked up from her sheets, narrowing her dark eyes at the woman. “He did what?” she said, almost disappointed.

“Honey, we’re married. Of course he told me,” Gena pointed out. “But no worries, my lips are completely sealed. That’s why I came here without anyone else.”

“Gena…” Jade whimpered. “I didn’t want him to do it.” she said.

“I know, Jade. Zack told me how you literally slapped him, which I admire you for,” the blonde said, a cheek smile covering her glossy lips. “But come on, rise and shine! They’re leaving in three hours, and you’re going to be there for the others.”

Jade groaned against her pillow again. The brunette cursed under her breath, meanwhile Gena opened her closet, inspecting it under her long lashes before she gathered some articles that she soon threw unto the bed.

“If you’re quick you’ll be able to get in the shower before we leave,” the blonde said. “I’ll be downstairs with your mother, and don’t try to play me, girl. I have a younger sister, I know all the tricks.” Gena pointed a finger at Jade, before she walked over to the door.

Jade rubbed her fingertips against her temple. The last thing she wanted was to see Brian again. She had done a pretty good job avoiding him over the last week. She had ignored every call and message from him, and had even made sure to make Zack keep him busy, so that he wouldn’t have the energy to bug her.

She was still mad at him. Furious beyond belief, to be exact. Everything about him triggered her anger, and the only thing she regretted after that night was the fact that she hadn’t punched him harder.

Jade could feel nerves swirl in the pit of her stomach as she stepped out of the shower and looked at her bare figure. Her ribs had healed a lot since the accident, and the bruises had finally faded. Her sun-kissed skin was back to normal, and she finally looked more like herself again.

The brunette worked on her hair, feeling the brush that drove through her soaked looks, before she ran over her bare skin with some lotion and applied her perfume, giving her body the scent everyone around her was so familiar with. Jade then slipped into a pair of cream coloured ponte shorts and a satin v-neck top. Around her neck was a golden necklace her father had given her when she graduated, and in her ears hung a pair of golden earrings.

“You look marvellous!” Esther announced when her daughter had climbed down the stairs.

“You do!” Gena agreed, finishing her mug of coffee, before she stood up and walked towards her friend.

“It feels good to wear heels again.” Jade chuckled a little, looking down at her Saint Laurent heels that she had been missing.

“What do I get for doing this?” the brunette asked, meanwhile she buckled her seatbelt and watched as Gena touched her lip-gloss in the mirror.

“Well, people won’t get suspicious that something actually happened between the two of you.” Gena commented, turning the keys and slowly making her way out of the neighbourhood in her car.

Jade chewed on her lips. Gena was somewhat right. She couldn’t afford that the others got suspicious on Brian and her, especially not when she was trying to re-establish her friendship with Michelle. The last thing she needed was for something to drive them apart again.

It was nearly seven o’clock in the morning when Gena pulled up at the parking lot. The others were already inside, as Gena stuffed her car keys into her bag and slung it over her shoulders. The two women walked up to the airport in silence. Jade had no idea how she would react when she saw the guys. Val had already told her how hard it was to say goodbye to them, and Jade couldn’t blame her. Val was going through her first pregnancy meanwhile her partner was on the road. Jade had no idea how she pulled through, and that was a trait she’d always envied Val for.

“I think the guys will be really happy to see you.” Gena smiled, meanwhile the two of them shuffled towards a café, where the group of friends had settled down.

“They better. I’ve offered a lot of beauty sleep today.” Jade dropped playfully, as the blonde rolled her eyes.

“You sure did, sweet.” Gena chuckled.

“What the fuck, dude? You can’t grab a joint before we go through security!” Matt’s rusty voice announced at the drummer.

“Of course I can! I’m Jimmy fuckin’ Sullivan!” Jimmy spat back, his mouth loaded with pancakes, meanwhile his girlfriend placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Babe, be careful.” Lea whimpered, pecking his cheek.

“God, how will I get by without you?” the drummer muttered, looking at his girlfriend, before slipping his arms around her waist and pulling her closer.

“That’s a question I’ve asked myself a lot lately.” Lea giggled at him.

“There you are!” Lacey announced, meanwhile Jade and Gena drew closer.

Gena smiled brightly at the sight of her husband who instantly demanded a kiss from her lips. The brunette looked as the blonde woman plumped down on her husband’s lap, his arms surrounding her torso, meanwhile the brunette let her eyes travel around the table.

“Perez, stop staring and get the fuck over here.” Johnny said, pointing his finger at the empty spot next to him and Val.

Jade went to order a coffee, as she realized that she could need some caffeine in order to get through his rough morning. As she reached the counter, she looked at the black board behind the waitress.

“Jade Perez? You’re alive?” someone dropped dryly, as Jade turned around and saw the glint that flicked in Brian’s eyes.

He had his hands stuffed into his dark jeans and was dressed in a black V-neck that hugged his body tightly. The shirt exposed all of his colourful tattoos, and as her eyes travelled up to his face she noticed the slick smirk that covered his thin lips.

“Very funny.” Jade rolled her eyes with her arms crossed over her chest.

“Let me order you a coffee.” Brian insisted, already fishing for some cash inside his wallet.

“Brian, I don’t need you to order me a coffee.” Jade half-snapped, as he stepped before her and leaned over the counter.

“I’ll have one Americano with an extra shot and a Mocha with some cinnamon sprinkles on top.” Brian turned around and faced the brunette as he ordered her coffee, still remembering what she used to drink when they drank coffee together in high school.

Jade only nodded, still furious about the fact that he had the nerve to talk to her again. The waitress smiled at the man as he handed her the money, before he returned his attention to the brunette.

“You look good.” he said, soon picking up the two cups of coffee before he handed one over to her.

“Brian, don’t,” she said sternly. “I didn’t come here for you.”

“I know,” Brian said, taking a swig from his coffee. “When people don’t answer their phone and go completely M.I.A for a week, then I know they don’t wanna see me.”

“Wow, really?” Jade cocked her eyebrows at him. “Then why are you talking to me now?”

“Because I wanna apologize,” Brian confessed. “I shouldn’t have kissed you. It was stupid and wrong.”

“You know what you are, Brian?” Jade asked, her arms crossed over her chest.

“I probably do, but please enlighten me.” he smirked.

“A prick. A stupid, annoying, irritating, arrogant, selfish and immature excuse of a man,” she told him. “You’re an idiot.”

“Was that all?” he cocked his eyebrows, his lips still carrying the smug smirk on his lips, despite how she had insulted him.

“I’m trying my best here to build a life with you guys again. Please don’t ruin that.”

“I know, Jade,” he assured her. “And it won’t happen again. I’m sorry I crossed the line.”

Jade nodded her head. “We should get going.” she mumbled, drowning the rest of her coffee and paddling out to meet the rest of the guys.

“You better call me every fucking day, babe!” Jimmy told his girlfriend, his arms resting on each side of her arms. “I wanna know what you eat for dinner, the new drinks you’ve learned to make and everything you’re watching on Netflix!”

“Babe, you’re gonna make me cry!” she said, circling her arms around his neck and pulling the lanky drummer against her chest. “I love you so much. I’ll call you every day, honey!” she promised.

“You fucking better.” he grinned wickedly, before pressing his lips firmly against hers.

“Don’t go too hard on your pranks, sweet.” Lacey told her boyfriend, who only smirked at her.

“You know me too well, babe.” the bassist snickered, placing his palms on her hips.

“Look, I loaded the entire fridge with fruit, and there’s chocolate in the shelves and lots of soda in the basement!” Matt told his wife, who only shook her head.

“Matt, you don’t have to take care of me,” Val assured him. “I know you feel bad for leaving, but the girls are taking care of me, okay?” she grabbed his hands and squeezed them.

“God, I’m a mess.” the singer said.

“A sappy mess.” his wife corrected.

“I love you, Val.” he said to her, tilting his head until it rested against hers.

“You better.” she chuckled.

“I’ll miss you so much!” Gena exclaimed, lacing her arms around Zack’s neck and pulling him closer.

“I’ll miss you too, Mrs Baker.” the guitarist snickered, as he knew how much his wife loved it when he said it.

Jade and Brian watched rather awkwardly as their friends enjoyed their last minutes together for a long time. Jade’s fingers played with the strap of her small purse, and Brian’s palms were still resting inside his jeans.

“I guess this is goodbye then.” he muttered after a while, realizing that they would soon be taking off.
“Yep.” Jade mumbled, her arms crossed over her chest, which made her appear far more stubborn than what she actually was.

“Jade, again I’m so-”

“Shut up, Haner,” she sighed. “Have a good tour.” Jade muttered, obviously still furious with him.

“Take care of yourself, Perez.” Brian said.

“You too. Take care of the guys.” Jade told him.

“Take care of the girls.”

“As if I would have to.” the brunette chuckled, making him smile at the sound of her laughter.

“If you wanna talk I’m only a phone call away,” he reminded her. “And if you wanna Facetime or Skype you just gotta let me know, because I’ve missed you insulting me.” he smirked.

“I’ll think about it.” she reassured him.

“Yeah. Goodbye then.” he said, waving at her rather awkwardly, as the brunette walked over to the others in order to say goodbye of them as well.

“Perez! Come here you little fucker!” Jimmy screeched, meanwhile he wrapped his slender arms around her figure and swept her off the ground.

“Sweet, she’s not fully recovered!” Lea reminded her partner, as Jimmy spun the brunette around, completely forgetting that she had crunched her ribs weeks ago.

“You better take care of yourself, honey!” Jimmy said, cupping the sides of her face. “And call me if you need someone to kick that jerk’s ass,” he continued, his baby-blue eyes holding her gaze.

“I will.” she promised, kissing both of his cheeks.

“Take care of Val for me, okay?” Matt said, pulling his friend into his chest and hugging her as carefully as his heavy arms allowed him to.

“I will. Take care of your pals.” Jade responded, as she saw his dimpled smile.

“Of course, ma’am.” he saluted.

Jade soon parted from the singer, and then walked over to Johnny, who had just freed himself from Lacey’s grip.

“Try to not get yourself killed out there.” Jade mumbled against his chest.

“Will do,” Johnny chuckled. “Take care of yourself, Perez. You’re a champ.” the bassist said to her, as she kissed his cheek.

“I always do,” she winked at him. “Baker, give me a hug!” she requested from the raven-haired guitarist, who had his wife close to his side.

“Jade!” Zack greeted, welcoming her into his embrace.

“Next time you share my secrets with Gena, I’ll kill you,” Jade whispered into his ear, her voice soft, yet ice cold.

“Sorry, babe, but you know how weak I am around her.” he apologized.

“Ew,” Jade frowned. “Have a good tour, Baker.” she tilted her head back and smiled at him.

“Take care of the girls and good luck with everything, darling.” Zack responded, pecking her cheek.

“Thank you.” she smiled at him, before she stepped back and wrapped an arm around Gena.

The women gathered close to one another, meanwhile they watched as the guys waved one last time before they headed towards the security control. Jade pulled Gena closer to her embrace, as the blonde was already tearing up by the idea of not seeing her husband for two months.

“They’ll be back before you know it.” Jade promised her friend.

“I hope you’re right.” Gena muffled back.

“Come on. I’ll buy you a milkshake.” the brunette offered.

“Can you make that three?” Lacey voiced from next to Val.

Jade smiled at the woman. “Sure thing. Come on. Let’s get out of here.” she told her friends.
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