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We Speak the Same Words in Different Languages

lies come from loose teeth tied to the noose

"I'm tellin' you, I don't know anything."

The two cops looked at each other skeptically. Ko tried for an innocent smile, even though he knew it wouldn't work, given his track record. This wasn't his first time at the station, and it was usually for more than 'just a few questions'.

Ko was a thief and a minor-league drug dealer as well, but he didn't do the latter much as the former. Think of thieving as his full-time job and dealing as his part-time job. He was many things, really, including a college drop-out, but not a snitch.

"So you're telling me that you know nothing about any illegal schemes that Mr. Ceruy might have been involved with?" one of them asked.


"Despite the fact you have been seen with him on multiple occasions, and you're a known thief?"

Ko held up his hands, widening his eyes. "Hey, man. I did my community service and probation. I've turned over a new leaf." That was a lie, although he had gotten more subtle, especially on the dealing side. He didn't need more counts on his record. Still, all his thefts had been petty. No armed robbery. No organized crime. He could be worse, if he really wanted to. "Now, seeing as I am not a witness, suspect, or perpetrator, can I go now?"

The duo exchanged glances. "Sure," one of them said.

"Thanks, man. I appreciate it," Ko replied, voice dripping with false sweetness, then leaving the room with gusto. As he left, he nabbed a twenty out of some cop's pocket. He never had the best judgment.

As he strolled down the street, nearing his building, he brought out one of his burner phones, and texted Merc a warning.

its ko
cops r on 2 u

Replacing the phone back into his pocket, he let himself into the apartment building. He did have a job, contrary to popular belief. He got paid minimum wage, though, not enough to survive with a roof over his head, plus pay off his debts, plus food. He stole to survive, not get rich. He didn’t steal from just anyone, though. He stole from the wealthy. He stole from the kind of people who would park their rich-person car (he knew jackshit about cars) in a handicapped parking space without a permit without bothering to stop jabbering into their phone. If their car was conveniently broken into, then oh well! If someone screamed at a waiter for no fucking reason and barely tipped, then guess what? Someone else (read: Ko) was getting the waiter's 20% tip.

Ko could be financially stable, sans theft, but a) his parents were out of the question, and b) he was indebted.

What were his debts?

Student loans.
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