Never Be the Same


Emma opened her eyes, the sun shining into the room hurting her head, groaning she turned on her side to go back to sleep, when she realized she wasn't in her own room. Frowning she stared at the back of the guy next to her, she couldn't remember much of last night. Reaching over she gently pushed him a little, he cursed a little before he moved away from her.

This was so not like her, she didn't do one night stands, she had never had one night stand in her entire life until now, she pulled the sheet up and saw she was naked underneath so they clearly had sex last night. shaking her head, she flopped back against the pillow, glancing at the man who was currently snoring beside her, she should leave but she was a little embarrassed that she would have to do the walk of shame, she used to mock girls that had one night stands, now the last laugh was on her.

Hearing movement beside her, Emma glanced at the man who had now turned to face her, she groaned again shaking her head, she had slept with Neymar this was so bad, biting down on her lip, she glanced around for her clothes, seeing her dress on the floor, she quickly reached down to grab it and pulled it over her head. If she could leave the room before Neymar woke it would save them both any awkward the morning after chit chat.

Once she had pulled her dress on Emma climbed out of bed, taking another look at Neymar he really was rather attractive, she admired him for a couple of minutes before she shook her head, urging herself to leave his room.

Neymar slowly opened his eyes, he frowned at Emma " Why are you still here?" he asked, sitting up on the bed and grabbed the bottle of water from the bedside table.

" I am just leaving" Emma replied curtly, not liking the way Neymar was looking at her, like last night was all her fault.

Neymar pulled back the bed sheets and grabbed his boxers that lay on the floor, he quickly pulled them on then turned to face Emily or was it Emma he really couldn't remember " You should have left hours ago like I told you to" he snapped.

Emma glared at Neymar, she couldn't remember much from last night but she could remember a little that drunk Neymar was more fun than sober Neymar, sober Neymar was an ass.

" I am so very sorry, how dare I fall a sleep" Emma smiled sarcastically " What is the problem do you have a girlfriend or something?" she asked, pulling on her shoes.

Neymar smiled coldly at Emma " Something like that" he replied.

" Wow what a charmer you are" Emma retorted, annoyed at herself for sleeping with a man that was clearly attached " You couldn't have told me that last night" she added angrily.

Neymar smirked a little " It never came up, we were too busy...." he stopped, as he grinned looking at the bed.

" You disgust me" Emma muttered as she pulled her bobble from her wrist and tied her hair back with it.

Neymar leaned against the wall " You certainly weren't saying that to me last night" he said with a taunting smile. " In fact I remember your moans very well" he added.

" Oh god what have I done" Emma sighed, as she looked around for her coat " I am glad we never have to see each other again" she smiled coldly.

Neymar smiled back at Emma but it never quite reached his eyes " The feeling is mutual sweetheart" he taunted " I mean you were okay but I wouldn't want a repeat" he smirked.

" That makes two of us" Emma hissed at him, finally finding her coat by the bathroom door.

Neymar followed Emma " I would appreciate if you could keep our night together out of the press" he said.

Emma laughed coldly " Oh trust me I have more respect for myself than to ever admit I slept with the great Neymar" she replied sarcastically.

" You can leave now" Neymar muttered, just wanting Emma out of his hotel room before Bruna showed up, he was trying to get his girlfriend to give him another chance and if she found out about this then it would be over for good.

Emma stared at Neymar " I would say thanks for the great night" she smiled coldly " But we both know I would be lying" she added, grabbing her bag and headed for the door.

" Hope never to see you again" Neymar laughed.

Emma just shook her head as she opened the door and slammed it hard behind her, she hoped that she would never have the pleasure of seeing Neymar again, chances were slim she lived in London, him in Paris so she liked her odds of never seeing him again. She had just made it to the elevator when Neymar's bedroom door open.

" You forget something" Neymar smirked, as he walked towards Emma.

Emma stared at Neymar warily " I don't think so" she replied bluntly,

Neymar pushed something into Emma's hand " For the taxi home and keeping your mouth shut about last night" he smirked.

Emma stared down at the money in her hand, she had never felt so dirty in her whole life like she did right now, throwing the money right back at Neymar she caught the surprise in his eyes, he hadn't expected her to do that " Keep your money its not wanted" she mumbled, before she stepped into the elevator " Have a nice life" she added before the doors finally closed on Neymar and their awkward night together.


Once Emma got back to her hotel room, she headed for the shower, needing to wash the smell of Neymar of her, she couldn't believe what an ass he was, what the hell was she thinking. She stayed in the shower for a good half an hour before she climbed out and wrapped a towel around her small frame, heading back into the bedroom, she stopped when she saw Taylor sitting on her bed waiting for her.

" There you are, we thought we lost you" Taylor said with a teasing smile.

Emma forced a small laughed as she quickly got dressed " I did something last night" she mumbled, feeling slightly ashamed.

Taylor grinned " Yeah we know you did Neymar" she replied " So how was he?" she asked.

" Neymar is the biggest ass going, I regret sleeping with him" Emma sighed, sitting on the bed once she was fully dressed.

Taylor smiled a little " What happened?" she asked.

Emma grabbed her brush and ran it through her hair " Oh nothing much just thinking he can buy my silence because he doesn't want to upset his girlfriend" she ranted a little.

" Footballers are such creeps, like none of them can stay faithful" Taylor smiled.

Emma nodded her head in agreement " Why did you not stop me last night, I could have saved myself all the hassle?" she asked.

" You and Neymar were pretty much glued to the hip last night, we tried getting you to come with us but you seemed determined to go home with him" Taylor grinned. " You may regret it now, but at least you had fun" she smirked.

Emma laughed a little shaking her head " I just want to forget about last night" she mumbled.

" Well we are going home soon, so you can totally forget about last night" Taylor grinned " And by the way did you know the PSG team were staying at this hotel last night?" she asked.

Emma just rolled her eyes as she put her brush down on the bed " I am hungry did you want to order room service?" she asked, tying her hair back.

" Lets go down to the restaurant, everyone else is already down there" Taylor suggested.

Emma didn't really want to leave the room but she could see Taylor wasn't going to take no for an answer, grabbing her sunglasses she stuck them on and followed Taylor out of the room.


Emma pushed her half eaten scrambled eggs around the plate, she listened to some of her friends brag about how good their night was last night, seems she wasn't the only one who had hooked up with a footballer player last night, reaching for her orange juice she stopped when her eyes landed on Neymar and a pretty brunette they had just walked in followed by a few of his teammates.

Sinking lower into her chair, Emma hoped that she would go unnoticed, the guy that tried to chat her up last night looked over at her table, his eyes finally landing on her, he smiled at her before he took his seat leaning over to say something to Neymar. Placing her hand on her head she really hoped he wasn't telling Neymar she was here. They could do without that awkward little scene.

Taylor just grinned at Emma " Hiding from someone?" she teased.

" No I don't hide" Emma scoffed lightly, her eyes drifting back over to Neymar's table, he was sat facing in her direction, but he hadn't spotted her yet, he was too busy talking to the pretty brunette that sat beside him.

Taylor just laughed loudly " You couldn't sink any lower in that chair if you tried" she replied.

Emma shook her head as she reached for her glass of orange juice and took a long gulp, it was then that Neymar suddenly looked away from the brunette and towards her table. Their eyes locked for a couple of minutes, she refused to let him intimidate her she wouldn't be the one to look away first.

A slow smile crossed Neymar's face as he kept his gaze on Emma, he winked at her before his attention was pulled away from her. Frowning a little Emma stared down at her plate not feeling that hungry now, she pushed it away from her.

" I think I am going to head back up to the room to pack, the sooner we are out of here the better" Emma muttered, pushing back her chair and stood up.

Taylor looked up at Emma she could see she was bothered about being near to Neymar " Do you want me to come with?" she asked.

" Only if you need to pack Emma smiled.

Taylor leaned back in her chair " I did my packing last night, you are on your own" she grinned.

" Okay well I will see you all in a while" Emma replied, sparing another look at Neymar's table, he was laughing with his friends, he did look rather cute when he laughed, shaking her head at the thought she pushed it out of her head, she hated him for how he behaved this morning towards her.

Taylor followed Emma's stare and smiled " You know you could always talk to him" she suggested.

" No I am okay with not seeing him again" Emma replied, as she pushed her chair back into the table and made her way towards the exit, she had to walk past Neymar's table, she heard a low whistle but ignored it and made her way back upstairs to her room.


Neymar watched as Emma sank lower into her chair, he smirked at how uncomfortable she looked right now and he knew he was the cause of it.

" So are you ready for the game this weekend Ney?" Bruna asked, noticing that Neymar was a little distracted this morning, things between them had been a little rocky recently but she hoped to fix that soon, they were good together and she didn't want to throw that away.

Neymar looked away from Emma " Yeah I should be ready" he smiled. " It should be a good game" he added.

" It will be" Marco replied with a smirk, as he looked in Emma's direction then back at Neymar.

Bruna leaned in closer to Neymar and kissed his cheek " Are you okay, you seem a little quiet this morning" she smiled.

" Yeah why is that Neymar?" Marco asked, a slight smirk to his tone.

Neymar glared at Marco before he looked at Bruna, she looked a little confused " Training has just been a little tough" he lied, as he spotted out of the corner of his eye Emma getting out of her chair getting ready to leave.

" Is that all it is?" Bruna asked.

Neymar nodded as Marco whistled at Emma as she walked past their table, he noticed Bruna looking at Emma then she smirked at Marco.

" Do you like that girl Marco?" Bruna asked " She is rather pretty, maybe you should go and talk to her" Bruna suggested.

Marco smiled shaking his head " I don't do sloppy seconds plus I have a girlfriend" he replied, earning a kick from Neymar under the table.

" Sloppy seconds?" Bruna asked " Has one of you slept with her? she asked, looking directly at Neymar.

Marco shook his head again " No one at this table" he reassured Bruna.

Neymar spotted the look of relief on Bruna's face " She isn't that Pretty" he said rather vindictively.

Marco just laughed before one of their teammates grabbed his attention, Neymar leaned in closer to Bruna and pressed a soft kiss to her cheek.

" What do you say about getting out of here for while?" Neymar asked.

Bruna nodded her head a little just wanting some alone time with Neymar " I would like that" she smiled.

" Great lets go" Neymar replied, ignoring the look Marco was giving in, he hoped that last night would quickly be forgotten, it was not like he was ever going to see Emma again and he was glad about that. His future was Bruna and he was going to work hard to make that happen. one night of mistakes was not going to get in the way off that.