Never Be the Same

Happy New Year

Emma glanced around the club and sighed, she hadn't want to come out tonight, her two year relationship had just ended and she just wanted to sit at home and wallow for a couple of days, but her friends would not allow her to sit at home alone on new years eve. So here she found herself sitting at the bar on her forth drink, she didn't exactly know what it was but it tasted nice so she kept ordering it.

" Emma come and dance"

Emma turned round to see her best friend Katie waving her over over to the dance floor, smiling shyly she shook her head, happy to stay where she was. Katie called her name a couple more times before she eventually gave up.

Sipping on her drink Emma watched all the happy couples on the dance floor, she and Tom were happy once but over the last six months that changed, she thought things would get better and that their rough patch was just that, a rough patch that all couples go through. Sighing deeply she turned around to face the bar tender.

" Another one" she ordered, handing him her empty glass.

The bar tender nodded his head and went to prepare her drink, she watched him for a couple of minutes before her attention was pulled by a man sitting on the stool beside her, he briefly looked at her, a smirk on his face. Once the bar tender had handed her drink, the man ordered one of his own, he turned to face her as he waited for his drink.

" What is a pretty girl like yourself doing sitting on your own?" he asked.

Emma snorted a little " Is that the best you got?" she flung back, a small smile spreading across her face.

" Excuse me?" the man asked, a little taken back.

Emma laughed a little " Your little chat up line" she responded.

The man looked a little offended " I wasn't chatting you, up, I have a girlfriend" he replied.

" Like that stops you men" Emma scoffed.

The man muttered something under his breath she smiled as he glared at her before he turned his back on her, she watched as one of his friends, walked up to him, he was rather cute from what she could see of him, half his face was covered by the hat he was wearing.

"Marco there you are, everyone has been looking for you" she heard the man say.

Marco glanced at her again, which made his friend look towards her, a friendly smile on his face " I was a little distracted" he mumbled.

Emma just took a sip of her drink, pretending she wasn't even listening to their conversation she had no interest in the man sitting beside her.

" Marco you have a girlfriend" his friend reminded him.

Marco laughed a little " I wasn't doing anything I shouldn't be doing" he protested " I was just being friendly" added.

Emma laughed loudly which made both men look towards her " I am sorry" she said, sounding anything but sorry. " But you did say and I quote what is a pretty girl like yourself sitting on her own" she smiled.

Marco's friend threw back his head and laughed " That is a lousy pick up line Marco" he smirked.

Emma stared at the man, he did look familiar in fact they both looked really familiar but she couldn't think why, the alcohol making her head a little Hazy.

" I wasn't trying to pick her up" Marco insisted.

Emma laughed softly, as she listened to Marco insisting he didn't try to pick her up, she was about to turn back round to face the bar, when Marco's friend walked towards her.

" I am sorry for my friend, I am Neymar" Neymar said, holding out his hand out for Emma to take.

Emma stared warily at Neymar, she was still trying to figure how he was familiar to her " Its okay and I am Emma" she replied, shaking is head.

" Can I buy you a drink?" Neymar asked.

Emma held her glass up " I just ordered one but thanks" she answered.

" Emma come and dance with us"

Emma looked away from Neymar and towards her friends yelling for her, she finished off her drink and smiled at Neymar before she picked up her purse and headed towards her friends on the dance floor.

Emma glanced at her watch it was an hour to midnight and she was feeling a little down, this time last year she was happily celebrating new years with Tom, this year she was on her own with her friends, she loved her friends but it wasn't the same.

" Emma are you okay?" Taylor asked, as she sat down and offered Emma her 6th drink.

Emma gratefully took her drink " Define okay" she answered, as she looked around the club, at the couples getting ready to celebrate New years with each other.

" You deserve so much better than Tom, he as an ass" Taylor said gently.

Leaning back in her chair, Emma sipped on her drink " I know that but it doesn't make it hurt less" she mumbled.

Taylor smiled at Emma, she just wanted the happy go lucky Emma back but knew that would take time, Tom had really messed her friend up.

"Right that is enough wallowing, we are going go back on the dance floor and forget all about our troubles" Taylor declared.

Emma was about to decline but she then decided her friend was right, she needed a little fun to forget all about her messy break up, finishing her drink, she put the empty glass on the table and followed Taylor back onto the dance floor where the rest of their friends were.

Swaying to the music, Emma smiled at her friends as they all danced around her, she followed their lead and soon found herself dancing like crazy with her friends, she suddenly looked up and saw the men she had been chatting to earlier staring down at her, smiling a little she turned her back on them and continued to dance, she was not out tonight to hook up, she would rather just spend the evening with her friends.


" I am just heading to the bathroom" Emma said to her friends, before she walked off the dance floor, she made her way through the crowd of people, and had almost made it to the bathroom when someone spilled a drink over her, she felt the coldness on her skin, she looked down at her ruined drink and cursed loudly before she looked up at the person who had ruined the dress.

" You have ruined my dress" she mumbled.

Neymar smiled sheepishly at Emma " Sorry, Marco bumped into me and you were unfortunately were walking towards me" he replied. He handed her a couple of Napkins, not like it would help much, the dress was ruined.

" Its okay, I didn't like this dress much anyways" Emma lied.

Neymar moved in a little closer to Emma " Let me buy you a drink to make up for it" he smiled at her.

Emma glanced down at her dress then back up at Neymar " I can't walk about this club with this big stain on my dress showing" she scoffed.

Neymar stared down at the dress, before he took his black shirt off and handed it to her, " That should cover the stain" he said.

Putting the shirt on Emma stared at Neymar wondering why he was being so nice to her, she was a stranger " What do you want?" she asked warily.

" Just someone to share in the new year with, all my friends are with their partners and I am on my own" Neymar pouted a little.

Emma laughed loudly " Does that pout work on everyone?" she asked, allowing Neymar to take her hand and pull her towards the bar.

" Usually" Neymar smirked.

Sitting down on a stool, Emma told Neymar what to order, she watched him as he leaned against the bar, he was still wearing his hat but it was not totally over his face like it was earlier, she glanced around and saw a few people looking in their direction.

" Why are people staring at us?" Emma asked.

Neymar smirked at Emma " Maybe because I am so hot" he replied.

Emma rolled her eyes " You're a bit cocky" she smiled.

" Well when you are as good as me I think I have a right to be a little cocky" Neymar quipped lightly.

Emma laughed shaking her head " Who are you?" she asked.

" I told you earlier Neymar" he smirked " Please tell me you don't know who I am" he added.

Staring at Neymar, and suddenly it came to her she gasped loudly " I know who you are" she grinned.

" Really because you seemed a bit clueless earlier" Neymar laughed.

Emma moved closer to Neymar, their faces so close, she reached up and pushed his hat away from his face, she saw the confident look in his eyes " You are that Neymar" she said.

" And who would be that Neymar?" Neymar asked, playing a long as he handed Emma her drink.

" The footballer" Emma giggled.

Neymar smiled at Emma " Are you are fan?" he asked.

Pretending to think about it she slowly shook her head " I am more of a Cristiano Ronaldo girl" she teased lightly.

Neymar frowned slightly " I am better than him" he replied confidently.

Emma laughed loudly " Yeah I don't think so, there is only one other player on Cristiano's level and I am sorry to say it isn't you" she said with teasing smile.

" Yeah you think so?" Neymar remarked.

Nodding her head a little, Emma took a step back from Neymar " I know so" she grinned.

Neymar closed the distance between them, he gently placed his hand at the back of Emma's neck and pulled her face closer to his, he saw the challenge in Emma's eyes " After this kiss I think you might change your mind" he whispered into her ear.

Everyone started the count down to new year, but Emma wasn't paying attention her focus was on the footballer that was about to kiss her, she waited to see if he would actually go through with kissing her, not expecting him too.

Neymar leaned down and gently pressed his lips against Emma's it started out unsure and slow but Emma slowly grew into the kiss, she wrapped her arms around Neymar’s neck as their kiss continued.

Neymar pulled away a little taken by surprise by the kiss " Happy new year" he smiled.

Emma stared at Neymar a little stunned that he had kissed her " Happy new Year" she replied, just as Neymar pulled her in for another kiss.