Leave a Dream Where the Fallout Lies

leave a dream where the fallout lies

the trans am hummed softly under ghoul, who was laying on the hood, arms folded behind his head and his frankenstein mask pushed up so he could breath in the air. something about the sour, metallic taste it left on his tongue was comforting. the air had tasted like something like that just days before the helium wars, days before all hell broke loose, days before the world went to shit. the trans am’s humming faded as it was turned off, and he looked over just in time to see poison shove the keys in his pocket. ghoul was almost annoyed by the absence of the car’s humming, but at the same time he knew it wasn’t a good idea to leave it running.

poison sat on the hood next to him, pulling the flimsy plastic mask covering his face down so it hung by it’s cord around his neck. “are you alright ghoul?” he asked, recieving a shrug in response. “i’m alright i guess. just been thinking too much about the past lately,” ghoul sat up, pushing some of his dark hair behind his ears. ”jet and kid have been worried about you.” poison mumbled, before they fell into a long silence.

the sun slowly sank down behind the mountains on the horizon, it’s last rays tinting the sand orange and casting blue shadows. when it had gone entirely and the dark that accompanied the moon began to take it’s place, poison got up off the hood, offering a hand to help ghoul up as well. when they were both on their feet they shared a brief kiss before going to join the others.

“you know i love you, right?” poison asked as they took their places around the fire. “yeah, i know.” ghoul didn’t say ‘i love you’ back. he was afraid to, because he felt like the moment he said it poison would be ripped away from him by a bullet. fortunately, poison understood this, and never pushed him to say it back.