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A Life in Intervals


you were eighteen when you first sentenced someone to death.

the instructors took you and your class to an asteroid called faywich for an assignment, telling you that the residents had been planning an uprising. that you were meant to give an individual punishment for their crimes.

you were assigned a farmer. he was merely caste one. your own color had started to show just a over a year ago--an aquamarine color, marking you caste six.

you remember thinking how someone so peaceful-looking could commit such a heinous crime. you remember almost pitying him. he looked so confused. he probably didn't think that it would attract so much attention from the government. you remember thinking that a single isolated asteroid no one cared about would never be able to stage even the beginning of a revolution.

you sentenced him to death by jugulation.

his cardinal-colored blood welled from the cut in his throat. the death was quick. you were the only one who gave the capital punishment. you were the only one who received an one hundred.

years later, you would look up the asteroid called faywich. there was no record that a rebellion had been planned there, or that a class of prospective legislators had ever been sent there.