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Make You Feel My Love

Unfinished business?

The news about Brian and Michelle’s upcoming wedding had been announced to everyone, and Jade had recently realized how stressful it was to organize a wedding for your best friend. The work at the hospital was hectic and stressful beyond belief, and she was completely humbled by how sweet and considerate her co-workers were.

Usually she came home around eight o’clock in the morning and went straight to bed, before her cat Honey or Michelle, who seemed to find the perfect wedding dress every day, awaked her. There was never a peaceful evening, except for today.

Jade had returned after a nice yoga class, something Michelle had pleaded her to try out. Her muscles were tensed, and she had just stepped out of the shower, when her partner came paddling in, enjoying the view he got.

“Oh, you still live here,” Will said jokingly, meanwhile his girlfriend frowned her eyes at him.

“I’m so sorry that I’m never home when you’re here!” she huffed, watching him walk up to her and place his hands on her upper arms, pecking her lips lovingly.

“You’re saving lives, Jade. Be kind to yourself,” he reminded her, placing his index finger under her chin and making her look at him.

“I’ve missed you,” Jade muffled, her boyfriend not caring about the fact that his girlfriend hadn’t dried off yet, as he brought her body into his embrace, feeling the cold water that soaked his shirt.

“I was thinking about taking you out for dinner,” he announced. “But if you wanna stay inside and watch a movie, I’m up for that too,”

Just as the brunette was ready to answer, a faint voice yelled from downstairs. “Perez! Abrahamsen!” the voice couldn’t belong to anyone but Jimmy, and Jade soon rolled her eyes.

“Let me just grab something to wear,” Jade told her boyfriend, as she went over to the wardrobe and snatched her pink laced-trimmed silk robe. She brought it around her shoulders, lacing it over her chest and then twirling her towel around her head meanwhile she walked down stairs.

“Is that the latest fashion these days?” Zack Baker commented, chuckling a little at the brunette, who only narrowed her eyes at him.

“Do you guys ever knock?” Jade asked, placing her hands on her hips.

“Nah,” Jimmy said. “We’re friends! I’m moving in here, remember?” he exclaimed.

“What do you want?” she asked the two men, letting them chase her into the kitchen, as she offered them some coffee, which they turned down.

“We’re here to kidnap you!” Jimmy announced, looking as though he was ready to throw the brunette over his shoulder and run away.

“And take you to a movie night at Brian’s place!” Zack added.

“When?” Jade chewed on her bottom lip.

It had been a while since she did something with her friends. The work had been wearing her out so much that she barely got out of bed before she had to go and work again.

“Tonight!” Jimmy smiled.

“I’m gonna have to take a rain check, guys. I’m sorry,” Jade said.

“You’ll do no such thing, Perez!” Jimmy shrieked. “The girls miss you. I miss you!” the drummer stated dramatically.

“I miss you too, but Will and I are-”

“Coming to the movie night!” Will announced before his girlfriend could say anything else.

“That’s more like it!” Jimmy sniggered.

“I might actually like your boyfriend better than you, Jade,” Zack announced.

“Get out of my house, Baker!” Jade sneered at him.

“Love you too, babe,” he winked playfully at her, before he and Jimmy decided to take off.

As the couple was left alone again, Jade turned towards her boyfriend, somewhat puzzled. “I thought you wanted us to spend some quality time together?” she asked.

“Of course I’d like that, but you haven’t seen your friends in a while, and you need to get out of the house, love. You spend too much time in the bed,” Will told her, loosening the towel around her hair and running his fingers through her soaked bangs.

“You’re crazy,” she said, a smile cupping her lips. “Too good,” she stated.

“We still have some time to do what we want,” Will smiled mischievously at her, a smirk she knew too well.

“You just said that I spend too much time in bed?” she cocked her eyebrows, watching as he loosened her silk robe, her bare skin meeting the cool air.

“I never said we’re going to do it in the bedroom, Jade,” he dropped his voice into a low whisper, soon freeing his partner from the only article that covered her body, before he connected their lips and placed her naked body on top of the counter.


When the afternoon arrived, Jade and Will were making their way out the car and towards the patio in Brian and Michelle’s house. It was a huge villa, which Jade could barely remember from the bachelorette party. Hand in hand they made their way through the garden and towards the door entrance, their noses greeted by the smell of butter and popcorn.

“What do they usually watch when they have these nights?” Will asked, barely able to tear his gaze off Jade’s smoothed and exposed legs.

“We’re either watching a horror movie, some Tim Burton or videos of Brian playing guitar,” she said to him, the couple making their way into the living room that was already loaded with their friends.

“I heard that, Perez!” Brian announced from his seat.

“Hello to you too,” she smirked cheekily at him, watching as Val got up from her seat.

“Jade! I haven’t seen you in the longest time!” the blonde told her friend, pulling her in for a tight hug.

“I know! I’ve been so busy at work. It’s not even funny!” Jade huffed.

“Val, I have barely seen her, and we live under the same roof,” Will pointed out.

“Jesus Christ,” Val shook her head. “Why can’t you just become a trophy woman?”

“Will’s trophy woman?” Jade chuckled.

“No, my trophy woman!” Jimmy bounced in his seat. “I mean, Lea’s my real girlfriend. You can be my side hoe,”

Jade’s eyebrows climbed high on her face, while she shook her head. “God bless you, Sullivan,” she chuckled.

“Assuming you didn’t bring alcohol, we did!” Gena said, greeting the brunette with a hug and a glass of Aperol.

“You’re too sweet, my love,” Jade smiled, pecking Gena’s cheek.

“Jade! There you are!” Michelle announced, almost tripping on her way to her friend. “I’ve found so many great dresses!” the brunette beamed happily.

“Brian! Please tell me we’re gonna watch that movie now!” Jade practically pleaded, completely exhausted by the idea of seeing another wedding dress.

“Already on it, Perez,” the guitarist chuckled at her.

“And it better not be Corpse Bride!” Jade added, causing the entire room to laugh.

All of them soon gathered in the couches, everyone making themselves comfortable, as the only sound that erupted besides the movie was Jimmy’s loud chewing.

They were halfway through Sweeney Todd, watching as Helena Bonham Carter made pies, when Jade excused herself and walked towards the toilet. The brunette had only visited the house once, and that time she hadn’t been sure how she managed to climb the stairs. She made her way towards the second floor, her black heels drumming against the floor, meanwhile she walked passed a bedroom she recognized as theirs.

She tilted her head inside, wondering if she could remember anything from it. It was a massive room with a king-seized bed and thin curtains that blocked the sunlight away. On the floor laid a variety of different articles, all of them belonging to Brian, who she remembered as a messy person.

“Are you seriously trying to see if I put that article on my wall?” Brian chuckled from behind, taking her by surprise as she didn’t expect to find him here.

“You know me,” she teased back, watching as he rolled his eyes at her.

“Sadly,” he played along, this time causing her to frown at him.

“It’s a nice house,” Jade said.

“Thanks,” he smiled cheekily.

Brian stepped inside, a beer resting in his hand as he paddled into his master bedroom, fully aware that it was as messy as always.

“’Chelle said you’ve been busy with work,” he spoke, feeling her gaze on his face.

“Yes, it’s been a lot,” Jade sighed. “I’m going back there tomorrow night,”

“God, I don’t know how you do it,” Brian grimaced.

“You guys stay up all night when you’re touring,” Jade pointed out, giggling softly.

“Yes, but we don’t have to deal with the same stress level as you do,” he fired back.

“Are you sure about that? I’ve heard some crazy stories about Jimmy pissing people off at bars,”

“Okay, you got me,” Brian said, raising his hands up in the air to show that he was waving the white flag.

“Of course I do,” she chuckled.

“Thanks for being our woman of honour, by the way,” the guitarist said to her. “It means a lot to Michelle,”

“Don’t mention it. She’s my best friend and you’re not so bad, Haner,” she shrugged.

“Thanks,” he snickered back. “It’s good to have you back, Jade,” he mentioned.

“It’s good to be back, even though it’s stressful,” she voiced back.

“I can imagine. How’s Olivia doing, by the way?” he suddenly asked, taking her by surprise.

“You still recognize her name?” Jade let out.

“Eat shit, Perez,” he responded.

“She’s doing well! She’s living the life in Los Angeles. I haven’t gotten the time to see her yet. We’re both so busy, and now that she’s knocked up, things have been stressful,” she commented.

“Olivia is gonna be a mother?” Brian sounded almost alarmed.

“Oh, shut up, Haner. She’s changed a lot since high school!” Jade assured him.

“Why would I believe that?” he wiggled his eyebrows.

“Because all of us have. She’s not the scheming girl she was back then,” the brunette promised.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” he shrugged.

“Be careful what you wish for. I do actually think she’s coming to visit me next week. A guy like you could easily bring out the old Oli,” Jade snickered.

“Does she know about Will?” Brian asked, feeling somewhat stupid for asking when he noticed her reaction.

“Of course! They’re good friends!” Jade chuckled. “She says he’s the best boyfriend I’ve ever had,”

“Well, fuck her,” Brian groaned.

Jade chewed on her bottom lip, regretting the words that had slipped out of her mouth. Sometimes she forgot that they were in fact ex-partners, and she would be lying if she said she wasn’t heartbroken when she left for England the day after she saw him. Brian had been everything she had been thinking about during her first months in college, and it had almost gotten to the point where she didn’t want to attend her classes, she just wanted to book a ticket to go see him.

“Jade?” he snapped his fingers in front of her.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled. “I should get down. The movie’s probably over by now,” she half-chuckled.

“Yeah,” Brian muttered under his breath, watching as the brunette left him behind his bedroom.

Something was obviously going through her head, but he had no idea why. Did she burn herself on her own comment? Did she still feel like they had unfinished business?

Brian tried to shake the thoughts out of his head. Jade wasn’t into him anymore. She had moved on, gotten herself a new partner in college and so had he. They weren’t meant to be together, and he was fine with that.

But did she feel the same way?
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