Rainbow Acid

one of one

pink and red music bouncing off the walls. hips gyrating. sounds pulsing. warm breath on my neck. she pushes my body up against the bathroom wall. i taste her breath on mine. hands on her hips – hands on my breasts.

i can see the music dancing around the bathroom stall. i see her face – a kaleidoscope of colors i never knew existed and at the center of it all are red velvet lips. i can taste their color. i can taste it better when they’re pressed against my skin.

i am floating.

fingers run down my ribcage, like a xylophone. i can hear the music it makes.

i am floating.

the bathroom stall spins around me. there’s bile in my throat and i swallow it down but it tastes like her.

i can see the music around me. it watches.

i can see her. she is far away.

the room is spinning.

i am falling.