In the End

46: What’s Not To Love?

Pulling the zip around on his last suitcase, Gerard moved to settle it beside the bedroom door, trying his hardest to be as quiet as he could. It was early, with him due to catch a flight to Madrid that morning so that he could meet up with the rest of the Spain squad, he’d ensured that he’d gotten out of bed earlier than he was used to, and he had been careful to be quiet, not wanting to disturb Ariella who was still fast asleep in bed, her soft snores filling the otherwise quiet bedroom.

He knew that he had to wake her eventually, with him due to be away for at least a couple of weeks for the world cup, he knew that she’d never forgive him if he left without saying goodbye, but he wanted to let her sleep for as long as he could, knowing that she needed it. She tried to hide it, with him prone to fussing, she had tried to shield him slightly from seeing the symptoms of her pregnancy, but still he noticed them, even if he didn’t say anything, he noticed the little ways in which she wasn’t quite herself.

Running a hand back through his hair, he scanned the bedroom quietly, looking for anything that he’d left behind before the sound of movement reached his ears, causing him to turn back towards the bed, his expression softening as Ariella blinked her eyes open, a sleepy smile gently spreading over her lips. “Hey, you” she breathed quietly.

Gerard, who’d moved to collect a pair of shoes from the foot of the bed, smiled down at her as he padded around the bed, taking a seat on his side. “Did I wake you?” he asked “I was trying to be quiet” he added.

“You’re never quiet” Ariella quipped teasingly.

Gerard scoffed, playing along. “I know” he replied “But I was trying to be. I had a few last minute things to pack and I didn’t want to wake you. I know that you were feeling pretty tired last night” he added, his voice softening slightly as he gently shifted his hand, settling it on top of her stomach.

Ariella followed his movement for a moment, admiring the sight of his hand against her small bump, before she looked back up at his face, a shy smile on her face. “You caught onto that, did you?” she asked, a soft blush on her cheeks.

“I might have done” Gerard replied “But it’s Ok. I know I have a habit of fussing over every little thing” he added, offering her a reassuring smile.

Ariella shook her head. “You do fuss” she mused “But I kind of like it and I am sorry for not telling you that I was feeling a little off. I should have done” she added gently.

Gerard merely leant across and pressed a soft kiss against her temple, something which caused Ariella to shuffle a little closer to him, gently wrapping her arms around him. “You really have to go?” she mumbled after a few seconds, disturbing the comfortable quiet which had passed between the two of them.

Gerard, who’d moved to lean his head against the top of hers, nodded, a small laugh falling out of his mouth. “I think so” he quipped “I mean, they named me in the squad. They’re probably going to be a little pissed if I just don’t show up” he added.

“I don’t know if they’d miss you” Ariella replied “I mean, there’s Sergio and Nacho. They could get by without you” she added, peeking up at him shyly.

Gerard smirked playfully. “I don’t know that they could” he replied “I mean, I am pretty good” he boasted playfully.

Ariella merely rolled her eyes, something which caused Gerard to laugh softly before he dipped down, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. “You can just say you’re going to miss me, you know” he mumbled between gentle kisses “I mean, I know that I am going to miss you like crazy” he added.

“Like crazy?” Ariella asked as she leant away from him slightly, a slight coy smile playing at the corner of her mouth.

Gerard didn’t hesitate in nodding, a smirk of his own on his lips. “I like being around you” he mused “You know that, Ella” he added.

Ariella shrugged innocently, something which made Gerard laugh before he shuffled himself back to his feet, moving to slip his jacket around his shoulders.

“You know that I will miss you, right?”

Gerard, who’d moved to slip his wallet and phone into his pockets, smirked a little at Ariella’s question before he nodded his head, turning back to look at her. “Of course I do” he noted “I mean, you don’t say it too much, but I know that you love having me around. Actually, I think there’s a chance that you’re in love with me” he teased impishly.

He wanted to keep the mood light, with his departure imminent, he wanted to try and avoid upsetting Ariella, not wanting her to get worked up over something which couldn’t be avoided. It wasn’t like her, Ariella had never been overly clingy, but with her pregnancy hormones starting to act up, he knew that there was a chance that she would get upset, something he wanted to avoid. He had never been good around her when she had cried and wanted to avoid sticking his foot in his mouth.

Ariella giggled. “I don’t know if I would go that far” she quipped, playing along.

Gerard snorted before he settled down on the bed, gently pulling Ariella towards him so that she straddled his waist. “Really?” he quipped.

Ariella merely grinned down at him, something which caused Gerard to scoff before he carefully rolled them over, wrapping her legs around his waist. “You know you love me, Ella” he quipped “I mean, what’s not to love? I’m pretty smart, I’m really funny and we both know that I am very good looking. You’re a very lucky girl” he teased warmly.

Ariella looked up at him, her smile softening slightly, before she nodded. “I am” she confirmed “I mean, you’re a little boastful at times but...but I don’t think I’d change that. You’re a pretty wonderful boyfriend, Geri, and me, and bump, we’re going to miss you” she added, sparing a brief glance down towards her stomach.

Gerard followed the line of her stare, glancing down at her stomach for a few seconds, before he turned his attention back up towards her, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. Ariella startled, caught off guard by the kiss, but she grew into it quickly, kissing him back enthusiastically before the sound of his phone’s alarm filled the air, causing him to pull back with groan. “I hate that alarm” he grumbled.

Ariella nodded, pushing her fingertips back through his dark hair. “I know the feeling” she mused “But you can’t ignore it. You said it yourself, people will be pretty pissed if you just decide not to show up” she added.

Gerard merely hummed in agreement, something which made Ariella smile before she leant up slightly, sneaking another soft kiss. “Get out of here” she muttered “You’ll be back in a couple of weeks” she added.

Gerard hesitated, but eventually climbed off of her reluctantly, pausing as he got level with her stomach. Passing his hand over it, he marveled at the slight roundness which had started to appear, before he leant down, pressing a scattering of kisses to the material of her t-shirt. “You be good for your mama” he mumbled.

Ariella rolled her eyes, unable to keep the warm smile away from her lips. “Gerard...”

“I am going” Gerard interrupted, holding his hands up innocently “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were trying to get rid of me” he added.

Ariella scoffed, something which made him chuckle before he leant towards her, pressing another couple of kisses against her lips. “I’ll call you when I’ve landed” he noted “You’ll call me when you get to your papa’s in a few days?” he added.

Ariella nodded. “I promise” she confirmed.

Gerard spared her a slightly dubious look before he nodded his head, a soft sigh falling out of his mouth. “I really have to go” he noted.

Ariella nodded her head quietly.

Gerard let out another sigh before he wrapped her in a tight hug, mumbling a soft ‘I love you’ and ‘I’ll miss you’.

Ariella squeezed him tightly. “I love you too” she mumbled “And I will miss you so much. We both will” she added, stroking her stomach softly.

Gerard smiled at her gently before he pulled back, moving to collect his bags before he ducked out of the door, hoping that the next couple of weeks passed quickly.
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