I Live to Let You Shine

Two girls, Haylee, the Age of 18, and Lindsie, the age of 19, are in love with each other. Yet they're forbidden to even look at each other. With there families having pure hatred toward each other, and the guilt and shame built up on their consious, Haylee runs away, to protect Lindsie from getting hurt physically and emotional any further. This story is an expedition through true love, shame, guilt, tears, and fame.
  1. Sirens
    Starts off in Lindsie's POV. Goes a little behind the scenes to why they're family hates each other etc.
  2. The Tape
    This chapter, Lindsie gets a tape that Haylee made for her explaining things about why she's gone and such.
  3. Runaway
    This is the first chapter written in Haylee's POV. It explains where she's going, and who she meets along the way.
  4. Canada
    Hanging out with a group full of guys? This must call for trouble.
  5. Jake
    This chapter is told in Lindsie's POV. Someone new in her life eh?
  6. Reality
    Does Lindsie finally come to grips with Haylee being gone?
  7. Audtions
    Haylee can actually sing!