I Live to Let You Shine


This picture is not any of my friends or anyone I know.
I am not going to claim it, but use it in my story.
This is for the visual look of what I want the characters to look like.


Left Of The Picture

Full Name -Haylee Lyanne Taylor-

Age -18-

Right Of The Picture

Full Name -Lindsie Roxanne Simon-

Age -19-

This story was made from an inspiration of a song called, Boats and Birds, by Gregory and the Hawk.


-Lindsie’s POV-

Home I couldn’t stand anymore.
The tears, the shame, and the guilt was building up.
I slipped into the dark cold night heading to the only place I knew by heart.
Crader’s pond.
I sat, criss cross applesauce, in front of the tree Haylee and I would usually lay by.
I stared at the moon hoping Haylee was staring at it too.
I wished that she would suddenly appear and hold me like never before.
But, I knew it was all in my head.
A twig cracked beside me and I noticed I wasn’t alone.
He took a seat next to me not noticing at first.
In the first moments he didn’t notice I was there I took the time to look at him more clearly through the moonlight.
He had light brown hair, down on the right side of his face that was bleached from the rest of his hair.
Except the back which was the same, but maroon lined the tips.
He had a lip ring that stood out to me in the moonlight, with hazel eyes.
I felt kind of stalkerish as I stared at him, and scooted a little away.
He noticed my movement and looked at me calmly.

“Hi.” I said shyly as he smiled.
“I see I’m not the only one that comes down here at night anymore.” He said as I slowly nodded.
“Jake.” He said as he extended a hand towards me.
“Lindsie.” I replied as I shook his hand.
“Lindsie Simon?” He as I quirked an eyebrow and slowly nodded again.
“Your family history. We had to do a project on it in my school, and I narrowed my search to a Lindsie Simon.” He said as I laughed.
“What school do you go to?” I asked as his smile faded.
“I-I go to a charter school.” He said as he turned his attention back to staring at the moon.
“It’s not all that bad. I’m tutored at home. But, I know all about charter school.” I said as he nodded knowingly.
“It’s not the school, really, it’s, well never mind.” He said as I murmured an, ‘okay’.

He can tell me whenever he wants, if he ever wants to at least.

“Do you come here a lot?” He asked.
“Well I use to come here with-” I started as I thought of Haylee.

I couldn’t bring myself to tell him.

“I use to come down here with a friend.” I said as he smiled weakly at me.
“A boyfriend?” He asked as I shook my head.
“Just a friend.” I replied.
“So you come down here to think about the person right?” He kept on with the questions.
“No.” Of course I did.

Anything to keep her here.

“Do you consider me as a friend?” He asked as I giggled.
“Of course.”
“Then I’ll see you tomorrow night.” He said as he got up and winked.

I followed his pursuit, but in the way to my house.