‹ Prequel: City of Dark Angels

Delilahs Darkness

Family Troubles

I left the college instantly, and took the first bus that showed up to the address I was given. Every inch closer I got to this unknown place, the more the pit in my stomach grew. It felt as if everyone on the bus was watching me, like they knew the trouble I was about to get myself in.

Glancing at a man sitting across from me on the bus, I suddenly got an insight to what he was thinking, ‘can’t wait to get home, hopefully the wife has dinner ready; I am starving.’

How on earth? I think to myself, giving myself a slight pinch on the arm; in case maybe I was dreaming or somehow transported back to the brink where I was first able to read minds. I felt it, and thus the thoughts from strangers kept pouring in.

‘Can’t believe he stood me up again. If he cheats I swear I will key his car and the homewreckers car.“ One woman thinks, and I laugh slightly. She looks at me funny, but carries on her plan of torture if she finds that her man has been cheating.

‘I hope work isn’t busy today, I’ll actually kill someone.’ An older gentleman thinks and I nod in agreement.

‘I hope my girlfriend likes these flowers I bought her, hopefully she isn’t allergic to any of them.’ A teenager thinks as he stands up to get off the bus, I smile in his direction mentally giving him my best.

Suddenly the loudspeaker on the bus chimes out, “Riverlake Rd.” Which is the street I have to get off at, I chime the bell and stand up at the door; waiting for the bus to make its departure.

As I’m standing at the door waiting, a man looks in my direction and flashes me a toothy grin. ‘What a sexy little tramp she is.’

I give him a disgusted look before saying out loud, “I have a boyfriend, creep.” I get off the bus and head out onto the street, the wind blowing harshly into my jacket as I proceed down the street to my destination. I check the address one more time on my phone to make sure I have the right place.

143 Riverlake Rd, I glance at the numbers on the houses. I am only at house number thirty four. This was going to be a very long and treacherous walk; I sigh and begin making my way down the lonely road.

As I am walking, I begin to play the last few days in my mind. Blanking out seems to be getting worse as time wears on, and I still don’t know what on earth Raveria could desire from me. What darkness still lies within me? I thought we took care of that, and everything was good again. I had so many questions, and I was hoping that this little field trip here would lead me to at least some answers. I look up from staring at the ground and break myself away from my thoughts, the house number I am at now is number 139. I am getting closer with each step I take, and that pit in the bottom of my stomach has now turned into a deep trench; the fear of what could happen growing with each step I take.

Finally, after what feels like days of walking I have arrived at my destination. Which is a little church, like the one I was transported to in my vision. I begin to wonder if it all even happened or I imagined the whole thing and I was about to experience it right here, right now.

As I turn down the long driveway to the house, a woman stands and extends her hand in greeting.

“Delilah, it’s so great to finally meet you.” She is about my height, and has long black hair, and the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen. Almost like a cats, but even prettier. I shake her hand and get a shock of electricity in return, and as my eyes meet hers I am suddenly filled with the knowledge of who she is.

“You’re Cecilia’s sister.” I say to her, filled with many more questions.

“Yes dear, I am.”

“She told me she was an only child.” I say, remember that conversation with her from the brink right before she was killed.

“I erased her memory of me.” She replies, her eyes filling with sadness.


“Come inside, it’s cold out here and we have much to talk about.” I nod and follow her inside of the church, unsure of what is going to happen next.


The church was not at all like it was in my vision, the lights were dimmed softly and their were candles lit. But, it was a much more smoother atmosphere unlike the one in my vision which gave me the feeling of dread. Yet the moment I walked inside the church I felt safe, and the pit in my stomach had gone away.

I follow Cecilia’s sister into an empty room, with a desk and a chair. She turns on the light and sits at the desk. She concentrates on a chair sitting near the wall of the room, the chair glides over and lands in front of the desk.

“Please sit.” She says, motioning for me to sit down.

I am suddenly very nervous, like I am about to have a job interview that I never prepared for. I sit down and take a look around the room, the walls are covered in girlish wallpaper and candles are sitting in various places.

“This isn’t a job interview, but I do have a few questions to ask you and some things to fill you in on.” She says, breaking me from my eyes wandering around the room.

“You can read my mind?” I say, hoping that she will shed some light on why it would be happening to me.

“Yes, because if you haven’t figured it out yet I am a witch.” Well, that makes sense. I think to myself. “And so are you.”

My eyes close, and I am taken back to when I nearly died and entering the brink. When I met Cecilia and she said I shouldn’t have been able to contact the other side and she was the only one who was able to.

“It’s because, Cecilia and I are your great, great grandmothers.” She says. “Both you and Cecilia shared the same bloodline and when you had entered the brink, it activated your ability to start the transformation into a witch. That was only the beginning, there is so much more for you to learn.”

“What do you mean, you and Cecilia are my great, great, grandmothers? How is that possible?”