Never Be the Same

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" You're Pregnant" the doctor confirmed as he looked at Emma.

Emma sighed quietly, she had been expecting this, the Four positive pregnancy test she had taken last week had all but confirmed her fears, today was just making it official. She rubbed her head not sure how she felt about her good news, this was not exactly how she wanted to have her first child with someone she barely knows, with someone she didn't like very much.

" Going by your silence I assume this wasn't planned?" her doctor asked, a sympathetic look on her face.

Emma shook her head, she wanted to cry this couldn't be happening to her right now " No it wasn't planned" she replied quietly, just wanting the ground below her to swallow up.

" If you having doubts about having this baby there is other options for you" her doctor smiled kindly.

Emma forced a small smile on her face, she wasn't even thinking about other options right now, but even if she was she didn't think any of those options would be right for her. "I am not having doubts I am just in shock" she replied.

" So you are going ahead with the pregnancy?" the doctor asked.

Emma nodded her head " I guess I am" she answered.

" Okay well I will make you an appointment for you in a couple of week for the usual routine check ups, then we will book you in for your three month scan" the doctor smiled.

Emma just smiled back at her doctor, not really listening to what her doctor was trying to tell her, she was too busy trying to wrap her head around the fact she was pregnant. How was she supposed to tell Neymar, it wasn't like they parted on the best of terms and would he willing to be apart of their unborn child's life. This was just so messy and something Emma didn't want to face she wished she could go back to that night in Paris and undo all this.

" So we will see you in three weeks" The doctor smiled.

Emma slowly got to her feet, thanking her doctor before she made her way out of the small room and out to the waiting room where her friend Taylor was waiting.

" Well?" Taylor asked.

Emma smiled a little " I am pregnant" she replied stiffly.

Taylor linked her arm through Emma's " You know I am here for you don't you?" she asked.

" I know, I just don't know how I am going tell that idiot" Emma replied, as they walked out of the building. " Its not like I have him on speed dial" she added with a bitter laugh.

Taylor heard the dislike in Emma's voice and smiled, it had been almost two month since their time in Paris and still Emma was a little bitter about what had happened.

" I think I can help you out there" Taylor smirked.

Emma narrowed her eyes at her friend wondering if she had been hiding something from her " How?" she asked a skeptical look on her face.

" You know I work for a Football magazine right?" she asked, a devious glint in her eyes.

Emma still didn't know where Taylor was going with this " Yeah and?... she trailed off.

Taylor rolled her eyes playfully at Emma " We have a few select players coming in for a photo shoot for the upcoming world cup" she replied with a smile " One of those players just happen to be the captain of the Brazilian team" she added.

" Here in London?" Emma asked.

Taylor nodded her head as she led Emma over to her car " Yes and I could get you in for the photo shoot, I will say you are my assistant or something" she smiled.

" Won't they know you are lying though?" Emma asked doubtfully.

Taylor smile on her face grew " I am a good liar Emma" she replied " So what do you say are you up for telling your baby daddy in a couple of days?" she asked.

Emma knew this would probably be her only chance at telling Neymar and if he didn't want to know then at least she could say she tried " I guess I am in" she replied with a small smile, already feeling anxious about seeing Neymar again.

The next few days had passed rather quickly and over the course of those days Emma had gone back and forth whether to tell Neymar or not, she came so close to not even going with Taylor to the photo shoot but Taylor had refused to let her back out, telling Emma had a right to know, so here she was in this massive building about to come face to face with Neymar, for the first time since Paris.

" Stop looking so panicked" Taylor said quietly with a teasing smile, as she got her equipment ready.

Emma glared at her friend it was easy for her to say that when she wasn't in this position " Maybe this isn't such a good idea" she said.

"Emma you can't back out now" Taylor replied, just as a loud voices were heading in their direction " It sounds like the footballers are already here" she added winking at Emma.

Emma groaned quietly as the first of the players started to walk in, her eyes widened at the sight of Cristiano Ronaldo, she hadn't been lying back in Paris when she said she liked him.

" Down girl he has a girlfriend and four kids" Taylor grinned.

Emma just rolled her eyes as she watched Cristiano walk further into the room he was quickly followed by Luka Modric and Marcelo.

" Is this a Real Madrid thing?" Emma asked, suddenly perking up a little, she had a little soft spot for that team.

Taylor shook her head " No I told you its a photo shot with some of the national teams captains" she replied her eyes wandering around the room " Your boy has just walked into the room" she smirked.

Emma's eyes landed on Neymar, he had his headphones around his neck, he briefly looked up from his phone to acknowledge Marcelo before he looked back down at his phone.

" This is such a bad idea" Emma muttered as she helped Taylor finished setting up.

Taylor gave Emma a reassuring squeeze " You will be fine" she smiled.

Emma just laughed loudly which made Neymar look up from his phone and looked in their direction, the cocky smirk that appeared on his face told her that he recognized her, he winked at her before his attention was pulled away by Marcelo.

" Ugh I hate him" Emma declared loudly, not caring who heard.

Taylor just grinned " You want to say that any louder I am sure the person at the end of the hall never heard you" she replied sarcastically.

" I can't believe you are making me do this" Emma sighed as she grabbed a bottle of water and then sat down on the chair against the wall, watching as the players began to get ready for their photoshoot, her gaze landed on Cristiano he really looked just as perfect as he did in one of her old posters of him.

Taylor laughed as she watched Emma, she knew how much of a Ronaldo fangirl she was and once this photo shoot was over she would introduce them.

" I will introduce you to Cristiano after if you promise me you won't back out from telling Neymar" Taylor smiled.

Emma just smiled as her eyes stayed on Cristiano, then they moved onto his teammates then finally landing on Neymar, he was looking right at her, nodding his head in the direction of Cristiano she was surprised he remembered that she liked the Portuguese footballer. Narrowing her eyes at Neymar, she just shook her head which just made Neymar laugh.

" I really need this day to be over" Emma muttered darkly, but Taylor wasn't even listening she had started telling a few of the players what was going happen over the course of the day.


" Why does that weird pretty girl keep glaring at you Ney?" Marcelo asked with a grin on his face.

Neymar put his phone down and looked at the pretty girl that Marcelo was talking about " I don't maybe I just have that affect on people" he laughed.

" If looks could kill you would be dead right now my friend" Marcelo joked " But seriously what did you do to her?" he asked.

Neymar just smirked as he looked over at Emily or was it Emma he couldn't remember but she certainly looked a lot prettier than he remembered " I slept with her" he boasted quietly.

Marcelo rolled his eyes he wasn't shocked to hear that " Were you that bad?" he joked " Because she looks like she totally hates you" he added gleefully.

" Me bad, this is me we are talking about" Neymar smiled arrogantly " Maybe she just wanted more from me" he said loudly.

Marcelo just laughed,he was too used to Neymar's arrogant attitude " Yeah it look like she wants more" he added with with a sarcastic smile.

Taylor walked towards the footballers, stopping anymore conversation, as she spoke to them, Neymar looked at Emma, she had sat down on a chair as far away from them as she could possibly get, she was frowning a little as she stared down at her phone, he was curious why she was here when it was clear she didn't work for this magazine.

Taylor walked over to Neymar, ignoring the cheeky smirk on his face " We will start with you" she smiled at him

" Great" Neymar replied, as he followed Taylor to get some pictures taken, he spotted her looking over at Emma a few times, like she was worried about her.

Taylor told Neymar where to stand he kept smirking at her and she could understand why Emma would be unnerved by him, he was a little charming but if he kept winking at her she would have to say something to him.

" What is up with your friend?" Neymar asked nodding his head in Emma's direction.

Taylor jaw clenched a little but she said nothing knowing it wasn't her place to say anything " My friend is just here for me" she replied quietly.

" Not for Ronaldo?" Neymar asked with a mocking smile, he remembered Emma telling him, she was a massive of him that night in the club.

Taylor just smiled a little " Even if she was what is it to you?" she asked, a little surprised that Neymar seemed to be more than a little interested in Emma, especially after what had gone down between them.

" None of my business, got it" Neymar smirked.

Taylor just shook her head as she told him to get into place and grabbed her camera to take the pictures already feeling sorry for Emma having to deal with Neymar after the shoot was over.


Emma shifted a little nervously as she stood by the door waiting for Neymar to walk out the room, she had avoided him for most of the afternoon but knew she couldn't keep putting it off, she had to tell him. The butterflies in her stomach were jumping like mad, she needed to remain calm and not let her emotions take over.

The door finally opened but it wasn't Neymar who walked out, it was Marcelo he gave Emma an odd look " Can I help you?" he asked.

Emma bit down on her lip struggling to find the right words that wouldn't make her sound like one of his crazy fan girls " I need to have a word with Neymar" she finally said.

" About?" Marcelo asked, folding his arms across his chest.

Emma forced a polite smile on her face " That is between us" she muttered, hating that she sounded so rude right now.

" You are not going do anything crazy right?" Marcelo asked doubtfully.

Emma laughed a little " No I won't hurt your pretty boy captain" she replied " I just need five minutes with him then I will walk away" she added.

The door opened again and the man in question appeared, Neymar looked at Marcelo then at Emma, a slow smirk worked its way onto his face " What is going on?" he asked.

" This girl says she needs to speak to you" Marcelo replied.

Neymar cocked his head a little to stare at Emma wondering what she could possibly say to him he was curious, he stepped to the side to allow Emma into the room " You have five minutes" he smirked, ignoring the look Marcelo was giving him.

Emma brushed past Neymar as she stepped into the room, she waited until he closed the door before she looked at him, she opened and closed her mouth struggling to find the right words.

" I thought you needed to talk to me?" Neymar said with a taunting smile " You seem to be lost for words" he added gleefully.

Emma just rolled her eyes as she sat down on the nearest chair " You may want to sit down" she muttered.

" Nah, I am good standing" Neymar replied.

Emma glanced up at Neymar hating that she found herself in this position with a guy she didn't know at all " Okay I am just going say it, I am Pregnant" she blurted out quickly.

Neymar just arched his brow at Emma " Congratulations but how is that my business?" he asked.

Emma stared at Neymar wondering if he was dropped on his head at birth " I last had sex almost two months ago so you do the math" she smiled coldly.

Neymar quickly worked out the dates in his head and the smirk that was on his face slowly faded away " How do I know its mine?" he asked " For all I know you could be be lying to me" he added.

" You are the only person I have slept with in the last six months so you can only be the possible father" Emma replied rolling her eyes.

Neymar glared at Emma " You will have to forgive me for not taking your word for it, I really don't know you" he said " I will need a paternity test to confirm it" he added.

" Fine but It will come back that the baby is yours" Emma smiled " I don't want anything from you I just thought you should know" mumbled, hating the way Neymar was looking at her right now, like she had planned this all along.

Neymar stared at Emma not sure what to do next, his parents were going to kill him they had warned him so many times about situation likes these but he just shrugged their concerns off, holding out his hand he told Emma to give her his phone.

Emma looked at Neymar warily " Why?" she asked, pulling her phone out of her bag.

" Just give me your phone" Neymar replied, then stopped having realizing he still didn't know her real name " What is your name again?" he asked.

Emma just shook her head at Neymar as she handed him her phone " You are unbelievable" she muttered " And its Emma" she added.

Neymar quickly typed his number into Emma's phone " There you have my number get in touch when we can set a paternity test up" he mumbled.

" That will have to be done after the baby is here" Emma replied.

Neymar shook his head he wanted this over with quickly " No you can get it down before that" he replied.

" Yes but that carries a small risk" Emma replied.

Neymar just shrugged his shoulders not sure what more Emma wanted from him " So we leave it until the baby is born then" he said " But I will be having that test done before I even commit to anything" smiled coldly.

Emma stared at Neymar not liking his tone one little bit " So how involved are you going be?" she asked

" I want to be kept undated on your pregnancy and if the baby is mine then we will talk about everything else like your living arrangements" Neymar replied.

Emma shook her head as she stared down at the ground " London is my home I am not just leaving because you say so" she declared.

" Like I said we will talk more if that baby is mine" Neymar smiled arrogantly, if Emma was carrying his child then there was noway she was going be staying in London, she would have to move to Paris.

Emma just nodded and said nothing more, there was not much more she could say right now " Okay well I guess I will see you in about seven months time" she muttered, going to leave the room.

Neymar placed an hand on Emma's wrist " Keep me updated okay?" he said, his voice a little softer, which took Emma by surprise, she was used to the mocking tone in voice.

Emma just nodded her head then walked out the room slightly surprised that her talk with Neymar hadn't been as bad as she had first feared maybe there was a little hope that they could remain civil to one another.