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The River and the Sea


They were fighting downstairs.

Theo had his doors closed and even turned the TV on or listened to music on his headphones, but somehow, he could still hear his parents bickering. It was about money again (when wasn't it?) and how his father kept gambling it all away and his mother made excuses to buy more and more alcohol.

When he was younger, it was easy to be innocent about it but he couldn't hide from it anymore. Everyone knew Theo Allaway was the poor boy that wore the same clothes every few days, that worked two jobs outside of school to help out, and whose parents were such a mess, no one wanted to be associated with them.

"Theo..." There was a knock on his window and he could see Iselda's silhouette outside of it. She opened it and crawled through it, sitting beside him on the bed as he tried to pay attention to whatever song was playing on his iPod. "Theo, look at me."

She tugged the headphones out of his ears and she said, "It's okay. It'll be okay," before placing a hand on his face and kissing him, deeply. "I love you, okay, Theo? I love you no matter what and everything's going to be okay..."

And he believed it.