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Dear God

Chapter 11: Part 1

I had been in California for all of three days before Michelle showed up at Matt’s house with her sister and all the other girls in tow along with their respective husbands. Michelle declared that the guys were all on children duty while the ladies enjoyed a day of shopping and a night of dancing and fun.

“We would’ve had us all go as couples but we knew Matt would be iffy about leaving the kids and we weren’t sure how you’d feel with someone watching Lilly.” April said as we climbed into Brian’s SUV and made off towards the mall.

“I would have been fine with anything. Lilly is really good about staying with others. She has to when I work, usually it’s Corey’s wife that watches her but if she can’t then she went to a daycare.” I was a little bummed we weren’t going out as a giant group but at the same time, I was excited for a day with the girls. It gave us time to catch up without all the potential studio talk that I know surrounds the guys, even when they’re not actually in the studio.

We all quickly fell into conversation about what everyone has been up to since we either last spoke or since I’ve been gone. Michelle and Val filled me in on their idea of starting a sunglasses line with their friend Tal. Lacey and Johnny were trying for kids, and Savannah and Jimmy were....well, Savannah and Jimmy, just enjoying life one day at a time.

“Okay, okay, okay. We are all wondering...” Michelle paused dramatically and looked at the group before her eyes landed on mine. They sparkled with mischief and question, so I knew this wasn’t going to be good. “How is Matt in bed?”

“So fucking good.” I said without even thinking. “The rumors are true.” I stage whispered before blushing. “He knows how to use what he’s got, that's for damn sure.”

“Is he into anything kinky?” Savannah asked nonchalantly.

Caught off guard by the question, I burst out laughing, earning looks from people around us. “Umm, he’s a little on the demanding and controlling side from time to time. But I haven’t seen that side of him since we first dated. Things recently have been pretty vanilla.” I blushed deep red, not believing that I just spilled that information.

The girls giggled and continued to ask me questions but Lacey stopped everyone’s conversation. “Good sex is good and all, but does he treat you right? I mean, obviously we know Matt but he could be different when it comes to your relationship. We know how things were between the two of you, are they still the same now that you’ve grown up?”

I nodded. “They’re better. He treats me like a princess.”

“He always has.” Val pointed out with a soft smile. “I always envied the two of you.” I was thrown off by her admission. I knew she and Matt dated in high school and up until just before I came along. I had always wondered if I was the reason for their breakup but Matt, Val, and Michelle all informed me that it was better for the band if they didn’t date anymore.

“Matt is nothing but doting and loving.” I continued. “Even when we aren’t together he makes sure I’m okay. That Lilly has everything she needs.” I sighed dreamily. “He’s so good with Lilly, it makes me fall in love with him even more.”

Savannah smiled. “He loves that little girl. Every time you send him a picture, he has to show everyone.”

This news shocked me more than what Val admitted. Because Matt’s first reaction towards Lilly when she was barely a thought was one of veiled hatred. I knew that was the old Matt who was more focused on his music career than being a family, but it still surprised me.

Since Matt and I had started seeing each other again, I had some concerns that he still had some underlying misgivings for the little girl, but Savannah’s comment made me realize that there was no need to worry. Hell, even the thought of Matt boasting about Lilly like she was his own had tears burning my eyes. It was clear that Matt truly had grown up in the last five years.

The further we got into the mall, the more my good mood disappeared. The girls ventured towards the designer store, I knew there was no way I was able to afford even a bracelet at any of these stores we stopped in, let alone an article of clothing. I decided to just look around and help the girls pick things out. Sensing my mood, Michelle hooked her arm through mine, tugging me lightly.

“I was given strict instructions to buy you whatever you wanted, so turn that frown upside down and let’s go shopping.” She beamed, dragging me into the store.

I rolled my eyes. “Who gave you the instructions?”

“Both Matt and Brian, but Matt’s the one who gave me his AmEx.” She winked.

I shook my head with a small smile. Clearly nothing had changed with Matt. Even when he didn’t have much money, he still made sure to spoil me. I knew he’d be disappointed if I didn’t at least get something, so I went on my way looking, but didn't find anything. Instead of shopping for myself, I helped the girls pick things out.


After some shopping and dinner, we were trying to figure out where we wanted to go for drinks and fun. We knew we wanted to do some dancing but weren’t interested in any of our old haunts. That’s when April suggested we check out a new dance club in Los Angeles that one of her clients purchased.

Dialing her phone, she looked at us all. “He promised me VIP anytime I want it and I haven’t cashed in on it yet.” She grinned before turning her attention to her conversation.

I took the downtime in conversation to check in on Lilly.
How is Lilly Pad doing? Is she behaving?

She’s fine. The kids are swimming with Brian and Zacky. Stopping worrying about her and enjoy yourself. I’ll let you know if we need you.

I laughed when he added a kissing emoji before slipping my phone back in my purse. I looked over at Michelle who was glaring at me playfully. I just blushed and stuck my tongue out at her.

“Alright! Kevin got us on the list. Now we need new dresses!” April cheered, taking off for yet another designer store.

Several hours later, I had found a short, one strap rose gold dress that was to die for. All the girls demanded that I buy it as soon as they saw it on me. Val even found a pair of purple heels to go along with it. I felt sexy...something I haven’t felt in a long time. Lacey made me model everything so that they could send a picture to Matt. I blushed the whole time, but deep down I couldn't wait to find out what he thought about it.

After we all changed into our new outfits we made our way back to the car, earning looks from everyone we passed. Normally, I would have been self-conscious about making a scene but today I felt flawless and walked with purpose. Maybe it was being back in California or back with my friends, but I felt like a better version of me. Someone I haven’t seen in a five year.

When we made it to the club, there was a pretty long line to get in and I wasn’t sure if “on the list” meant we could bypass the line. It had been a long time since I went to the club for something other than an album release party for one of Corey’s bands.

“Come on, we don’t have to wait in that.” April said, gesturing to the line and grabbing my hand.

As soon as we got inside, we made a bee line for the bar where a round of tequila shots were ordered quickly followed by a round of drinks. The music was upbeat and not stuff I’d normally listen to but could dance to. After another shot, Savannah and I grabbed the others and made our way to the dance floor. I closed my eyes and let the bass wash over me as I moved my hips to the beat. As much as I was enjoying my time with the girls, I really wanted Matt here dancing with me. I wanted to feel his large frame behind me, moving with me and pulling me tight into him so that my ass met his groin area. I wanted to feel his large hands all over me, on my thighs, my hips, and even under my dress. That thought gave me pause and turned me on all at the same time. I smirked as I went to pull my phone out of my purse.

"What is that evil smirk for?" Michelle asked with a laugh as she and April danced with each other.

I shook my head and opened a new message to Matt:

I wish you were with us. I’d love to be grinding on your hard cock right now, teasing you.

I hit send with a giggle and went back to dancing with Savannah who was laughing at me with a shake of her head, clearly understanding what I was doing. I simply shrugged and enjoyed the music.

Getting another idea, I unlocked my phone and noticed Matt hadn’t responded yet. Perfect.

scratch me teasing you. I wish you were here to tease me. Touch me in places that shouldn’t be touched in public ;)

I had no idea where this was coming from right now, but I knew it was a testament to my younger self. This is something Matt and I use to do, tease each other when one of us was out without the other. It made for some hot sex when we were finally together.

My phone vibrated in my hand and suddenly I was nervous to read Matt’s response. We had never done anything to this extent before, so I had no clue how her would react. Suddenly I wasn’t so sure of myself. Holding my breath, I opened his message.

And where would that be Care? Hmm?

Oh fuck he was going along with this. Panic and excitement bubbled up inside of me as I thought of his reaction. I could see his calm exterior with his eyes giving him away. They would turn just a shade darker and his pupils would be large. He’d probably have that half smirk that I love so much. I groaned out loud and thanked my lucky stars that music was loud and no one could hear me.

Mmm my clit, baby. It’s dark enough in here that no one would see you lift my skirt and bury yourself deep inside me

I hit send and tried to calm myself down. I’d never been so open about my fantasies before but the combination of the conversation earlier and the alcohol was making me bold...and horny.

Fucking Christ Caroline. You have me so hard right now baby. Why don’t you come home and let me take care of the mess I know you’re making right now.

I was so tempted to take him up on that offer that I left the dance floor to find the girls and tell them that I was leaving. When I found them, Michelle handed me another Jack and coke and for the moment, my thoughts of going home and fucking Matt slipped my mind thanks to the alcohol already coursing through me.

By the time we left the club I had a good buzz going and i was still horny thanks to my texts to Matt. I was nearly bouncing in my seat as we drove everyone home and since I was the last one to get dropped off, it seemed to take forever. All I wanted was to get inside and have my way with Matt. It had been a long time since he and I had proper sex and now that I was thinking about, it was all I craved.

When we reached Matt's house, the man himself was standing on the porch in his basketball shorts and an old Iron Maiden shirt. He was leaning against a post with his arms crossed and that damn smirk on his face. I actually fucking whimpered at the sight of him standing there. Michelle just chuckled and shoved me out of the car with a simple "be careful." and a wink before she drove off. I stood there in the driveway with my heels in one hand and my purse in the other just staring at Matt. His muscles rippled as he pushed away from the post and took a step towards me. I shifted in my spot as my panties got even more wet than they were at the club.

"Hi." I breathed, taking in everything about Matt as he practically stalked towards me.

"Hi. Did you have fun tonight?" He asked just as softly. I nodded, not trusting my voice as I caught the erection tenting his shorts. "You ready for even more fun tonight?" He growled, reaching for my hand and pulling me into the house.

When we got inside, the door slammed behind me and I soon found myself up against the wall with a horny and dominating Matt in front of me. He teased me just like I had described to him and had me turning to putty in his hands. Enjoying teasing him so much earlier, I pushed against him and managed to turn our bodies so that he was pressed against the wall. I was pretty much purring as I teased him with my words, wanting him to know just how much I wanted him.


As soon as Caroline was through the door, I was on her. Kissing her deeply as I backed her against the door. Her texts had me hard all evening long and I know the guys had all noticed but kept their comments to themselves, thank fuck for that.

“Do you know how fucking hard you’ve had me all night long, you little tease?” I nipped at her lip as she moaned out a response. “You were so desperate for my cock tonight, weren’t you baby.” I growled.

“Fuck, yes Matt.” She moaned, arching her back. God, she was so fucking beautiful but when she let herself go like this she was so god damn sexy.

“What did you want me to do to you in that club, Carrie?” I ran my nose up the column of her throat before attaching my lips to her collarbone and marking her.

She pushed against my chest and I backed off, thinking she was changing her mind. But she caught me off guard by spinning and pressing me into the door. She slid her body against mine, causing me to groan at the friction. She kissed me deeply before pulling away and biting her lower lip. She had no clue how fucking hot she was.

“I wanted you to show all the guys there that I belonged to you.” She whispered in my ear before biting down on my earlobe. Fuck she was trying to kill me. “I wanted you to hold me tight against you while I rubbed my ass on your hard on, turning both of us on more and more.” She licked her lip and pressed herself even closer against me. “I wanted your hands all. Over. Me but especially under my skirt. Thinking about you teasing my pussy while we were surrounded by friends and strangers has me so. Wet.” She purred and my eyes blew wide open. In all the years that I’d known Caroline, I had never heard such filthy things come out of her mouth and I decided in that moment that I needed to hear it more often because it was the hottest thing ever.

I pressed my chest against her and moved until I was towering over her, which was easy to do since she slipped out of her heels before she was even in the house.

“You’re being a bad girl with a mouth like that.” I growled, grinding my aching erection into her hip. “Bad girls don’t get what they want. They get punished.” I had to bite back a moan at what was about to happen. In the past the two of us had teased but we’d never crossed into anything like this and with her being drunk I knew I had to be extra aware as to what was going on.

I picked her up bridal style and made my way up the stairs to the bedroom. I tossed her on the bed and she landed with a giggle, causing me to chuckle too. I locked the door before turning back to Caroline who waved at me cutely from where she was sprawled out on the bed. As I watched, she bent her knees and spread them while reaching between her legs and running a finger up and down her clearly soaked panties. She moaned loudly as her finger brushed her clit, causing my dick to twitch in my pants.

“Does that feel good, baby? Is that what you wanted me to do to you in the club? In front of all those people? Is that what you want? To be fucked while surrounded by a bunch of people?”

“Yes I do. It’s always been a fantasy of mine.” She admitted, blushing as her hips bucked as she continued to tease herself.

If it was possible I got even harder than I’ve already been. I could feel my dick throbbing in my pants and I knew that if I looked down there would be a small wet spot from where I was leaking. I wanted….no needed to be buried deep inside Caroline. I went into the bathroom and grabbed a few condoms before returning to the room. When I glanced at Caroline, I noticed that her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavy and rhythmically. Instantly I knew she had fallen asleep and I nearly cried with disappointment. After everything we’ve been through the past few months, I wanted nothing more than to a night of hot and steamy sex with her, but clearly that wasn’t going to happen tonight.

With a sigh, I turned on my heel and went back into the bathroom. I needed to take care of myself or else I wasn’t going to be able to sleep tonight. I turned on the shower and stripped off my clothes off and climbed in. Automatically my hand went to my rock hard cock and wrapped around my shaft. I thought of the image Caroline drew up about me claiming her in the club. The idea of doing those things to her had me moaning out as I picked up speed. I thought about what it had would have been like to tease her to the point of no return. To have her on edge for a long period of time and to control when she came.

A few minutes later I was letting out a groan as I thought about Carrie coming around my cock in the middle of the club and a few more tugs I was coming all over the bathroom wall. I quickly washed myself as I tried to regain my breathing.

After I was dressed, I turned the light off and padded to the bed. I slipped in next to my passed out girlfriend and pulled her closer to me before letting sleep take over me.
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This chapter got too long so I split it. Just a warning the next chapter is also NC-17.