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And Across Time

Chapter 11- And So It Starts

“I am giving him five more minutes, then I’m selling this thing on ebay.”
“Come on Gold, give hi the benefit of the doubt. He might be caught in traffic or something.”
“Traffic?” I narrowed my eyes at him. “We got here an hour early to avoid traffic. The least he could have done was the same.”
“You know this is the first sort of meeting we are having. Maybe the buyers are always later.” I shot him a look, crossing my arms. It was a bratty look, that my good boyfriend who followed me out here, risking jail, did not deserve. I admit it, but it was cold and it was dark.
“Look it’s dark and it’s cold. What if something went wrong. It has to be right? Why else would he be so late. I don’t want to spend another second here.”
“He’s only forty minutes late, Victory.”
“Yeah, Nick. Forty minutes late. How are you not concerned with forty minutes late?”
Anxiety had welded up in me. It just felt wrong that this guy was late. When we had talked, he seemed like some sort of perfectionist or something. He wanted every little detail of who I was and how I planned to steal the sword. I tried to ease his mind as much as I could, letting him on some of the details of my plan, but not so much about who I was. At the time I didn’t think it was right to tell him about me. It just didn’t seem right. Nick could tell I was reaching my end and he got up to rub my shoulders, softly.
“Come on Gold, let’s just give him twenty minutes, until the end of the hour. Okay? If he doesn’t show, we’ll ditch the sword in a trash can or something. You keep saying how you want to be some sort of professional thief,” he said, air quoting the words ‘professional thief’. “You should act professional.” I gave him another look, this time with a slight glare.
“I’m sorry, Victory, but you know what I mean this was all your idea and we need to stick this through.” I huffed and sat down with him on the wooden bench.
“Fine I get it.” He wrapped his arms around me, tilting his head up.
“Come on, Gold, at least it’s dark enough to see the stars.” He looked up fully and I followed suit. He was right. Stars shined brightly dotting the sky. I leaned my head on his should.
“Okay, I’m not so mad anymore.” Nick shifted a little, so I gave him a little more.
“I’m sorry. I’m just nervous that's all. I think my brain just realized how serious all of this is.” Nick snorted.
“Finally, I was just hoping you knew how serious this was before you first stole the sword. But if your serious you don’t have to steal anymore after this. You can stop.”
“I know that Nick. I’m not going to change my mind. I don’t want to. I’m choosing this, consequences be dammed. I told you before this is going to be my life. You were right, I need to be professional about everything. I just need to take a chill pill and calm down. I need to be professional here. Your probably right and it’s probably normal for buyers to be late.”
“That’s not what I meant, Victory. This career path your so intent on taking, is dangerous. I’m worried for you. This guy might just be late but what about the next guy or the guy after that. You said you realized how serious this all is, but do you? Do you realize that your breaking the law. This isn’t high school anymore Victory, if you get caught by the cops your going to jail.”
“I do get that, Nick.”
“I don’t want to lose you to this, Victory. I don’t want to lose you at all. I love you.” I looked away from the stars to face Nick and saw that he was already looking at me. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking though. Then, his eyes focused on something behind me.
“Gold look”. I turned around, following his gaze and saw two headlights coming toward us.
“Finally,” I grumbled. I stood up, clutching the duffel bag with the sword tight in my arms.
“It has to be him right?” Nick asked. “It’s to late for anyone else.”
“Yeah, but you know it wouldn’t have been an hour ago, when there were more people so that this is less suspicious.”
The sleek black car slowly pulled up in front of us, but we didn’t go near it just in case. With the headlights of the car still on, we watched as a figure got out of the vehicle, long shadows hiding his face.
“Mr. Hayden?” I asked, as Nick stepped forward trying to get a better look.
In one fell swoop, the man who had gotten out of the car,m brought a gun up, the metal glinting in the light and before either of us could move a shot rang out from the gun.